(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Gao Zhenhai, a farmer from Gaoxian Village, Xuzhuang Country Area, Xin County, Shandong Province, lived with his parents, both over 70, and his two young sons. After practicing Falun Gong, Gao Zhenhai strictly adhered to to the great universal law of "Truthfulness, Compassion,Forbearance." He consistently practiced the exercises and cultivated his mind. His previously weak constitution gradually became stronger and he recovered from all of his previous chronic diseases. He considered other people first, and people in his village all called him "a genuinely good person."

But at about 6:00 a.m. on October 12, 2007, the head of the Xuzhuang Country police station, whose nickname is "Man Erguang," and four or five other police officers jumped into Mr. Gao's yard. They then wantonly kicked in the door, forced themselves into the dwelling, and proceeded to beat and then arrest Gao Zhenhai. They also unlawfully searched his house and confiscated his property. They did not present any legal documents during the entire episode, and both their comments and behavior were extremely crude and thuggish.

In the subsequent days, Mr. Gao was taken to the Public Security Bureau in Xin County, where he was interrogated by staff from the Xin County "justice organizations" and brutally tortured. In the end, the torture left him emaciated and it was difficult for him to walk.

Mr. Gao has been sentenced to one and a half years and of imprisonment. He was transferred from the No. 2 Forced Labor Camp in Wang Village, Zibo City, to Zhangqiu City and continues to be persecuted there. Gao Zhenhai's family is poor and totally dependent on his income to survive.

Man Erguang, the head of police station in the Xuzhuang Country Area: 86-13356253966 (Cell)

November 28, 2007