(Clearwisdom.net) Once again, the CCP is sending insulting letters about NTDTV to important political officials in the international community in order to interfere with NTDTV's global Chinese New Year gala. The CCP pretends to act in the name of China and the Chinese government, abusing its diplomatic privileges and deceiving people in order to vent its personal rage, which disgraces the Chinese people.

The CCP's Deceptive Tricks Are Hidden beneath the Names of the Nation and Government

Since Jiang Zemin and the CCP regime started to suppress Falun Gong, the CCP has always used the names of China or the Chinese government when it spreads propaganda that insults and defames Falun Gong to the international community. It also uses diplomatic and trade relationships with other countries to entice or threaten those nations.

With its own people, the CCP tries to control people's mouths more than it controls the rivers. Whenever it seeks excuses for suppression, it usurps the name of the nation. According to a report from the Central News Agency, China has detained the most journalists in the world for nine straight years. According to statistics from the Committee to Protect Journalists, about 50% of detained journalists were charged with "anti-government" activities. The charges included attempting to overthrow the government, divulging national secrets, and violating national interests. Most journalists who are slapped with those charges are detained in China or Cuba.

When the CCP spreads lies, it uses not only the name of the nation, but also the name of the government. All Chinese embassies treat defaming Falun Gong and all media that dare to speak the truth, such as the Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV, Sound of Hope, etc., as their "responsibility". Federal, state, and city officials of other nations become the targets for their lies. For examples, one only needs to look at how the CCP tried to interfere with activities of NTDTV's "Dance Competition" and the "Vocal Music Competition".

On December 18, 2007, at the beginning of the first "Holiday Wonders" show of the Divine Performing Arts, Mr. Michel Benjamin, an assemblyman from New York State, received a letter insulting the show from the Chinese Consulate. Mr. Benjamin decided to make the letter public.

On March 5, 2007, Ms. Zhang Jiyan, the wife of a Chinese diplomat at the Chinese Embassy in Canada, left the embassy and made public an official document entitled "Results of Investigation of NTDTV Trying to Enter Canada and the Results of the Lobbying Work." The document showed how the Chinese Embassy tried to lobby the Canadian government to stop NTDTV from entering Canada and incited local Chinese communities and Chinese students to write letters to the government against NTDTV. The document reveals that the Chinese Embassy mailed materials slandering Falun Gong to Canadian government organizations.

CCP Shoots Itself in the Foot

Actually, most people will discern the nature of such stupid tactics, as noted by Mr. David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State for Asian Pacific Affairs: "No elected official or other person should pay any attention to such pressure from Chinese party-state officials." And, "In open societies such tactics are seen by most people as an abuse of diplomatic privilege."

The CCP tries to poison people's minds all around the world, and as a result, people pay more attention to Falun Gong and the NTDTV shows and are more eager to know the truth. After learning the truth, they can draw their own conclusions regarding good and evil.

During the Divine Performing Arts show in New York, an "official letter" from the CCP was delivered to Mr. Benjamin's office. Mr. Benjamin and his family responded to the letter with two actions.

The first was to expose the CCP's "official letter" to the media, which allowed people to clearly see that the CCP is the "largest evil cult" in the world. Mr. Benjamin said: "This is a disgrace for the CCP. It is another example showing the CCP's evil nature." The second response was from Mr. Benjamin's wife, Kennedy Benjamin. "Because of that letter," she said, "I will definitely find time to watch the show."

The Chinese People Should Be Clear that the CCP Disgraces the Chinese Nation

The CCP takes the cover of controlling a large country with 1.3 billion people as its protective umbrella. Its propaganda damages the national interest and the Chinese people's dignity. Mr. David Kilgour said: "We have about 125 foreign missions in Ottawa. Except the Chinese mission, other missions know what is an acceptable limit of diplomatic actions." Mr. Kilgour worked in Canada's Parliament for 27 years. He said: "I never encountered similar interference from any government except that of the one in Beijing."

A former Canadian diplomat in China and expert on Chinese affairs, Charles Burton said " the Chinese campaign" violates a principle of diplomacy--that an embassy does not interfere in the internal affairs of another country.

It is not the so-called "Overseas Anti-China Forces", nor "Hostile Forces for Overthrowing the Nation" that disgrace the Chinese nation and people-- it is the CCP, which coined those names.