(Clearwisdom.net) Articles that recall practitioners' experiences with Master deeply move me. The wonders of Dafa make me profoundly believe in Teacher Li Hongzhi and the Fa, for the Fa has manifested so many miracles in me. Now, I will share with you some of my stories, so as to verify that Dafa is not superstition but instead, true science.

I formally walked into the practice site at the beginning of April, 1999. Before I obtained the Fa, I suffered from neurasthenia and a very serious heart condition, which made me unable to fall asleep often for whole nights and I would be horror-stricken by even the slightest sudden sound. I also suffered some other illnesses. I had never been free of pain even for one day. The demon of illness that haunted me for seven years made me as thin as a board. Chinese medicine didn't work for me, so I went to a witchdoctor; thus, without being able to have my illnesses eliminated, I was possessed by spirits, which drove me to an irrational state all day long, and ruined the tranquility of my family as well. I gave up treatment thereafter, and just endured and dawdled the days away playing mah-jong and drinking alcohol, so as to distract myself from the pain. Several times I wanted to commit suicide but stopped for fear of a bad reputation.

One day, an elderly neighbor lady friend told me that she practiced Falun Gong. After only a few days of practice she felt very well and had quit smoking. I thought at the time that nobody could cure my illnesses except Buddha. But to make her feel good I took the book Zhuan Falun from her. It was predestined that I would finish reading it in three days and knew the meaning even when coming across unknown characters. Since then, I have followed the path of cultivation practice. Right after I began my cultivation practice, several miraculous phenomena happened to me. Now let me write them out to verify the holiness of Dafa.

1. Teacher Helped Me Get Rid of Spirit Possession

Teacher said,

"As soon as possible, you should throw away the spirit tablet for the fox or the weasel that you previously enshrined. They have all been disposed of and no longer exist." ("Lecture Three" in Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation version)

At that time I thought, "I need to mind Teacher's words as long as I practice cultivation; therefore I should throw away those things before I begin Falun Gong." Then I said to myself when I was clearing the table, "I am going to practice Falun Gong, now go away you folks." Before I could finish my words my feet were scratched by them twice. I thought, "I am not afraid of you because Teacher has said a tiny finger will be more than enough to crush you." I then had a twiddling of my fingers and threw them away. In my dream that night two things escaped from my blankets, one was big and one small, with no skin and fur and only skeletons left.

From then on I felt easy all over, and had a good appetite and slept soundly. Being free of illness was really good. On the seventh or eighth day of my practice I quit drinking and smoking. Many practitioners excrete and vomit when experiencing karma elimination, which seems like a serious cold. I, however, was getting better day by day. When I ate, my mouth felt too small and I wished for a bigger mouth into which I could pour the food!

I was very diligent in Fa-study and practice. I grasped each minute tightly, sometimes I could fall asleep within 10 minutes which was a big contrast to the previous situation in which I could hardly ever sleep for 10 minutes the whole night. The huge stone carried on my back for seven years had been lifted off.

2. Teacher Reverted My Physical Condition to Youth

Teacher said,

"In addition, elderly women will regain their menstrual period since a cultivation practice of mind and body requires menses to cultivate the body." ("Lecture One" in Zhuan Falun)

Two months after I began my practice, I regained my menstrual period that had ceased for over one year. My period lasted eight days. My family members were scared by that. They said it was "reverse blossoming" which could make me die, and then urged me to go to the hospital. I told them the Fa had already taught me that this was a reaction of the cultivation practice of mind and body. Because they had all seen the fact that I had cured my illnesses through practicing, they didn't say anything more.

At the end of the second year of my cultivation practice, I experienced another period which lasted 10 days. Apart from my body getting lighter and lighter and my steps levitating, I didn't have any abnormal feeling this time.

Before practicing, I was scrawny, my hands looked like chicken claws, the skin on my forehead was so loose that it could be pulled high, and my weight was only about 99 lbs. Now, I am in ruddy health and look robust, people all say I look ten years younger. My weight has also increased to the healthy 132 lbs.

3. Teacher Cleansed My Body

After I had been practicing for over one year, there was a time when two injection pinpricks showed up on the back of my right hand, from which fluids oozed and the odor of penicillin was released. This state lasted for over one month. Many fellow practitioners at the Fa-study site saw this. It was the usual location where I was injected when I was sick before, now Teacher was cleaning out the injected things.

One more example: In early 2004, there appeared a cluster of blisters on my waist, some were as big as beans and some as small as rice grains. When I touched them by hand I felt no special feeling, no pain, no fever. My younger sister who works in the field of medicine said it looked like herpes zoster, which required urgent treatment. I said it was Teacher eliminating my karma, I would listen to Teacher and just let it be. I went to Beijing to validate the Fa just as if nothing had happened to me. When I returned from Beijing, all the blisters had disappeared and left no scars.

The above is my own experience. In my neighborhood, some patients who used to have scleroderma, prostatitis, or tracheitis all have recovered through practicing Falun Gong.

What I have written is based on what I have experienced and witnessed in person. Now I want to say, it is for our cultivation practice but not for our everyday life that Teacher cleanses our bodies, and only through doing the three things well can we fulfill the hopes of the sentient beings and the expectations of Teacher. How I wish the peaceful scenery of group Fa-study and practice can come back quickly; then we can continuously see new people obtaining the Fa and benefiting.

I am not good at writing, but for the sake of Fa validation, I also took up my pen. I welcome any compassionate advice and suggestions from fellow practitioners.