(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners in our area conduct themselves righteously whether in their work and daily life. Teacher knows that, as do we and the common people. It doesn't matter what we do, our compassionate Teacher will help us, as long as we have righteous thoughts.

Not too long ago a certain company hired me. A training class for new employees was held, and several instructors from the headquarters stayed in our home with us. They saw posters reading, "The World Needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," and "Falun Dafa Is Good" in our home and asked whether I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I replied that I am.

One of the instructors said, "I had wanted to ask you earlier whether you practiced Falun Gong, because I saw your complexion shines just like that of a friend of mine who also practices Falun Gong." Another instructor said, "No wonder she looks so healthy. I saw her carrying a big box of material last time with little effort." Another one joined in: "Her voice is so pleasant because she practices Falun Gong."

They read all the truth clarification material I gave them and learned the exercises.

1. Walking Out of Perplexity and Being Reborn

I began Falun Dafa cultivation in February 1999. Before I systematically learned the Fa and was still only able to meditate in the half lotus position, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under Jiang Zemin started the persecution. In March 2000, five other practitioners and I went to Beijing to appeal to the government. They arrested me when I went to Tiananmen Square to display Falun Dafa banners. I was "illegally sentenced" to one year of forced labor.

In the forced labor camp, the guards used various means in an attempt to change my belief. I then let go of life and death. Finally, they threw off their kind and caring faces and told me to write down what I hadn't done well. Because I had slacked off, the old forces took advantage of me and they were able to "transform" me. I was in so much anguish when I returned home that I didn't care what others thought of me. I couldn't understand why this had happened, because I always was with the Fa and didn't give up Dafa practice. I then realized that I was thoroughly wrong when I compared myself with the Fa. But where did I go wrong? I couldn’t find it. I felt that my mind was on the verge of life and death. I knew I would live if I only could realize it and I would sink to the bottom if I didn't. Just within a few days, half of my hair turned gray.

I knew that nothing could help me except studying the Fa. I studied Zhuan Falun and Teacher's other lectures systematically. "A Suggestion" from Essentials for Further Advancement II touched my mind in particular:

"Also included are those who have, during this period, voluntarily assisted the evil in persecuting the Fa after being so-called 'reformed.' These people have relatively large amounts of karma and they have fundamental attachments to [things of] humans, so in the midst of absurd lies during the so-called 'reforming,' they have, in the interest of their attachments and to justify their behavior, gone along with the lies and willingly accepted evil 'enlightenment,' while pretending they didn’t want to. If this kind of person then goes and deceives other students, he will have committed the sin of damaging the Fa. All who have been supposedly 'reformed' are people who couldn’t let go of their attachments to [things of] humans and who stepped forward with the idea that they might be lucky."

Every time I read this paragraph I wanted to escape. I seized on the pretext that it was meant for someone else. But I knew that the root of my attachment was right here, the fundamental attachment to humanness. Then why couldn't I find it? While I studied the Fa, I recalled the whole process of validating the Fa in Beijing and at the forced labor camp. I finally dug out my deeply hidden fundamental attachment, that is, my attachment to rising in levels and worrying about being unable to catch up with the Fa rectification process, because I obtained the Fa rather late. Because I obtained the Fa late, I was envious of Dafa practitioners in Northern China who had obtained the Fa earlier. Because I did not let go of my fundamental attachments, I learned from other people instead of the Fa. That was why I was confused when I encountered the "reform team" which was sent from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Although I realized it and had passed through, I didn't feel relaxed or happy. I then truly realized the seriousness of cultivation. I rejoiced at the good outcome and that I had returned to Dafa.

My attachment had caused me to deviate from the righteous cultivation way. I had done the wrong thing and didn't live up to the requirements of the Fa and then the old forces were able to take advantage of my loopholes. After I reentered the mighty current of Fa-rectification, the old forces severely persecuted my body. They came to take my life. Within three months, a tumor weighing 15 kilograms grew in my stomach. I didn't recognize it a persecution because I didn't have a clear understanding of the Fa. I was unable to do the exercises, eat, or sleep. I could not figure out where the problem was. Because of the adverse circumstances then, I could not share my situation with other practitioners. Finally, my family forced me to go to a hospital. I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor and had an operation.

In pain and lying in the hospital bed, I felt that there was something trying to kill me. I felt that I was dying. I then remembered what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"The time that your life is extended for beyond your predestined, original course of life, that time is solely for you to practice."

I said to Teacher in my mind: "My old life has ended. From now on my whole life belongs to Dafa. Teacher, please give me strength. I want to do the exercises." A miracle happened. Even though I had tubes inserted everywhere, I was able to sit up and do the meditation without help from others. I endured an enormous amount of pain. After 30 minutes, the pain disappeared.

I got out of bed in high spirits. I held a handful of tubes that were stuck in me and walked to the corridor to find a doctor to remove them. Doctors and nurses looked at me with shock in their expression. After I returned to my ward, I chatted with other patients just like a healthy person. These patients had late stage cancers. My rapid recovery had gotten their attention. They saw me doing the exercises in the middle of the night. I heard they were saying they would practice Falun Gong after they returned home.

After returning home, I knew Teacher and Dafa had given me a second life. I truly felt I was walking on my cultivation path. I must walk well on the path to make up for the losses I had caused Dafa because of my misconduct. I thought of sharing with other practitioners who had also taken a detour and walked on the wrong path.

2. Assimilating to Dafa and Creating a Cultivation Environment at Home

Because of the severe persecution of practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party, many people were terror-stricken due to their experience with the CCP's fearful political movements of the past. Like many other families of Dafa practitioners, my family was extremely nervous. I became the target of accusations among friends and relatives. My mother quit practicing and confiscated my Dafa books. My mother-in-law monitored my phone calls. She hit a table and cursed me and told me to get out of our house. When I left, my husband followed me and prohibited me from doing any Dafa work. When I got in touch with fellow practitioners or when he found Dafa material, he would curse me while tearing up these materials. My younger sister almost lost her job due to implication. She criticized me for giving her Dafa material. My husband interfered when I did the exercises: He would wrestle my legs and grab my hands to prevent me from doing the exercises.

I knew that all these things were interference and tests of my persistence. I had to cultivate righteously and create a cultivation environment at home.

I intensified my Fa study and in the meantime, I used a kind and calm mind to deal with every unfair treatment. With a smile, I brushed aside the verbal abuses and didn't argue with anyone. I thoughtfully took care of the elders and children in our family. I regularly had a heart-to-heart talk with the children and told them the principles for conducting oneself as a human. There was an older man in our extended family who had lived with us for 20 years. He had been paralyzed for about nine years. I cared for him and because I didn't ask my relatives for any money, I won the respect and recognition of the whole clan. My husband had been without a job for dozens of years and therefore the burden of supporting our family had fallen on my shoulders. Not only did I never complain, but I also gave him all my wages and let him manage the family finances. In the meantime, I told him that no one could shake my determination for cultivation.

This way, I used "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" to deal with everything around me and told my family about my unwavering Dafa cultivation. I conformed to the way of everyday people and did not go to extremes. When my relatives, friends, or elders came to visit me, I would chat with them and clarify the truth to them with my personal experiences. After dinner, I'd accompany my husband for a walk and distribute some materials. With a calm mind, I also told him to pay more attention to safety and that we were doing the most sacred thing. Sometimes I watched TV with my family and in a relaxed manner pointed out the fabricated news and distorted history. My husband would tell others what I told him later. In the end, our TV set became a piece of furniture only, and no one would spend time watching false things. Before sending forth righteous thoughts, I would set the table for my family and then go to our bedroom. This created complains within the family at the beginning, but I persisted.

One day, my mother's celestial eye opened and she saw me sitting in meditation in a golden, glittering, dignified state. She realized her mistake and returned the Dafa books to me. I embraced the Dafa books and looked at Teacher's compassionate picture and shed tears. I said to myself: "Teacher, your compassion saves my dear family and me. Do I have any reason not to do well?"

My cultivation environment at home changed. When I examined myself closely to see whether I had met the requirements of a cultivator, I believed that I certainly had been a good daughter, a good daughter-in-law, a good wife, and a good mother.

Now my mother, husband, and son are helping me with Dafa work. They help to deliver material, mail truth clarification material, clarify the truth using the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and so on. My mother-in-law wanted me to read Zhuan Falun to her when she was very ill. My sister's family all have withdrawn from the CCP and its associated organizations. When I studied the Fa, my husband would laugh at me: "I can hear you downstairs." (Because I read aloud.) "You might as well use a speaker." I laughed: "Whoever can hear it will benefit from it. It is a wonderful blessing."

I want to quote what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun to encourage fellow practitioners who are still in tribulations:

"As practitioners, you will suddenly come across conflicts. What should you do? You should always maintain a heart of compassion and kindness. Then, when you run into a problem, you will be able to do well because it gives you room to buffer the confrontation. You should always be benevolent and kind to others, and consider others when doing anything. Whenever you encounter a problem, you should first consider whether others can put up with this matter or if it will hurt anyone. In doing so, there will not be any problems. Therefore, in cultivation practice you should follow a higher and higher standard for yourself." ("Upgrading Xinxing," Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

3. Cultivating Away the Attachments to Fame and Gain and Creating a Cultivation Environment at Work

My husband did not have a job, and my pension wasn’t enough to support our whole family. Through recommendations from others, I got a job that paid commission with no base salary. Many employees in the company knew me. They quietly made a prediction that I would not do the job well and would be fired soon. My diligence, trustworthiness, and willingness to help others quickly opened up a new situation. But I felt pained, because due to the company's competitive culture, my attachments to fame and gain started to expand. My mind was always thinking of how to increase employees and how to produce higher achievements. I whitewashed myself by thinking: "When I get the reward, I'll use it for Dafa." I used Dafa as pretense to cover up my attachments to fame and gain. I couldn’t calm my mind to study the Fa.

Through working hard, I thought that I would be promoted to a managerial position. But when it was announced that I was only a senior marketing representative, I suddenly felt indignant and couldn't control myself. My knowing side was sad about my attachments for fame and gain. Seeing my unhappiness, a manager came over to comfort me: "It is painful not to be able to achieve your goal after putting forth so much effort. But don't worry about it too much." I told him in tears: "My pain is not because I wasn’t promoted, but rather because I have such a strong mind for fame and gain. I didn't know that I had reached such a serious condition."

Teacher said:

"You fell here from a holy, pure, and incomparably splendid world because you had developed attachments at that level. After falling into a world that is, by comparison, most filthy, instead of cultivating yourself to go back in a hurry, you don’t let go of those filthy things that you cling to in this filthy world, and you even agonize over the most trivial losses." ("True Cultivation" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

After I returned home, I locked myself in to study the Fa and looked inwards. Dafa cleansed my soul and I regained a clear head and found the lost "me." I made up my mind to purify myself in this environment of pursuing fame and gain and to keep firmly in mind that I was a Dafa practitioner and I should do the three things well.

I started to strengthen Fa study and constantly looked inwards. Once a bad thought surfaced, I 'd re-enforce myself to study the Fa calmly and sent forth righteous thoughts until I eliminated the bad thought. Gradually my mind became calmer and my mindset also became better. When I was promoted to be a manager, everyone congratulated me. I smiled weakly. When I ran into other marketing personnel, I just yielded to them. When the company needed an instructor, I volunteered to teach classes for several years. I strictly followed the standard of a cultivator when doing things. I won trust and recognition from my bosses and the marketing personnel. I even gained a good reputation with people in my field. During this time, I continued to clarify the truth to managers and marketing people. I clarified the truth to my bosses during meetings, to the chauffeur and employees when riding in the company vehicle. I even clarified the truth in a big meeting. My manager told me: "Don't mention Falun Gong in the meeting. Just saying qigong is adequate."

Of course, there were interferences in my cultivation. When the county's 610 Office and headquarters personnel came to investigate me, my manager told them: "If you want her to go, you'll need to fire me first." All the employees who were surveyed said: "She has done very well in her job. Nowadays it is hard to find such a good person. You guys are nitpicking." Many marketing personnel and bosses frequently came to ask me for copies of the Nine Commentaries. Many managers and people in charge withdrew from the CCP.

Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"Cultivation practice itself is not difficult, and neither is upgrading one’s level itself difficult. It is because they cannot give up the human mind that they call it difficult. This is because it is very difficult to relinquish something in the face of practical gain. The benefits are right here, so how can you abandon these attachments? It is actually because of this that one will find it difficult." (Zhuan Falun)

4. Reading the Minghui Website to Keep up with the Progress of Fa Rectification

Several years ago, our area didn't have a material production site. Through practitioners’ efforts, which included going out of town to get material, we hadn’t missed any Minghui material since. We passed around each issue of the "Minghui Weekly" among fellow practitioners; but we only read the "Important News," "Latest News from China," "Overseas News Summary," and "Comments on Current Affairs," and neglected to read "Discussion of Practitioners." Dafa practitioners in our area were in a state of disunity—like loose sand that didn't coalesce as a whole. Therefore, the old forces were able to take advantage of our loopholes. Many practitioners were thus persecuted. Some were illegally arrested. Some suffered sickness karma or even lost their lives. Some practitioners suffered long term tribulations. They were beaten by their family or forbidden to go out. I worried about the cultivation situation in our area, but I didn't know what to do.

Then I recalled what Teacher told us that when there was a significant event, we could read the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. We thus began to take it seriously and found out what had happened. The content of Minghui is closely related to the progress of Fa rectification such as: Resuming group study and forming as a whole group; finding fundamental attachments; understanding clearly that we were validating the Fa and not validating ourselves; exposing the evil in our area; spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party widely and convincing people to quit the CCP and its associated organizations; watching our every thought and purifying our minds; rescuing fellow practitioners; establishing small-scale material production sites "like flowers blossoming everywhere;" and so on.

Since there were others to lead the way, it became much easier to do. Fellow practitioners thus overcame their interferences and exploded human concepts and human attachments. We resumed small group Fa study with nearby practitioners. Slowly, we formed one body and caught up with the Fa rectification. There were painful situations, hard struggles for our hearts, conflicts and arguments, giving up, being impatient. Yet at the same time, there were joyfulness, happiness, anger, sorrow, and pleasure in cultivation, and the manifestation of human notions. With the guidance of Teacher and help from the Minghui website and fellow practitioners from the material production site, Dafa practitioners became mature and rational and gained wisdom. Everyone has walked solidly until now. They remained calm and vigilant when encountering problems and coordinated as a whole body.

Other than holding up banners in front of the county government building in 1999, practitioners in our region adopted silent means to clarify the truth. After establishing the material production site, we have not stopped distributing truth-clarification material. We have distributed material to the public security office, the police station, the residence committee office, in police vehicles, and to the office of the Politics and Law Committee. They have never found out who did it. The head of the 610 Office once said, "When we patrol some sections after supper, we don't find any banners posted. But when we return, the whole street is full of banners. One or two people can’t possibly do this. These Falun Gong practitioners are taking action now." On shopping days, fellow practitioners would put truth-clarification material in the baskets of people going to the marketplace.

The 610 Office knew that practitioners recognized the local police officers who paid unemployed personnel to act like people going to the market in an attempt to track them down. When these people were being trained, practitioners all knew their genders, ages, body shapes, and looks. This information quickly spread among practitioners. As a result, they never got anything at the marketplace, instead, they received truth-clarification materials and phone calls at their homes. Later, these people were dismissed. Now the 610 Office has recruited a large number of people from out of town. When many police vehicles parked at the marketplace, fellow practitioners moved to the main streets and buildings to distribute material. Some practitioners with strong righteous thoughts would walk behind the plainclothes officers to distribute material while sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners heard chatting among these plainclothes police: "Anyhow, they put their material in people’s baskets. Why bother with them?"

Many practitioners went to the offices of the Politics and Legal Committee, police station, Public Security Bureau, and the work places of the families from 610 Office personnel to clarify the truth. They told them their personal understanding in an easygoing and natural manner. Not only didn't they incur any danger, but they also achieved good results. The head of the 610 Office saw a practitioner who put up posters for two nights on an electric pole and just told her to go home. When a police officer found and read the truth clarification material put in a basket, he sent a message to the practitioner not to come out again and be careful for her own safety. When a practitioner was reported to the police for distributing material, the police officer just went to the practitioner's home and told the practitioner to post banners on the side streets and be cautious. Once the local 610 Office held a brainwashing session and "illegally detained" a dozen practitioners. These practitioners used this opportunity to clarify the truth to the personnel who were sent from the Politics and Legal department, the Public Security Bureau, the government, and the Women's Federation. As a result, the brainwashing center was thoroughly disintegrated. No brainwashing was held again. This year the city's 610 Office set up a brainwashing session and arrested a practitioner. Everybody used this opportunity to clarify the truth to each level of the government, the work unit of the arrested practitioner, and the personnel of the brainwashing session. They also clarified the truth to the public and wrote letters to expose the 610 Office. Some practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts at close range. In the end, the brainwashing was canceled. The attempt to make another arrest was also aborted.

I sincerely thank the fellow practitioners who manage the material production site and overseas practitioners for their coordination as one body and publish these messages on the website in a timely fashion. The overseas phone teams have covered our whole area and many people have received their phone calls. Exposed 610 Office personnel were scared when they heard the phones ring. They said in a meeting: "Phone calls from overseas Falun Gong practitioners never cease. Even my son received many phone calls."

Now practitioners in our area follow the safety measures suggested by the Minghui website. We don't use the phone to communicate. Fellow practitioners pay more attention when they use a cellphone. We have adopted a series of safety measures for the material production site as well. Of course, everything cannot be done without calmly studying the Fa and the strengthening of sending forth righteous thoughts.

Under Teacher's protection and with strong righteous thoughts, miracles continue to happen. For example, when a practitioner was putting up a poster at the entrance of the electric company, there were many passersby during the daytime. But when the practitioner stood at the entrance thinking how to do this, a big truck stopped at the entrance and blocked the view for passersby. When the practitioner finished posting, the truck left. During a general meeting of retired employees, after the leaders who were sent by the 610 Offices read the documents about persecuting practitioners, a practitioner stood up and talked for 40 minutes to expose the persecution. He also sent a message to present this document to the Minghui website as an evidence of the persecution. Later, all the documents about practitioners persecuted by the 610 Office were sent to the material site.

When we heard from the public security bureau the details of the establishment of a "base for 'reforming' practitioners" by the 610 Offices, the news was published on the Minghui website the following day. This "base" was thus eliminated.

During this urgent time, I will succeed in carrying out my mission to live up to Teacher's compassionate saving and become more mature.