(Clearwisdom.net)In September 2003, when the three members of my family were forced to stay away from home, someone reported us to the county police. The police arrested all of us, illegally detaining me in the detention center and sending my wife and nine-month-old baby to a brainwashing center located in a hotel. The police threatened me, using my wife and the baby saying: "[If you do not yield,] we will send your wife to a forced labor camp and abandon the baby." Because of this threat, I made written statements against my will "guaranteeing not to appeal, distribute flyers or do things that bother the local government." However, the police not only did not release me, but sentenced me to three years of forced labor. When I was transferred to the labor camp, I failed the physical exam, and the labor camp did not accept me. I was illegally detained for a few more months before being released. The police also illegally detained my wife and baby boy for 40 days before releasing them. Here I am solemnly declaring null and void everything I said, wrote or did against Dafa in the county police department. I will start to practice again, and I will do the three things well.

Wei Jun
Chinese version is available at: http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2007/11/28/167315.html

In 2002, someone reported me to the police about my truth-clarification, and the police sent me to a labor camp for two years. Because I had not studied the Fa well and had not discarded fundamental attachments, I made statements against Dafa out of fear of physical torture. I also wrote articles forsaking Dafa and Teacher, as well as articles to be read in a meeting. I yielded to answering written questions and signed my name to promises that slandered Teacher and Dafa. In order to reduce my term, I betrayed other practitioners, helped to brainwash practitioners, and even sent a banner to honor the police that persecuted practitioners. In this way, I completely followed the old forces' arrangements, causing negative influence in the local area and making it more difficult to save sentient beings. When I was released, pressured by the people around me and the local police, I signed documents to guarantee that I no longer practiced Falun Gong. This was a betrayal against Teacher and Dafa and a sin that is hard to forgive. I felt very sorry to Teacher and Dafa, and felt that I had let down Teacher's compassionate salvation. When I realized this, I was extremely regretful. After reading Teacher's new article "Pass the Deadly Test," I felt even more guilty. Teacher has not abandoned me and is still protecting us. Only by closely following Teacher's Fa-rectification momentum, doing the three things well, and saving more sentient beings can we be worthy of Teacher's compassionate salvation. Here I am solemnly declaring null and void all words and actions against Dafa that I made in the labor camp. I am also declaring void all those so-called guarantee statements. I will try to make up for the losses and firmly cultivate in Dafa.

Wang Meijuan
November 21, 2007
Chinese version is available at: http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2007/11/29/167316.html