(Clearwisdom.net) Why can't humans see gods? Why can't modern science prove the existence of gods? This is a topic that many people talk about often. Let's explore this question by looking at the two visits that the Yellow Emperor, who was regarded as one of the harbingers of traditional Chinese culture, made to the deity Guangchengzi. The Yellow Emperor heard that the deity Guangchengzi lived in Kongtong Mountain in Gansu Province, thousands of miles away from where the Yellow Emperor lived in the east. Despite the distance, the Emperor went to Kongtong Mountain to seek Guangchengzi as as teacher and learn about the Tao. By then, the Emperor was in his forties and had been ruler for over 20 years. Naturally, he had a large entourage. Sitting on top of an elephant and accompanied by his wife and over 100 officials, he left for Kongtong Mountain with a grand procession. To show his sincerity, the Yellow Emperor burned fragrant grass at the foot of the mountain. The air was filled with fragrant smoke. The officials danced and sang, and the sound shook the valley. Guangchengzi appeared on a cloud above and said to the Yellow Emperor, "One who rules the state, if he does not see clouds but expects rain, if he does not wait till autumn but want leaves to fall, how can he talk about the Tao?" He swung his whisk and disappeared into the clouds. The Yellow Emperor returned home without accomplishing his goals.

The Yellow Emperor thought over what Guangchengzi had said. He worked hard for his country and people, promoted talented people to official positions, and governed the country well. It was said that writing, raising silkworms, traveling by boat and carriages, music, medicine, mathematics, marriage ceremonies, and funerals all originated from the era of the Yellow Emperor.

Although he was the ruler of a nation, the Yellow Emperor had not stopped thinking about Guangchengzi. About 60 years later, when the Yellow Emperor was 100 years old, he decided to visit Kongtong Mountain again to seek instruction. This time he went by himself and traveled without people noticing. He had learned to be humble by then. On his way to Kongtong Mountain, he met an elderly man named Chisongzi, who was also a deity. Chisongzi instructed the Yellow Emperor, "There is no boundary between earth and the realm of deities. It is all a matter of one's mind. If you do not mind the pain of traveling on your knees, your sincerity will open a hundred doors."

The Yellow Emperor kept thinking about these words. When his shoes were completely worn through, and his feet hurt so much that he could no longer walk, he realized that he needed to travel on his knees to Kongtong Mountain. The rocks and sands were like knives that cut through his knees. His blood stained the rocks on the path.

Guangchengzi knew that the Yellow Emperor returned to seek the Tao. The Yellow Emperor's sincerity and firm will moved Guangchengzi. When the Yellow Emperor reached the foot of Kongtong Mountain, Guangchengzi sent a golden dragon to transport him up the mountain, where Guangchengzi taught him. After the Yellow Emperor returned to his home, he followed Guangchengzi's instructions and quietly cultivated his mind and body. At age 120, the Yellow Emperor ascended in broad daylight on the back of a dragon.

The Yellow Emperor's two visits to Kongtong Mountain achieved different results because of his different mentalities and levels of sincerity. The first time, although he wanted to seek the Tao and showed some respect and earnestness, he also displayed his ignorance and self-importance. Although he was able to see Guangchengzi, he did not learn the Tao. The second time, the Yellow Emperor was no longer self-important and ignorant. His sincerity and perseverance in seeking the Tao touched Guangchengzi.

Men are small in comparison with the universe and nature. Deities and gods do not care about one's wealth in this world. They only look at people's hearts. Without a sincere heart and faith in gods, one will not be able to see gods. In other words, their hearts determine whether they will be able to see gods. The difference is being ignorant and self-important versus sincere and kind.

Modern science not only does not believe in or respect gods, modern science also criticizes gods as superstitious, and slanders gods, and has destroyed the moral standards gods gave people. This is opposite of the will of the gods. How then can the gods show themselves? How can they be proven or seen by modern science? To use a conventional example, if you slander someone all the time, and then say you want to meet him, do you think he will want to see you? Of course we are using the human mind to describe gods--we only want to illustrate the point. Empirical sciences believe that they are superior and think that they can detect gods through modern technology and sophisticated equipment if gods do exist. If they can't detect gods, then gods don't exist. They think this logic makes sense. Actually their mistake is caused by their ignorance about the fundamental reason for life and of the spiritual realm. In fact, empirical sciences can prove neither the existence nor the non-existence of gods. The people who only rigidly believe in empirical sciences have completely failed to understand the issue. Their mentalities regarding gods are also completely wrong.

Chisongzi told the Yellow Emperor, "It is all a matter of one's mind." This still applies today. If modern sciences really want to prove the existence of gods, then perhaps it needs to first become modest, show self-restraint, and be respectful of the gods.

Of course, some people who say they believe in gods only do so on the surface. If they don't follow the requirements of the gods, do not distinguish between good and evil, succumb to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) viciousness, and follow the CCP in fighting with gods, then no matter how many temples they build and how many songs of praise they sing, they will not obtain the true Tao, just as exemplified in the Yellow Emperor's first, extravagant visit to Guangchengzi.

There is truth to the Chinese saying, "If you believe it, it will be true. If you don't believe it, it won't exist." Those who believe in gods can see or feel gods' existence. If people don't believe in gods, they will not feel or see gods. Actually gods exist regardless of people's faith. It's just that gods are revealed to mankind if men believe in them.

Mankind wants to seek the truths of the universe, gods, and their own origin. First, they have to be sincere and have the right mentality. This is also a process of cultivating the mind. Since ancient times, people have always known that it is not easy to find genuine teachings and the true Tao. Even as emperor, the Yellow Emperor's path to seek the Tao was difficult. The cultivators have always known to cherish the true Tao because of its rarity. In the past, many cultivators in China and other countries have kept their faith in gods in the face of tribulations. Today in China, a large number of Falun Gong practitioners have persisted in their faith despite brutal tortures and persecution. Their great compassion and tolerance have moved heaven and earth. Yet many others today with low moral values, including those who claim to believe in gods, find it hard to understand these practitioners.

The Yellow Emperor has been called the "first icon of literature" in China. He was the founder of not only the Chinese nation, but also the 5,000-year-old traditional culture. Cultivation is a part of the traditional culture, the path for men to return to their origins, and a way to seek the truth. In everyone's heart lies the seed of achieving kindness through cultivation. Everyone wants to return to their original, true self deep in their hearts. People are all waiting and seeking.

We are in a special time right now. The Great Law has been shown to everyone. On the one hand, mankind is truly fortunate to have this opportunity, as every Falun Dafa cultivator can attest. On the other hand, the CCP is destroying the traditional Chinese culture, people's morality, and their conscience. As a result, they cannot see the meaning and value of human life. So many people are deeply lost in the pursuit of fame, profit, and emotional satisfaction. They have missed their way home and do not realize that they should cherish the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even worse, some people have committed great sins under pressure and the influence of the CCP's lies in the persecution of Falun Gong and practitioners. What faces them will be tragic.

The Chinese people are considered descendants of the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor's path in seeking the Tao still inspires us today.