A former county officer in his 70s recently overcame barriers to renounce the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He began a new life.

In 1947, the Chinese Communist Party drafted him into the army and made him a CCP member, which he remained for 60 years. When first asked to quit the CCP, he was so scared that he ran away. Later Dafa practitioners clarified the facts to him over and over again, from the doom of ancient emperors such as the brutal Qinshihuang and the shameless and dissolute Suiyangdi, to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the Eastern Communist block, and now the elimination of the CCP. The great tide of people quitting the CCP is unstoppable, and the CCP will soon collapse. Finally this elderly man untied the knot in his heart and declared that he would quit the CCP. Below are words from his heart:

"The reason I did not want to withdraw from the CCP before was because I knew too well its cruel, dark, and sinister ways. It would only let you in but would not let you out. During the war years, if someone was found to question the CCP, he would be executed on the spot as a traitor. Family members, distant relatives, and close neighbors all had to take the rap. I have been retired for more than 10 years and still have to attend various meetings organized by the County Party Committee, the Party Consulting Group, the Senior Officers Bureau, the Retired Officers Division, and the Residential Committee. It is really annoying. There are so many organizations, and they do not have any productive purpose but to poison, control, and bully people. How can it not collapse? Now I am clear on this, and I am no longer afraid of it [the CCP]. I feel relieved after having quit."

He patted his knees and smiled, "See, my arthritis--that intractable problem that has bothered me for more than 30 years--has also become much better. I will also practice Falun Gong later. Having a healthy and happy life is better than anything else!"

November 04, 2007