(Clearwisdom.net) Recently when I studied the Fa, I came to an understanding about sending righteous thoughts for ticket sales for the Divine Performing Arts show. I would like to share my understanding with other practitioners. When practitioners in China and around the world send righteous thoughts every day, they should also send righteous thoughts to support the Divine Performing Arts show and its ticket sales.

Teacher said in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference":

"Of course, things are always easier said than done, and once I got involved the very nature of it changed. You all know that Dafa disciples are to validate the Fa, so then what is Master doing? Master came to do Fa-rectification. That is why once I decided to do this, everything changed--the audience members before us, the people I wanted to save, and the affair itself that was to be carried out. If this was to be done well, then it must achieve the best results and truly save and rescue people. Only then would I do it, and this had to be achieved. So I couldn't do things as before."

I understand this as an opportunity for "assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification;" this project is different from other local projects that practitioners are doing themselves. The show is also a tour. The materials distributed by practitioners in China also include content about the Divine Performing Arts, so this project for saving people is worldwide, and all practitioners, whether in China or in other countries, should support it.

In today's group study, we read "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles" (2006). Teacher said: "But New Tang Dynasty TV's Chinese New Year Gala is even bigger--it's called "The Chinese New Year Global Gala." "Global"--that includes mainland China, of course. So, think about it, isn't this a huge thing?" Actually, the current projects many practitioners are working on are also very important and have roles in many aspects of saving all beings. However, I think we should not limit our roles due to human notions, such as only wishing to save these people, but not those people, or only being responsible for things in China. The boundaries defining countries were drawn by worldly people. We all know sending righteous thoughts mainly plays a role in other dimensions.

I recall that Teacher said the main body of Falun Dafa practitioners is in China. If the main body of Falun Dafa practitioners does not participate, we will lose an opportunity created for us by Teacher, indicating that the whole body has omissions. To put it plainly, we're not cohesive. Our practitioners all over the world make up one whole body. Although we cannot go to the cities where the performances are held to help sell tickets there, we should support the effort by sending righteous thoughts.

In "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference" in Guiding the Voyage, Teacher said:

"As you know, Li Hongzhi is doing this undertaking in an ordinary human form, with a human body, using the lowest form of language among beings in the cosmos--the human language, this most simplistic human language of today--and using the lowest form of cultivation, qigong. This has left all beings throughout the cosmos unaware."

I understand that during those years, Teacher led us to cultivate in the form of Qigong; today, the Divine Performing Arts show is not so simple. Teacher is leading our practitioners to save people by way of authentic traditional Chinese Culture.

Sending righteous thoughts is a treasure. I hope, through righteous thoughts, more and more practitioners in China will also assimilate into the grand project of saving people as Teacher has led us to do.