(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Bai, from the Qionghai City Canned Food Factory of Hainan Province, lost all hope for the Communist regime. Recently on The Epoch Times website he used his real name to quit the Communist Youth League that he had once joined, to make a clear separation from the Communist Party. He said during an interview, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) always controls the media. Using such vicious means as the Tiananmen Square Self-immolation incident to defame Falun Gong, the media of Mainland China has degraded into using the tools used by the CCP to enslave the Chinese people. I have lost all hope for the Chinese government. I have seen through the CCP. It is not qualified to represent the Chinese people!"

Wang Bai was originally on the sales staff of the Qionghai City Canned Food Factory of Hainan Province. Before 1996, this factory was a big local source of export and tax revenue. The Huandao Group used their power to annex the factory so that it's stock could go on the market. However, in just a short few years, Huandao Group declared bankruptcy. Wang Bai and more than 300 employees were laid off and have been jobless since.

Wang Bai said, "In the 1990s, the Chinese economy was a bubble economy. People with relatives all bought real estate in Hainan, making big profits. At that time the stock market was going up like crazy. An enterprise has to have a real business in order to be listed on the stock market. Wang Fusheng, an official from the State Police Bureau, assumed the positions of chairman of the board and legal representative. He belonged to Jiang Zemin's group, which was an open secret in our local area. The Huandao Group annexed the Qionghai City Canned Food Factory, and re-named it Hainan Wanquanhe Canned Food Factory, affiliated to Huandao. Only the packaging was changed.

Wang Bai pointed out that, during the past several years, the positions of chairman and legal representative have been filled by several different people. They just came to get rich. The enterprise had a fixed capital of about 70 million yuan, but a loan of several tens of millions of yuan was owed to the bank. When it declared bankruptcy in 2001, the accounts showed only eight million yuan. Over 100 million yuan of state-owned capital had simply disappeared.

Wang Bai is currently visiting relatives in Taiwan. He goes to the library to read books and newspapers every day. He reads The Epoch Times newspaper that is not afraid of the tyranny and dares to report on news related to the repressed Falun Gong and incidents on civil rights protection. Through reading this newspaper he has become even more clear about the tricks of the CCP. Wang Bai said emotionally, "Over 20 years of open door policy and reform, along with newspapers are saying every day that the Chinese GDP has surpassed previous years and that the economy is great. Where is it great? Is it great that corrupted officials have become capitalists, that state capital has become private capital!? The workers did not gain any real benefit. They are afraid to go to the hospital when they are sick. If the family does not have any income, then it is very tragic. They will be driven out of the hospital if they have no money even though they are sick. What kind of society is this?!"

Wang Bai also revealed that, when his application for travel to Taiwan was being processed, the United Front Activities Department of Qionghai City asked him to go to a class at the Service Center for Taiwan. They told him when he arrived in Taiwan that he should talk about how good the Communist Party is and how good socialism is. They also charged him a fee of 300 yuan and did not give him a receipt. They said the class was a "service."

He mentioned that he encountered a Falun Gong practitioner over 60 years of age in Taiwan who looked like someone in his 40s or 40s. Through contact with the true facts from outside of China, he had done some deep thinking and said, "Such a powerful political party as the CCP, why is it so afraid of a grassroots organization? [Editor's note: Falun Gong is only cultivation, there is no organization] Falun Gong practitioners simply do exercises, and if you do not believe you don't practice. Why do they have to crackdown? I just do not understand! I now often think about this question. I feel that I have truly been cheated by the CCP."

Wang Bai said that, before the crackdown, there were many practitioners. One spread to ten, ten spread to 100, and the growth was very fast. When the number of people practicing became so great, the Communist regime began the suppression. Falun Gong practitioners then appealed and clarified the truth. The first time the person is warned. The second time the person is arrested and sent home, and the family is notified. If the person continues to appeal, he is fired from his job, cutting off his source of income, or he is sentenced to illegal imprisonment, etc.

Wang Bai also said that he knew about the matter of the Communist regime taking Falun Gong practitioner's organs. There was a student from Beijing Medical College who, at the end of November last year, came back from a certain medical school in the Haidian District of Beijing. He said that, in the North, there was a place to take organs from living people and sell them for profit. He learned that this was truly happening.

Wang Bai said, "The Chinese Communist Party controls the media. Using such vicious means like self-immolation to defame Falun Gong, the Mainland's media has become the CCP's tool to enslave the people. I have lost all hope for the Chinese Government. I have seen the actions of the Communist Party. It is not qualified to represent the Chinese people!" He said that he would like to use his real name to quit the Communist Youth League.

Wang Bai said at the end that he hoped that the CCP would quickly dissolve, so that the people in China could enjoy human rights and freedom and no longer have to live under the brutal rule of the CCP.

According to the Quitting the Party Service Center, more and more people learn the truth about the evil Communist organization. Currently there are 40 thousand people daily making statements to quit the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. There are also more and more brave people like Mr. Wang who use their real names to quit. The collapse of the CCP won't be far away given the will of the people.