(Clearwisdom.net) On January 4, 2007, authorities from the 610 Office in Kuiwen area, Weifang City in Shangdong Province, and police from the Guangwen Police Department broke into Dafa practitioner Yu Wei's house under the pretense that Wei was a temporary resident. Mr. Wei's Dafa books, CDs, audio tapes, and other materials were illegally confiscated. After this case was exposed, Kuiwen public security branch department police officers Gi Liang and Gu Zhiyoung (Gu recently transfered from Dongguang Police Station to Kuiwen's main branch to continue the persecution of Dafa practitioners) did not stop supporting the persecution. Around noon on January 24, these persecutors illegally arrested Mr. Wei on his way home from work and took him to the Guangwen Police Detention Center. At 4 p.m. Wei was transfered to the Weifang Detention Center.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Yu Wei, 28 years old, is always happy to help others. He is generally acknowledged a very good person. Because of his faith in Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance, Wei has endured brutal persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party officials and police in the past seven years. Wei was extorted money, illegally detained, and tortured many times. One time in a forced labor camp, police used six electric batons to shock him simultaneously.

In February 2000, Wei went to the Provincial Department of Appeals. Plain clothed officers forcibly sent him to the Weifang city branch office in Beijing and extorted one thousand yuan from him.

In March 2000, Wei went to Beijing to appeal. The branch office police handcuffed him on a tree behind the office for 24 hours and did not give him any food.

In June 2000, Wei and other practitioners walked for 13 days - over three hundred kilometers to the State Department in Beijing to appeal. Mr. Wei was illegally arrested by the police in the branch office. Two police officers detained him and beat him in turn. A large policeman used a baton to strike Wei's left wrist until the bone cracked. After that Wei could not lift his arm for two years. During this time authorities in Guangwen extorted Mr. Wei 1900 yuan.

In early October of 2000, Mr. Wei went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. He called out "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is righteous," and "Restore the reputation of our teacher." Police rushed toward him, struck him down, and dragged him into the police car and sent Wei to Beijing Pinggu County Public Security Detention Center. Police demanded Wei reveal his name and address. When he refused to tell them they beat him and sent him to the Weifang branch office in Beijing, where he was severely beaten. His body was covered in bruises, and it was too painful to even take a shower. When the Guangwen neighborhood security officers went to Weifang branch office to take Wei back, they extorted him another two thousand yuan.

In late October 2000, police officer Gu Zhiyoung from Guangwen Police Station in Weifang Cityin and Guangwen neighborhood officers illegally arrested Wei and detained him in Kuiwen Detention Center for twenty nine days. His family was extorted three thousand yuan.

On August 14, 2001, Wei went to a job fair to find a job. He was illegally detained by police officer Gu Zhiyong. He was released the next day, but police confiscated his five hundred yuan.

One night in October 2001, around 9 p.m., officer Gu Zhiyong led others from the Guangwen Detention Center and neighborhood security office to Yu Wei's house. His family members tried to tell the facts about Falun Gong to them, however the police wouldn't listen, and they forced open the security door. Because there was another lock that they couldn't open, police besieged Wei's house. Officers with electric batons patrolled the first floor 24 hours a day, and police cars surrounded the building. The siege lasted five days. Under such high pressure, Wei's grandmother became very sick.

In late November 2001, on his way home, Mr. Wei was illegally detained by plain clothed police from the Guangwen Detention Center. He was brutally beaten. The persecutors broke two sticks in beating him. One of the persecutors was the head of the detention center. On the second day, police illegally sent Mr. Wei to the second division in Changle Forced Labor Camp, Weifang City. This time police confiscated Wei's cell phone, which was worth 1600 yuan.

In the labor camp, Wei did not cooperate with the persecutors, and he went on a hunger strike to protest. Wei was force fed several times and was handcuffed for more than two months. To force him to give up his belief, police forbade Wei to sleep and punished him with squatting for long periods of time. Wei's legs were injured, and he had difficultly walking. Nonetheless, Wei still had to perform heavy labor for over ten hours a day in the labor camp.

In early November 2002, the Changle Forced Labor Camp held a meeting to judge all Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained. When a warden slandered Master in his report, Wei suddenly stood up in the front row and shouted out: "You cannot slander my Master." Zhang Daozhong and other practitioners also stood up to stop the evil deeds. Wardens dragged Wei out of the meeting room, but he shouted "Falun Dafa is good." Police used six electric batons to shock Wei, and ordered criminal inmate Tian Weixiang (from Qingzhou Town, Weifang City) to beat him until Wei's whole body bled. Persecutors also slapped Wei with shoes, tied him up with ropes, and sat on his back. The camp extended Wei's jail term by six months and forbade his parents to visit him for two years. Also, for a long time, camp authorities withheld the money Wei's parents sent to him.

Since the Communist regime started to persecute Falun Gong, authorities have twice ransacked Wei's house. Authorities confiscated his Dafa materials, a recorder and two notebook computers worth over five thousand yuan, and extorted 8,400 yuan.

Yu Wei's father also practices Falun Gong. Authorities extorted over 24,000 yuan from him and withheld his salary for one year and ten months.

Persecutors involved in Yu Wei's case:

The municipal party committee secretary in Weifang City, Zhang Xingqi
The deputy secretary in Weifang City, Cui Jianping
The head of the public security in Weifang City, Huang Weilian
The head of 610 office authorities in Weifang City, Wang Zhiliang etc.

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Public Security Bureau, Kuiwen area in Weifang City:
Din Xinjie: 8783211, 8783908, 13605368609(Cell)
Zou Huanwen: 8878501, 8878601, 13806466946(Cell)
Ma Zhengao: 8878502, 8878602, 13605368833(Cell)
Liu Zhuchuan:8878503, 8878603, 13806369831(Cell)
WangLi: 8878505, 8878605, 13805368999(Cell)
Xue Guoping: 8878506, 8878606, 13905369306(Cell)
Wang Yonggang: 8878507, 8878607, 13606368982(Cell)

National Security Main Division, Kuiwen Area Public Security Branch in Weifang City
Ji Liang: 8878511 (Office), 878710(Home), 13905366626(Cell)
Wang Jianrong: 8878539(Office), 8878727(Home), 13805361889(Cell)
Song Qisheng: 8878539(Office), 8586680(Home)
Kuiwen area public security bureau Evil cult main Division in Weifang City
Li Xiao Ju: 8878550(Office), 878938(Home), 13583688799(Cell)
Liu Zhiqui: 8878550(Office), 8878691(Home), 13626368784(Cell)
Yu Xiaoshan: 8878550(Office), 8585196(Home), 13508961096(Cell)
Gu Zhiyong: 8878550(Office), 8878680(Home), 13026568308(Cell)

Guangwen detaintion center in Kuiwen area public security bureau Weifang City
Li Shuliang: 8235773(Office), 8878662(Home)
Xu Qinli: 8235773(Office), 8277896(Home)
Dan Gang: 8235773(Office), 13053696777(Home)
Zhang Lei: 8228089(Office), 8878669(Home), 13863687518(Cell)
Zhu Jinxiu: 8276110(Office), 8878699(Home), 13070777856(Cell)
Li Hua: 8235773(Office)