Further Remarks on "Politics"

As Falun Gong students work against the persecution and clarify the facts using ordinary people's methods in response to the CCP's vile smearing of Falun Gong, they have fully and truthfully exposed why the rogue CCP regime has persecuted Falun Gong, and they have helped the world learn what Falun Gong is. Once all the world understands the reality of what is happening, there will be no way for the persecution to be sustained. The tactics used in the persecution by the CCP thugs and the extent of the persecution's wickedness help people see the CCP for what it is. Thus the CCP has once again, so as to confuse right and wrong, pulled out the bogus line that Falun Gong students are "getting political." They do so to confuse those whose thoughts are being led along by the CCP and yet think they are clear on things, vainly attempting to sustain the persecution and give it theoretical grounds. The truth is, mankind's "politics" was not designed for the persecutors' use. If "getting political" can expose the persecution, if "getting political" can stop the persecution, if "getting political" can help clarify the facts, if "getting political" can save sentient beings--if "getting political" can do all of this good, then why not do so? The crux of the matter, it would seem, is that a cultivator's motive is to stop the persecution, and not to "get political" for the sake of gaining human political power. Cultivators have no desire for power among men: just the opposite, cultivators are to let go of any attachment to power. So, as you clarify the facts, if anyone still brings up that nonsense and cannot sort out whether what should be condemned is the persecution or "getting political," then tell him what I just said.

While clarifying the facts, Dafa disciples have come to know quite well just how hard it is to save people, and Dafa disciples are saving people while themselves being persecuted. The Party-culture that the wicked CCP has infused into the world's people, and that has, most notably, poisoned the Chinese people, along with the lies it has fabricated about Falun Gong during the persecution, have led some who have blindly complied with the CCP--and in particular those who know full well that this is persecution but have sold out to the CCP on account of self-interest--to render humankind's immediate prospects for the future even more tragic. And those are the reasons it is so hard for Dafa disciples to save people. Since Dafa disciples are responsible for saving all lives at this critical juncture in history, do give it your best effort. As for those who really can't be saved, that is those people's own choice. If when the world's media are kept silent by incentives and disincentives from the CCP, Dafa disciples' forming their own media to counter the persecution and save the world's people is labeled "political," then let's go ahead and confidently make use of "politics" to expose the persecution and save sentient beings!

Li Hongzhi
February 21, 2007