(Clearwisdom.net) From the beginning of cultivation, I have observed a lot of scenes in another dimension. In the following, I have written down the scenes of eliminating evils in another dimension while I sent forth righteous thoughts recently to provide reference for fellow practitioners who cannot see scenes in other dimensions.

One time while sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw many dark demons and rotten ghosts in front of me. With blue faces and tusks and threatening gestures they advanced quickly in my direction. These demons are grotesque in shape: they have one horn or two horns on their heads, their hair is of different colors, hides of different patterns are wrapped around them. I sat in the lotus position and held my palm erect, reciting the Fa rectification phrases. The energy that was sent out from each fingertip was like endless laser cannons, "Whoosh, whoosh, and whoosh." Each laser cannon fired rapidly and in a second, rotten demons fell one after another. They changed into dark water and were disintegrated. Suddenly, an evil demon with a large mouth jumped out, and it pulled a white hide, and said: "Give up." I immediately pointed at it with another sweep and completely destroyed it.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts another time, as soon as I recited the Fa rectification phrases, a huge mountain was instantly blasted away. There was no smog and the sky was clear. Then Dafa disciples eliminated the water monsters in the sea. Some Dafa disciples bravely jumped into the sea. Wherever the energy reached, there immediately rushed an immense water column from the bottom of the sea. The earthquake was beyond description. Dafa disciples flew to sky and water, and monsters were all eliminated.

I also saw that when Dafa disciples sent forth righteous thoughts together, many small lotuses rotated by themselves, and all of them formed a huge, radiant light column--which indicated the immeasurable power of sending forth righteous thoughts together.

With the rapid progress of Fa rectification, most of the evil was concentrated in the dark shelters like forced labor camps and prisons in China where Dafa disciples were detained. Some fellow practitioners did not see the scenes while sending forth righteous thoughts, so they ignored the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. Now I am telling fellow practitioners of the scenes that I saw at the level of my celestial eye. Teacher told us to thoroughly dissolve the evil, which means that the Fa rectification process has been pushed forward to this point. And Teacher again gave us an opportunity to establish mighty virtue in the meantime, to end the evil situation of Dafa disciples persecution in Mainland China. I hope that fellow practitioners can send forth powerful righteous thoughts together to thoroughly dissolve all evils and rescue all fellow practitioners that are illegally detained.

Teacher clearly instructed us in "To the Australia Fa Conference" that "in order for Dafa disciples to walk their paths well and do the three things well, they must study the Fa well and take Fa-study seriously." Since Fa study ensures doing everything well, if every Dafa disciple does well, the whole body will do well and the persecution will end. Fellow practitioners, let go of all human notions. Teacher has given us all power to dissolve all the evil. "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." ("Also in a Few Words") We should truly believe in Teacher and the Fa, send forth powerful righteous thoughts, and end the evil persecution as soon as possible.

January 2, 2007