(Clearwisdom.net) During a conversation with a fellow practitioner, I found that he was very interested in changes in the social situation reported by The Epoch Times newspaper, especially when he talked about the power struggle between Jiang and Hu. This reflects that some of us still have attachments to observing social movements and being too engrossed, which causes us to put our minds on unnecessary matters. The old lessons should remind us to be more clear-minded and mature.

The changes in ordinary society are the concrete reflection of the situation and the progress of the Fa-rectification in the universe. The faster the change, the less time and fewer opportunities Fa-rectification gives Falun Gong practitioners to save sentient beings. We should make the best use of our time to do the three things well.

Master says:

"Dafa disciples are validating the Great Law, and they should not be attached to the outcome of the vile Party's meeting. This is because everything in human society exists for Dafa and for Dafa disciples' cultivation. Whether something be upright or wicked, all the same it can only act in accordance with the needs of Dafa." (Master's Comment on a Student's Article)

We will insure our consummation in the process of doing the three things well, regardless of the social environment being good or bad. The xinxing requirements of cultivators and our need to be diligent have not changed. On the contrary, the tests in a good environment are more strict, and it is all the more essential to remain diligent.

January 22, 2007