Hongzehu Prison in Jiangsu Province tortures Falun Gong practitioners using all kinds of methods, including "strict discipline," threats, physical punishment, beatings, dragging on the ground, etc.

1. Li Haibing, who is detained in the first ward, protests the persecution by refusing to do forced labor with the criminal inmates and is frequently tortured in the strictly disciplined team.

2. Captain Han Bushun of the New Detainee's Team in the third ward, together with political instructor Jiang Zhaoyuan and deputy political instructor Du Hongjun, instigate criminal inmates to threaten, physically punish, beat, and curse the newly detained practitioners. Sometimes they do it themselves. For instance, in February 2005, Han Bushun baited over 20 inmates with bonus points to beat practitioners from Lianyungang City, including Jiao Jiaqian, Yu Yue, Liu Shuye, Zong Chongbin, and others. After the beatings, he ordered the inmates to drag the practitioners' bodies on the ground and run to cut and wound them all over.

3. In August 2005, Han Bushun beat practitioner Wang Dongzhu from Huai'an City. Wang Dongzhu held a hunger strike to protest the ill treatment.

4. In 2006, Han Bushun ordered inmates to beat practitioner Yu Bin from Lian Yungang City. He then ordered inmates to drag Yu Bin on the ground as they ran to cut and injure him all over. Yu Bin sued Han Bushun but without any result.

5. Between 2005 and 2007, political instructor Hu Juqiu of the first ward often instigated inmates Bi Dongshen and Jiang Lianggui to curse at and beat practitioner Pan Xujun from Xuzhou City with a broom stick and wooden strips, causing Pan Xujun's hands to swell severely.

6. Deputy political instructor Zhang Wenming of the third ward uses all kinds of methods to torture practitioners. Under his rule, practitioners are often searched, forbidden from talking to other practitioners, and not allowed to keep paper or pens. Any personal belongings sent to the prison from home are confiscated.

November 25, 2007