(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhao Benyong is a young teacher who taught at the Longquan Aerospace Technical College in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Because he is a Falun Gong practitioner and he clarified the truth about Falun Gong to people, he was discharged from the school and illegally sentenced to five years in prison. He was imprisoned at Wumaping Prison in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. On January 31, 2007, Mr. Zhao was to be released after he completed his prison term. But on the morning of February 1, Chengdu Longquanyi 610 Office agents took him away and continued his detainment. His whereabouts are unknown.

On February 1, Mr. Zhao's wife, Yang Lan, and his brother and other family members went to Wumaping Prison to bring him home. At the same time, He Xiwen, head of the Longquan 610 Office, led six or seven people from Longquan Public Security, the Beigandao Police Station, and the Residence Committee to Wumaping Prison and tried to take Mr. Zhao away. There was a stalemate with Mr. Zhao's family for over two hours. The police then used the excuse that they were "bringing him to be registered," and they took him away. Mr. Zhao's wife followed the police car that afternoon to Longquan, where she was forcibly separated from her husband. The police then took Mr. Zhao away in a vehicle without a license plate. His whereabouts are unknown.

On the morning of February 2, a person introduced himself to the family as Mr. He. Mr. He was the Secretary of the Committee at the 610 Office, and he told the family that Mr. Zhao would need to be "reformed" before he could be released.

On the morning of February 3, Mr. Zhao's family called Mr. He, but Mr. He refused to take their call, so they went to the location. The guard at the Longquan government building told them that on Saturday no one was in the office and did not allow the family to talk to a responsible person. The family saw someone who was involved in taking Mr. Zhao away on February 1 at the entrance of the building, and they asked him for an explanation. The person then became angry and struck Mr. Zhao's 67-year-old mother. People around the scene became angry and condemned the person. This person then quickly went into the building.

After about 20 minutes, seven or eight vicious-looking people showed up and blocked the family so that the person who hit Mr. Zhao's mother get away. During the entire incident, the guard at the entrance just looked on without doing anything.

Later, when the family heard from a clerk at the government building that the leaders were in a meeting, Mr. Zhao's family decided to wait for a person in charge to settle the issue. But the guard used excuses to prevent them from meeting the chief and also called the police to threaten them.

After two more hours, Mr. He appeared. He called those seven or eight henchmen to take the family to the so-called Office of the Residence Committee.

The family asked Mr. He, "What law has Zhao Benyong violated? Why has he been taken away even after he has served his term? Why don't you let us see him?"

Mr. He said that Mr. Zhao did not violate any law, but that the higher authorities would not let the family see him.

Mr. He then threatened the family, saying, "If you continue this way, I'll send someone to take you back to your hometown."

Mr. He also threatened Mr. Zhao's wife, saying that he would send her back to her hometown. They heard Mr. He addressed as Director Chen. No one knows his real name for sure.

Chengdu Longquanyi Political and Legal Committee: 86-28-84852196

Longquanyi 610 Office: 86-28-84858196, 86-28-84869610

He (or Chen?): 86-13981940988 (possibly He Ziwen, head of the 610 Office and the secretary of local Political and Legal Committee)

Chen Decai, deputy director of Judicature Bureau: 86-28-84854104 (home)

Deng Xiaodong, director of Public Security Branch Bureau: 86-28-84882831 (Office)

Longquan Twonship Comprehensive Administration Office: 86-28-84883261