(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhai Shengrong, a nurse from Wujiagou Coal Mine Health Center, Zhuolu County, Hebei Province, has been illegally detained numerous times within the past several years for refusing to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. More than 50,000 yuan has been extorted from her by the Beijing public security police, causing her family to go into debt.

In April of 2002, Ms. Zhai went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was illegally arrested by the Beijing public security police and held for 18 days. She was then transferred by the Zhuolu County 610 Office to the Zhuolu County detention center where she was continuously mistreated until she was released on June 3, 2002.

During this time period, Ms. Zhai had 5,000 yuan extorted from her by the Beijing police. Additionally, 20,000 was extorted from her by the Zhuolu County police and her employer. When she was released, she was again extorted out of 5,000 yuan by the Zhuolu County Public Security Bureau - Battalion commander, Fei Dong. Her family members and the deputy secretary from her work unit were illegally detained for one day when they went to pick her up. She later heard that her employer was blackmailed, and that the police extorted 100,000 yuan from the health center, and that they had extorted 2,000 yuan from the director and deputy secretary.

In June of 2002, Ms. Zhai again went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was intercepted halfway by people from her work unit. Under the high pressure of the CCP, Ms. Zhai filed a lawsuit against the County 610 Office personnel who had extorted 15,000 yuan from her. Her family went into severe debt. Her husband was overwhelmed by the pressure and grew angry with her. In October of 2002, under the instigation of the 610 Office personnel, her work unit director, Song Changhai, and the captains of the police station, Liu Qingwen and Xu Feitian, she was locked up in a brainwashing center and underwent brainwashing and torture for more than 3 months. On January 6, 2003, she was released.

On the morning of October 24 2007, nine policemen from the Wujiagou District Police Station went to Ms. Zhai's work unit and deceived her into going with them to the police station. Later, they ransacked her work unit quarters and took away an MP3, a tape recorder, Dafa books and several CDs. They extorted 6,000 yuan from her before releasing her.

Ms. Zhai began practicing Falun Gong in April 1998. Her mind was uplifted and her body became healthy from the practice. However, the persecution of Falun Gong by the evil CCP, and the illegal arrests, harassments and extortions from all levels of the 610 Office and police stations have devastated her family.