(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Xiaofeng, female, about 40, is the Political Instructor of the Third Division of the Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. Prior to this position, she was the Head of the First Division. She was listed as number 2,411 on the website listing those committing crimes against Falun Dafa.

Wang has committed a lot of vicious crimes against Falun Gong practitioners. She thrived on such crimes and is one of the main accomplices of Su Jing, the director at the Women's Forced Labor Camp. Shortly after Wang Xiaofeng was promoted from Squadron Leader to Division Head in 2002, her daughter contracted a problem with her legs.

The following are some of Wang Xiaofeng's crimes against Dafa.

Torture and Abuse of Women Practitioners

Wang Xiaofeng instructed criminal inmates to use their fingernails to pinch the skin off practitioner Shanjie's legs. Her legs became bloody and later became infected. However, Wang Xiaofeng still would not leave her alone. She ordered several inmates to kick Shanjie, leaving many sores on her already injured legs. Shanjie was in great pain.

Wang Xiaofeng tortured practitioners by depriving them of sleep, handcuffing them to heating pipes, restraining their arms and legs, hanging them up, solitary confinement, tying them up, freezing them, etc.

Starting in November 2001, Wang and female guard Cui Hong, doctor Cao, and four inmates carried out an intensive round of torture against steadfast practitioners whose forced labor terms were completed. They put a woven grass pad on the cement floor and forced a practitioner to lie on it day and night. That practitioner's hands were cuffed to a heating pipe and she was not allowed to sleep for 32 days, causing her brain became muddled. But instead of taking her to a doctor, they carried her to a bed and fastened her arms and legs in a fixed position to the bed for four days and nights. Afterwards they removed the locks but still would not release her. They continued force-feeding her. The practitioner was tortured so severely that she was unable to care for herself. She suffered memory loss and was in critical condition.

In December 2002, Wang Xiaofeng and female guard Xue Feng hung practitioner Ms. Wang Yulan from the Chaoyang District in Shenyang City in Liaoning Province to the heating pipe in the Division Head's office. Her right hand was burned so badly by the heat that the flesh rolled off. Her left arm was disabled and she still cannot raise it. This cruel torture involves handcuffing practitioners' hands to the two iron brackets holding the heating pipe, six feet off the floor. The practitioner is then left hanging in the air. The handcuffs cut into the practitioners' wrists. It is extremely painful and in some cases, both arms become disabled.

Wang Xiaofeng and female guard Cui Hong from the Third Squadron, Hang Haiyan from the Fourth Squadron, and Liu Hui from the Fifth Squadron confined practitioners Ms. Sheng Lixia, Ms. Liu Xiuyan, Ms. Zhu Yun, Ms. Geng Yulan, Ms. Song Ailian, Ms. Zhang Xiumin, Ms. Gao Fuling, and Ms. Wang Huinang in solitary compartments for torture. They included practitioners who were on protest hunger strikes and were weak. There were not enough solitary compartments, so they put two or three practitioners into one cell. Each small cell had only one bench for two people to sit on, and the third person had to sit on the floor. The place was so tiny that it was difficult for practitioners to sleep. Practitioners were only allowed to use the bathroom three times a day and were not allowed to shower at all. There were also high-volume speakers blaring to further torture the practitioners. Some practitioners were confined there for ten days, two weeks, a month, or even several months. If practitioners held hunger strikes while in solitary confinement, they would be force-fed. If the practitioner refused to cooperate with the force-feeding, the guards would slam the practitioner to the floor, step on her hands, arms and legs, and force-feed her with liquid containing a large quantity of salt and unknown drugs.

Wang Xiaofeng, Cui Hong, and Hang Haiyan, then-intern guards Liu Hui and Liu Jing, and another guard took practitioner Ms. Wang Shuyan's winter jacket off to freeze her. It was 15 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). As six female guards dragged Wang Shuyan to solitary confinement, she shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" on the way. The guards all jumped on her to cover her mouth. Some even stepped on or sat on her neck and body, pinching and beating her. They gagged her with a used shoe polishing cloth. The cloth was small and Ms. Wang could still speak. Then they tried to stop her by tickling her, gouging her eyes, and bending her fingers. Later, they found wide yellow tape and throughly taped her mouth and head.

At the end of 2002, Wang Xiaofeng hung up practitioner Ms. Liu Baohong in a storage room. The storage room had some poisonous gas and a terrible smell, which made people dizzy, nauseous, and out of breath. She assigned two inmates as "personal guards" to watch Ms. Liu and force her to write the three statements, announcing she would stop practicing Falun Gong.

Between the end of 2002 and beginning of 2003, Wang Xiaofeng and female guard Xue Feng hung practitioner Ms. Song Guixiang up for four days and four nights and then tied her up in the full lotus position (both legs crossed on top of each other) for a whole day and night. Ms. Song became disabled after this, but nobody even helped her go to the bathroom. Xue Feng later locked her on the first floor. Song Guixiang's hands were shaking, saliva kept dripping from her mouth, and she could not stand any more. She was not allowed to sleep. Afterwards, she was confined in a solitary compartment and put on a tiger bench. Ms. Song's hands were covered with wounds.

Wang Xiaofeng and Huang Haiyan tortured practitioner Ms. Zhang Yuxia. They put her on a tiger bench in solitary confinement. During the "Attack the Fort" campaign in September 2002, they tied Ms. Zhang up in the full lotus position. Practitioners who had given up cultivation under extreme pressure and brainwashing shoved her to the floor and stepped on her. For more than two months, Ms. Zhang was not allowed to sleep. Her eyes turned red and tears kept coming out of them for two months.

On the evening of January 22, 2003, Wang Xiaofeng brought practitioner Ms. Xie Xiulan to the first floor. She told the "transformed" practitioners to tie her up in the full lotus position. They also handcuffed practitioners' hands behind their backs and hung them up in the air.

In 2003, Wang Xiaofeng and female guards Shi Yu and Ren Hongzan brutally tortured practitioner Ms. Wang Yujie from Dalian City, Liaoning Province. They locked her in the washroom, then later a storage room and basement for a total of four months. During this torture, Ms. Wang was tied to hard objects, forced to squat, was forced into unnatural and extremely uncomfortable positions, had to stand in the "army corps" posture, and was forced to do intensive hard labor. Ms. Wang Yujie was beaten, exposed to the baking sun for long periods, and was hung up in the air with her arms handcuffed behind her back. Her breast festered after the long-term torture, and some time after she was released, she died.

Wang Xiaofeng instructed female guard Wang Yuguang, in charge of solitary confinement, and two other guards to torture practitioner Ms. Gao Yaxian from Shenyang City. As a result of being put into a tiny compartment, forced to wear a heavy head mask, being beaten, exposed to intensive noise, and forced to stay out in 25 degrees below zero Fahrenheit wearing only a single shirt, Ms. Gao Yaxian became paralyzed.

Wang Xiaofeng hung up practitioner Ms. Wang Cuiying from Dalian City for three days and three nights.

Wang hung practitioner Ms. Zhou Yajuan from Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, up in the air. She also hung practitioner Ms. Zhang Yunxia up for two days. Ms. Zhang could barely walk afterwards. She had to be carried to her meals and to the bathroom. Later she could not go downstairs and stayed in bed for more than a month to recover. Wang Xiaofeng tied practitioner Ms. Liu Yanwen on the bed for IV injections for a few days, then charged her over 500 yuan.

In the middle of August 2003, practitioner Ms. Zhou Yajuan was forced to stand in the Division Head's restroom. When she was released at 9:00 p.m., Wang Xiaofeng forced her to stand in the corridor until midnight. Then she was forced to stand in the cold corridor for 12 days. When the 12 days were up, Ms. Zhou was forced to stand in the Division Head's restroom again. But this time she was in the corner of the restroom as there were more practitioners being forced to stand in the same restroom. Throughout the year, there were always practitioners being forced to stand in the Division Head's restroom.

The Brutal Treatment of Ms. Shi Shenying, Who Was Tortured to Death

On August 22, 2002, practitioners Ms. Li Dongqing, Ms. Song Caihong, and Ms. Li Liming were illegally sentenced to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Fearing that firm practitioners would tell the truth in court, Wang Xiaofeng and squadron leader Xue Feng ordered a dozen inmates to gag the mouths of practitioners Ms. Xie Xiulan, Ms. Shi Shengying, and several others by stuffing their mouths with cloth and then taping their mouths shut. Ms. Shi Shengying refused to cooperate with this abuse. They pulled her hair and dragged her from the second floor down to the first floor, then to the courtyard. They then handcuffed her hands to the back of a big wooden chair, making it impossible for her to stand up straight. The handcuffs cut into her wrists, which were so painful that it felt as if her hands had been cut off. When a policewoman walked by, she managed to speak and asked her to unlock the handcuffs. That policewoman said viciously, "No, you deserve it!" The inmates then taped her mouth shut. The tape was all over her head. Then the inmates dragged Ms. Shi about 30 meters from the courtyard to the building. With the big wooden chair against her back, Ms. Shi Shengying felt that her arms and back were almost broken. Her waist and back were severely injured but she recovered after practicing the Falun Gong exercises.

On August 11, 2002, practitioner Ms. Shi Shengying stopped inmates from reading books that slandered Dafa and requested to do the exercises. Wang Xiaofeng confined Ms. Shi, who had scabs all over her body from earlier torture, to a solitary compartment. She "fixed" Ms. Shi to an iron chair by locking her forearms and her waist into iron rings and her legs to the chair legs. Ms. Shi was not able to move at all. There was a small window behind the iron chair that was open all the time to let cold air blow in. Wang Xiaofeng put a "brainwashing machine" (speaker) in front of the practitioner to play programs that slandered Dafa four or five times a day. It was so loud that it caused the practitioner's ears to constantly buzz. The practitioners were only allowed to go to the bathroom twice a day. Sometimes practitioners were forced to relieve themselves in their pants. In 2005, Ms. Shi Shengying was tortured to death.

Brutal Beatings

Wang Xiaofeng viciously beat practitioners. She would confine practitioners in solitary compartments and close the doors to beat them. Around 2002, she dragged practitioner Ms. Wang Xueli from Tieling City, Liaoning Province, from the fourth floor to the first floor by her hair, beating her on the way. Wang Xueli became paralyzed as a result.

In 2002 and 2003, Wang Xiaofeng and female guard Wang Shuzheng tortured practitioner Ms. Shao Jingrong from Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province. They also asked policemen to torture her. Ms. Shao's legs were kicked so badly that she could not walk. She was only given poor food to eat and was not allowed to sleep.

In November 2003, Wang Xiaofeng and female police guard Huang Haiyan dragged a practitioner into a restroom and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Then they kicked and beat her. Afterwards, they dragged her to the on-duty office and left her on the floor.

At the end of April 2004, Wang Xiaofeng and other guards brutally beat practitioner Ms. Su Yiwen from Dalian City. She became extremely weak. They handcuffed her, confined her in a solitary compartment, and later dragged her to the room that was designated for torturing Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Su's hands were shackled to a ring on the floor for a long time, and she had to sit on the cold cement. She was not allowed to sleep and was watched constantly by two collaborators. Director Su Jing of the Second Women's Forced Labor Camp and Wang Xiaofeng ordered temporarily borrowed policemen from outside to beat and insult Ms. Su Yiwen to force her into writing the three statements. After a long period of torture, Ms. Su lost her memory for a while and had symptoms of heart disease. Sometimes she could not breathe. Later Wang Xiaofeng and Huang Haiyan tied Ms. Su Yiwen to a table to torture her, ordering her to write the three statements. Afterwards, Ms. Su was unable to walk.

In July and August of 2006, Wang Xiaofeng gagged practitioner Ms. Wang Xiaoyan's mouth with a dirty cloth. Female guard Li Mingyu slapped her face and female guard Wang Naimin pinched her mouth making it bleed. Also, on July 15, 2006, male guard Ma Jishan and Section Chief Chen continuously struck her face. Her face up swelled immediately and there was a lump on her cheek.

Torturing Practitioners both Physically and Mentally

During the SARS epidemic in the summer 2003, Wang Xiaofeng said viciously to practitioners, "We should send all you practitioners that are not 'transformed' to the SARS region, so that you can all catch it and be eliminated."

In 2003, Wang Xiaofeng ordered female guard Shi Yu and doctor Cao to lead five inmates in torturing practitioner Ms. Zhang Chuanwen who was imprisoned at the Second Squadron of the First Division. Ms. Zhang had been on a hunger strike for several days to protest the persecution. They held her head, body, and legs to force-feed garlic into her stomach, claiming they were "cleansing her stomach."

In April 2002, Wang Xiaofeng ordered her staff to gag practitioner Ms. Song Guixiang and another practitioner. Other practitioners went to clarify the truth to her. Not only did she refuse to listen, but she also said, "If you say one more word, I will hang posters insulting your Teacher and Dafa all over the room."

On May 15, 2006, Wang Xiaofeng and female guards Zhou Qian, Xue Feng, Shi Yu, and others took off practitioner Ms. Wang Guixiang's clothes and wrote dirty words slandering Teacher and Dafa on her chest. They tore Teacher's picture from a Dafa book, threw it on the floor, and told Ms. Wang to step on it. She refused, so they picked her up and tried to lay her on Teacher's picture. Because Ms. Wang firmly resisted, they did not succeed.

Wang Xiaofeng and other evildoers tortured practitioner Ms. Sun Jinjun so severely that she suffered a mental breakdown. They then claimed that she was just pretending.

Under Wang Xiaofeng's instruction, inmates tortured some practitioners so badly their faces became disfigured and discolored. They threatened practitioners not to tell their relatives about the torture, fearing their evil crimes would be exposed. They tried to isolate practitioners from the outside world and set rules prohibiting practitioners from calling, writing to, or meeting with relatives.

Wang Xiaofeng was extremely cunning and sinister. She ordered inmates to mentally torture Ms. Li Liming and other practitioners. They were forced to work throughout the day until 1:00 in the morning. They were then forced to get up at 5:00 a.m. to start work again.

Wang Xiaofeng and Squadron Leader Wang Qiu increased the torture of practitioner Ms. Yu Qiu when she developed pulmonary tuberculosis and started to cough blood.

One day in December 2003, Wang Xiaofeng and female guard Zhang Chunguang brought a practitioner to the conference room to brainwash her. Under numerous tortures and pressure, that practitioner reached her limit and almost collapsed.

Most of the practitioners in the Third Division were subjected to brutal "transformation" attempts. Their watches were taken away, so they had to watch the sunrise and sunset to tell the time. They were forced to work late into the night without any rest. Their work was mainly to peel cloves of garlic, make silk flowers for export, or make beaded necklaces. The glue for the silk flowers is very irritating to the eyes. It was the worst period for the practitioners when Wang Xiaofeng was on duty. She often verbally abused and ridiculed practitioners and claimed that the forced labor camp was hers so that she could extend the forced labor term for whichever practitioner she wanted to.

At the beginning of 2005, female guarad Huang Haiyan tortured a practitioner in her 50s until she became extremely weak. That practitioner was not able to walk afterwards. Even breathing was difficult for her. But they did not let her stay in bed to rest. Instead they forced her to work overtime. They took her to the hospital for treatment only after she lost consciousness several times. When the practitioner came back, she was unconscious and in very critical condition. Director Su Jing and Huang Haiyan were afraid of being held responsible for her death, so they told her relatives to take her home. Concerned that her relatives might not settle with the forced labor camp if they saw she had been tortured so badly, Wang Xiaofeng did not allow people to carry her out. Instead, she shouted in the corridor, "Let her walk out by herself!"

Threatening and Deceiving Practitioners

In 2003, Wang Xiaofeng used many cruel tortures against practitioner Ms. Fan Jinhua, but Ms. Fan still would not give up cultivation. The police sent her to Dalian City Forced Labor Camp. To threaten other practitioners, Wang Xiaofeng told them that she "was sentenced and taken to Dabei Prison and became insane after a few days there." When Dalian City Forced Labor Camp was dissolved in October 2004, Ms. Fan was taken back to the First Division of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Fearing her lie would be discovered, Wang Xiaofeng hid her in a storage room of the Number One building and assigned people to watch her, so that the news would not be leaked. Wang Xiaofeng put Ms. Fan in solitary confinement many times to torture her. Then practitioners in other solitary cells found Ms. Fan Jinhua.

On the eighteenth day of practitioner Ms. Sheng Lixia's (from Dandong City) hunger strike, she was extremely weak. When her family visited her and discovered that her condition was so bad, they asked Director Su Jing to get her a medical exam. Su Jing agreed. After Ms. Sheng Lixia started eating, Su Jing defaulted on her promise of a medical exam and hid Ms. Sheng from her parents. Later Ms. Sheng Lixia's father found Su Jing and demanded that the forced labor camp be held responsible for torturing his daughter. Su Jing said savagely, "You can sue us wherever you want to." She pushed her parents over to Division Head Wang Xiaofeng. Wang Xiaofeng promised her parents she would give Sheng Lixia a "compassionate medical leave," but she reneged immediately after her parents left. In fact, all the evil crimes against practitioners at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp were ordered by the Director, Division Head, or Squadron Lead.

Stripping a Female Practitioner and Secretly Videotaping Her

Police guards and "transformed" practitioners once held down a young practitioner in the First Division and put the prison uniform on her by force. That practitioner managed to take it off several times. [Note: because Dafa practitioners are not criminals and should not be incarcerated, they often refuse to wear the prison uniform.] The guard then ordered the "transformed" practitioners to take off all her clothes including her bra, leaving only her underpants on. Then they held her down and put the prison uniform on her. The police used a hidden camcorder to videotape her afterwards. She struggled to stand up and took the prison uniform, representing humiliation, off. The hidden camcorder recorded that she was almost naked. Police used this video as "evidence" to spread rumors among practitioners, saying that "a practitioner took off all her clothes when she saw the policemen." They used it to ruin her reputation and defame Dafa, creating very bad results. Division Head Wang Xiaofeng of the First Division is directly responsible for this crime.

Torturing Practitioners and Imprisoning Them Past their Forced Labor Term

Wang Xiaofeng once said, "It is so easy for me to extend your terms at the forced labor camp. One word from me will do it. And I can use any reason." For those practitioners for which they could not find a reason to extend their terms, Wang forced other prisoners to falsely testify against them. The longest extension was one year. Sometimes she even sent practitioners directly to prison. For example, she illegally imprisoned practitioner Ms. Fang Caixia from Dalian City for two more months after her term was over. The police write the names of the practitioners whose terms are extended on a blackboard in the cafeteria. There are several blackboards listing names.

Around 9:00 p.m. on August 22, 2002, Wang Xiaofeng and Squadron Leader Ren Hongzan interrogated practitioners who shouted "Falun Dafa is good" in solitary confinement. They wrote down the practitioners' words and told them to sign the paper. Then they used it as evidence to extend their terms for five more months.

Starting on July 1, 2004, under the direction of Director Su Jing and Division Head Wang Xiaofeng, police guards at the the Masanjia Second Women's Forced Labor Camp started a new round of torture against practitioners. They froze the practitioners' banking accounts. Then they sent five or six inmates or "collaborators" to surround each firm practitioner from 5:00 a.m. To 11:00 p.m. to impose their evil "enlightenment" theories on the practitioners to force them to give up cultivation. They also threatened to extend the terms of firm practitioners.

Methods Used in the "Attacking the Fort" Campaign to Torture Practitioners:

1. Locking practitioner's arms to an iron chair. Their arms were fixed to the sides of chair and could not be moved. The practitioner then could not stand up or squat but only sit on the cold iron chair for 15 days.

2. Locking practitioner's hands to the heating pipes. There are two iron hooks between the five heating pipes. The practitioner's hands were cuffed to the iron hooks. Then the practitioner could not stand up or sit down but only bend her body. Eventually the practitioner's arms became black and blue. Practitioners were forced to stay in this position for two months at a time.

3. Handcuffing a practitioner and hanging her from the heating pipe. The practitioner was not allowed to sleep--inmates were ordered to watch her around the clock and would beat her if she fell asleep or closed her eyes. This practitioner was forced to stay in this position for two months. In the end, the practitioner's legs swelled up and the scars on her wrists can still be seen.

4. Handcuffing a practitioner to a water pipe that was close to ground. The practitioner could only sit on a stool. After a while, the practitioner's arms became black and purple and she was not able to stand. The practitioner experiences unbearable pain. Sometimes the stool was be taken away and the practitioner had to sit on the cement floor.

5. Locking the practitioner's arms and legs to the so-called "dead person's bed."

The practitioner was unable to move at all and would experience great pain all over her body. The practitioner was tortured in this position for several days and was not allowed to go to the bathroom.

6. Torturing practitioners in the triangle room. The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp had a triangle room that was set up to torture practitioners. In the room was a low narrow bench. A practitioner's hands were cuffed behind her back to the columns of the bench. Then the practitioner had to sit on this low bench, not able to stand up or lie down. I was locked in the triangle room for over three months.

7. Locking practitioner's arms to the hook of the vertical heating pipe in the corridor. This hook was a little bit higher than practitioners, so the practitioners had to stand on their toes. This hook was specially designed to be adjustable to torture practitioners. The pain was unbearable after being locked at this position for a while.

8. Handcuffing practitioner to the heating pipe in the coldest area of the corridor. The practitioner was not allowed to wear extra clothing and had to sit on the cold cement floor. No sleep was allowed. The cement floor was extremely cold and gradually the practitioner lost feeling in her legs.

9. Handcuffing hands behind the back with one hand crossed over a shoulder. The practitioner's neck was also connected to her feet with a rope, so that she could not raise her head. The pain was as severe as if the heart were being pierced by one's broken bones. I was once put in this position for 40 minutes. Only when I sweat heavily and my heart could not bear it any more did they stop this torture.

10. Tying a practitioner up in the full lotus position. Guards tied the practitioner's legs in the double crossed position, then tied the practitioner's arms and tied the practitioner's neck to her legs with rope so that she could not raise her head. Guards stepped on the practitioner's tied legs with boots and kicked the practitioner's head for several hours. The practitioner was not allowed to go to the bathroom. Afterwards, the practitioner's legs became black and purple and could not be moved. I once lost consciousness from this torture and was unable to take care of myself for a while. Even now, there are still aftereffects in my wrists and legs.

January 12, 2007