(Clearwisdom.net) When I look at my experiences over the past two years in a forced labor camp, I want to cry. At the beginning when I entered the labor camp, because I could not bear the high-pressure persecution, I signed the "guarantee letters" against my will. When I lay in bed at night, my regretful tears dampened the pillow. In dreams I saw a black circle drop on me, and when it almost enclosed me, I sent righteous thoughts and eliminated this black circle. Teacher helped me to enlighten, and I came back to Dafa.

During that time, if someone slandered Dafa or Teacher, I resisted firmly. Therefore I became the subject of strict monitoring. Each day was like a year. Under extremely exhausting sleep deprivation, torture, and provocation, I persisted in reciting Lunyu and Hong Yin and sending forth righteous thoughts. Dafa helped me to overcome the tribulations again and again. In the period of strict monitoring, I had to take the government survey on Falun Gong many times. Every time I did it according to Dafa's requirements; I did it earnestly and seriously. Once the police were so angry with my answers that they refused to let me fill out the form and made me stand for several hours.

My two-year sentence at the labor camp was coming to an end, and the wardens told me to fill out a release form. In the past, whenever I filled out a form, I always let the witnesses know that I was a firm Dafa disciple. This time I did the same. After a few days I was sent to a brainwashing session in the labor camp. I did not pay attention to any of its propaganda. However, when Teacher appeared in the video, I watched earnestly. They was angry and stopped playing the video for me. If they uttered any slanderous words about Dafa or Teacher, I firmly resisted. As required, I wrote "thought reports" every day. They all had the same content: "I want to firmly cultivate Falun Dafa, and I will never renounce my faith. I will treasure the opportunity of Fa rectification." Later, the wardens did not make me write reports anymore, and the so called "transformation" efforts ended. Before the brainwashing sessions ended, the wardens told me to write another "guarantee" stating that I would not talk to people about Falun Gong. I firmly refused, and I simply walked out of the brainwashing room.

A few days later, I was returned to the strict-monitoring team. The labor camp officials wanted me to consent to an extension of my detention term. I said I had done nothing wrong, and they did not have the right to extend my term. I refused to sign. When I have the Fa in my heart and when I have righteous thoughts and actions, I can surmount any tribulation. After another few days, the camp officials asked all detained practitioners to fill out a survey about Falun Gong. One question was: "Are you going to advocate for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ?" How could I ever advocate for it? I marked "No." The wardens cursed at me and claimed that I had no conscience, that I opposed the CCP, and that I opposed society. I did not care how they abused me, because I only wanted to be a qualified Dafa disciple. There was a question on the survey, "When you are released, what would you do if other practitioners come to your home?" I answered, "I will welcome them warmly, share experiences, and spread Dafa together." Falun Dafa is deep in my heart, and nobody can dig it out.

The extra month of detention ended, and I prepared to go home. A warden objected, "If you do not "transform," you cannot go home. The 610 Office will come to pick you up." I said I did not care who picked up me. When I went through the discharge process, I did not see any 610 officers. On the contrary, many of my relatives came. I stepped out of the labor camp with righteous thoughts and actions and ended the strict monitoring. After coming home, I have diligently studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, clarified the truth, and promoted withdrawing from the CCP.