(Clearwisdom.net) Guard Ma Jishan, male, around 50 years of age, is the head of Disciplinary Division 1 at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. He officially entered the No. 2 Masanjia Women’s Labor Camp along with his subordinates in February 2006. He has been one of the head persecutors of Falun Gong practitioners for the past few years. His ID number is 52008 on www.fawanghuihui.org (a list of evildoers who persecute Falun Dafa practitioners).

Su Jing and Wang Naimin, heads at the No. 2 Masanjia Women’s Forced Labor Camp, subjected practitioners to "three phases of strict control." Their plan proved to be a failure several months later.

Masanjia Labor Camp head Zhang Mingqiang saw Su Jing and Wang Naimin losing their zeal after waves of condemnation came from all around the world. Their tactics no longer had the previous effect, so he decided to assign deputy camp head Wang Wei, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, to personally carry out the insidious tactics. Ma Jishan, head of Disciplinary Division 1, and Liu Yong, head of the Security Division, thought that the opportunity to obtain promotion by persecuting Falun Gong had arrived. They acted as the forerunners in the brutal effort, promising their superiors that they would "definitely achieve the goal."

Ma Jishan and Liu Yong led some of the guards who had arrived at the No. 2 Masanjia Women’s Forced Labor Camp on February 23, 2006, to brainwash the practitioners held in Divisions 1 and 2. They used torture methods, including the Big Hang-Up, the Death Bed, solitary confinement, force-feeding with concentrated salt water, and unknown drugs. They would pry the practitioners' mouths open with a mechanical device, savagely beat the practitioners, shock them with electric batons, deprive them of sleep, and strip the women practitioners naked and throw them outside in the freezing cold. Many practitioners were injured and disabled as a result of torture.

The following is a partial summary of the tortures Ma Jishan subjected Falun Gong practitioners to:

Big Hang-up Torture Renders Practitioners Severely Injured or Disabled

Since February 2006, Ma Jishan has been in charge of a group of male guards who stay at Divisions 1 and 2. They have savagely tortured practitioners who refuse to renounce their belief in "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance." The Big Hang-up is among the most brutal torture methods. Both arms of the victims are stretched, one hand is handcuffed to a lower bunk bed, and the other hand is handcuffed to the metal ladder leading to the upper bunk. With one hand cuffed up high and the other one down low, the victim can neither stand up nor squat and is forced to stand close to the bed, bending forward. All body weight falls on the legs. The victim is handcuffed 24 hours a day. The victim’s hands are jointly handcuffed to the steel parapet on the bed during the night, and the victim cannot turn over in bed. When she gets up the next morning her arms are so painful and sore she can barely move them. This torture does not result in visible injuries but injures tendons in the wrist and brings the victims tremendous pain. Many practitioners developed whole-body edema after they were subjected to this torture. Their feet swelled so severely they could not fit them into their shoes. Some practitioners developed calluses on their wrists, and some went into convulsions. Some vomited nonstop, some lost consciousness, and some practitioners nearly lost all hand functions. About 40 practitioners suffered from this torture.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Ping suffered the Big Hang-up for 30 hours—until her wrists bled. Practitioner Ms. Liu Xiufen from Chaoyang City was subjected to the same abuse for 24 hours after refusing to do the prisoners' exercises. When she came back, her wrists were bleeding and the flesh was torn. Practitioner Ms. Long Sufen from Shenyang City was hung up for more than 30 days. She was unable to lift one arm afterwards.

Ma Jishan and Liu Yong hung up practitioner Ms. Wang Huinan from Shangjiahe Town, Xinbin, Fushun City, for 43 days between March 7 and June 2, 2006. Afterwards Ms. Wang could neither stand nor sit down, and she had to bend her back at all times. She wasn’t allowed to go to sleep until midnight and sometimes as late as 3:00 a.m. and was made to get up at 5:00 a.m. Ma Jishan played audiotapes with Dafa-slandering recordings. Ma Jishan, Liu Yong and Han Kai stretched Ms. Wang Huinan four times to the limit with this torture until she lost consciousness.

Beginning on August 30, 2006, Ma Jishan and Liu Yong led a large group of male guards from the Disciplinary Division and from the Security Division to carry out another round of brainwashing and torture. They used the Big Hang-up, the Death Bed, Nd force-feeding over a long period of time while prying open the practitioners’ mouths. They also tied the practitioners’ wrists with thin metal wires. They refused to let the practitioners eat or use the restroom during the Big Hang-up torture, forcing them to relieve themselves in their pants. Practitioner Ms. Wang Xiaoyan from Dalian City was stretched on two beds. One of her hands was handcuffed to the top of one bed and the other hand to the bottom of the other bed. She was tortured this way for three days straight.

"Freezing" Torture

Ma Jishan ordered the guards to take away all practitioners’ personal belongings in February 2006. Each practitioner was given a worn out, see-through quilt. More than 20 practitioners were locked in a room without heat in freezing temperatures. The room felt like an ice cellar. The guards couldn’t stand the cold, even though they wore heavy coats, pants, and boots, and they kept pacing back and forth [to keep their circulation going]. The practitioners were forced to stand still in the room, and many of them developed frostbite on their hands and feet. This torture lasted two months, during which the practitioners were forbidden to take showers or change their clothes. Ma Jishan personally stripped women practitioners of their coats and vests to make them suffer the cold.

The Death Bed Torture and Brutal Force-feeding

Ma Jishan told practitioner Ms. Xie Dewen to put her feet next to each other at 8:00 a.m. on May 1, 2006. She refused. Ma Jishan said, "Fine, just you wait!" A while later Ma Jishan tied her to the Death Bed, opened her mouth with a mouth-opener, wrapped a portion of the gagging device around her neck, and firmly pressed down on Xie Dewen’s cheeks. After a long time doctor Cao Yujie arrived and said, "It’s ready." Ma Jishan said, "Don’t rush! Feed her slowly with a spoon." Someone said later on that they had force-fed Xie Dewen for two hours. They didn’t remove the mouth-opener after the feeding. They fed her twice a day during holidays and three times a day during all other times.

During a force-feeding in the afternoon of May 2, 2006, Ma Jishan pried open Ms. Xie ’s mouth until the corners of her mouth split and blisters appeared inside her mouth. Doctor Chen Bing poured food into her mouth directly from a large bowl. Ma Jishan said to him, "No hurry! If you have other things to do, go ahead and take care of them. Any of us can do the feeding!" Chen Bing fed her for a while, and then he ate some snacks saying, "I’ll go downstairs and take a walk." Ma Jishan took over the feeding and said, "I’ll fix you after the May 1 Holiday. I’ll tie you to a bed and leave you here!"

Ma Jishan and others also tied practitioner Ms. Zou Xiuju from Dalian City to a Death Bed and force-fed her congee three times a day. The guards manipulated the mouth-opener so the practitioner’s mouth was opened to the maximum extent and they often left it in place for a whole day at a time. Ma Jishan purposely adjusted the mouth-opener to distort the shape of the Zou Xiuju’s mouth in order to torment her. This torture lasted 23 days and one of Ms. Zou’s front teeth was knocked out.

Practitioner Ms. Long Shufen shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" on May 16, 2006. Li Mingdong, one of Ma Jishan's subordinates, tried to shove a mop into Long Shufen’s mouth but didn’t succeed. Ma Jishan pried open Ms. Long’s mouth with the mouth-opener, injuring her mouth in the process, and her mouth bled. When the mouth-opener was removed, the skin inside her mouth had been abraded, her mouth was swollen, and she drooled constantly.

Practitioners Ms. Shi Guirong, Ms. Liu Guiyuan and others from Shenyang City had their mouths injured through force-feeding. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Yanli refused to cooperate with the guards’ outrageous demands and refused to sign faked documents. As a result, Ma Jishan, Liu Yong and others tied her to the Death Bed for six hours.

Force-feeding with Unknown Drugs

Early in the morning on May 2, 2006, Ma Jishan ordered a doctor to force-feed practitioner Ms. Xie Dewen unknown drugs. They initially said they were anti-inflammatory drugs. When the drug started to work in her Ms. Xie asked, "What did you give me? My heart feels awful." Ma Jishan changed the story and said it was a drug for high blood pressure.

Ma Jishan, Gao Tianyun, and doctor Cao Yujie tied and hung up practitioner Ms. Xin Shuhua by her hands and one foot from a metal bed between 5:00 p.m. and midnight. They then tied her in a Death Bed, opened her mouth, and fed her a reddish-yellow drug. They were so rough during the process that Ms. Xin bled profusely from her mouth. One of her lower teeth fell out and some other teeth became loose. Ma Jishan shouted, "I can’t persecute your Teacher, so I’ll persecute you! I’ll make your gong [a form of energy obtained through Falun Gong practice] go to waste." Xin Shuhua was extremely weak from persecution and suffered tremendous pain as the handcuffs used to hold down her legs cut into the flesh. She had difficulty walking afterwards.

Ma Jishan also tortured Ms. Shi Guirong and other practitioners with the Big Hang-up, the Death Bed, and force-feeding. They opened the practitioners' mouths with the mouth-opener and fed them with the "No. 2 drug." Ma Jishan said as he fed the practitioners, "I’ll make you lose your gong!"

Ma Jishan and Liu Yong tied practitioner Ms. Wang Xiaoyan in the Death Bed and force-fed her drugs between August and September 2006. Doctor Cao Yujie fed her a nerve-damaging drug three times a day. Each time Ma Jishan brutally forced Ms. Wang’s mouth open, causing tremendous pain.

Savage Beating, Forced Kneeling, and Other Abuse

Ma Jishan handcuffed practitioner Ms. Xie Dewen to a table and a heating pipe on May 10, 2006, forcing her to squat with her back against the table. He also kicked her and violently yanked her hair. Then he cuffed her to two beds and stretched her to the limit each day.

Ma Jishan forced elder practitioner Ms. Yang Baoying to sit on a small stool. Ms. Yang, from Fuxin, was in her 60s. She was already suffering from pain and arthritis throughout her body from torture. She could not eat normally because her stomach and gastrointestinal tract were damaged from force-feeding. She was emaciated, but they berated her, slapped her across her face, beat and kicked her, forced her to stand against a wall, and handcuffed her.

Ma Jishan and his subordinates ordered practitioner Ms. Yan Chunjiao to kneel before them on April 29, 2006. She refused, and Ma Jishan kicked her right foot until her ankle was dislocated and swollen. She is crippled even to this day. The evildoers also forced her to wear a prisoner’s uniform and name badge and do manual labor. They refused to send her to get a physical exam at the hospital. Zhang Jun, one of Ma Jishan's subordinates, banged Ms. Yan Chunjiao’s head against a wall and hit her face until it was black and blue.

Ma Jishan, Liu Yong, and Wang Qi told practitioner Ms. Wang Huinan to kneel in a corner at 9:00 a.m. on April 24, 2006. She refused, and the officials kicked her to the ground many times. In the end they forced her to kneel by squeezing her with a table. Ma Jishan beat Ms. Wang cruelly many times. He slapped her face, pulled her hair, and kicked her.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Liyan from Dandong refused to sign her name on a monthly appraisal form. As a result she was taken out, hung up, and tortured from morning to midnight. Practitioner Ms. Qiu Li from Fushun City was subjected to torture many times. Practitioner Ms. Chen Honglan from Benxi City was also brutally beaten for refusing to sign her name.

Ma Jishan spit on the practitioners, and sometimes he fanatically slapped their faces while grabbing their hair. He also kicked them.

Ma Jishan and Chen hit Dalian practitioner Ms. Wang Xiaoyan’s face with their fists in mid July 2006, which caused severe swelling on the left side. Even now she still has a bump near her cheekbone. Practitioner Ms. Wang Baokun shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" and was dragged out and tortured for one day and one night until her hands and feet became swollen.

Practitioner Ms. Yang Liwei Relentlessly Tortured

Practitioner Ms. Yang Liwei vomited frequently due to long-term persecution. She vomited nonstop during dinner at 6:00 p.m. on May 12, 2006, eventually vomiting brownish black blood. Ma Jishan didn’t stop persecuting her despite her condition. He took her to a classroom at the end of a long hallway across from the cafeteria. The windows and doors were covered with newspapers; more than 30 cartoon pictures slandering Falun Gong were plastered on the wall and blackboard. Ma Jishan handcuffed Ms. Yang to a heating pipe so she had to stand up. She continuously vomited black blood while Ma Jishan beat and kicked her. The torture lasted until 2:00 a.m.

Yang Liwei was handcuffed to two beds and stretched to the limit on May 14, 2006. Ma Jishan beat her because she refused to give up her belief. Ms. Yang vomited blood all over the beds. Ma Jishan said, "I’ll make you wake up by beating you!"

Ms. Yang Liwei resisted the persecution on May 16 by shouting "Falun Dafa is good!" Ma Jishan’s subordinate Li Dongming savagely beat her until her eyes and face were black and blue. She was dragged into a classroom where Ma Jishan put the mouth-opener in her mouth. She was very weak from enduring the persecution for a long time. The officials continued to torture her until she went into convulsions and eventually lost consciousness. She came to after undergoing lengthy acupuncture treatment. During this time guard Zhang Jun kept hitting her with the mouth-opener and also kicked her deformed hand saying, "Look at the shape [of your hand]." Ma Lishan handcuffed one of Yang Liwei’s hands to a heating pipe while she sat on the tile floor. He forced her to listen to audio recordings of slanderous propaganda against Falun Gong over and over.