(Clearwisdom.net) On February 2, China Press, the second largest Chinese newspaper in Malaysia, reported that former Canadian member of Parliament and Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific David Kilgour and renowned international human rights lawyer David Matas recently introduced "Bloody Harvest", the revised version of their groundbreaking report on organ harvesting in China.

According to the China Press, the Chinese Communist Liberation Army have been harvesting organs from victims who are mostly Falun Gong practitioners in order to perform organ transplants for many patients including foreigners.

China Press also reported that Kilgour and Matas have traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and interviewed a number of patients who had transplant operation in China in order to conduct further research and publicize their findings.

The Malaysian newspaper reported that Chinese communist military hospitals started to get involved in organ harvesting for profit in 1980s and military personnel can perform such activities more secretively. The revised Canadian report stated: " Recipients often tell us that, even when they receive transplants in civilian hospitals, those conducting the operation are military personnel."

China Press said that this report is the second report published by Kilgour and Matas. In last July, after two months of investigation, they released their first report which confirmed allegations that dozens of hospitals and prisons in China were involved in organ harvesting.

Reportedly, Kilgoru and Matas have also obtained confirmation from hospitals in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary that Canadians are going to China for transplants.