1. Nine Practitioners from Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province Maltreated and Facing Illegal Sentencing

Han Feng Zhen, Zhang Gui Ju, Ma Yan Hua, Li Jing Fang, Li Zhan Guang, Liu Jin Cheng, Guo Feng Xian, Dong Gui Qin, and Wang Xue Jun have been illegally detained in the First Custodial Station in Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province for nearly four months. The police from the Public Security Bureau did not allow their families to visit nor to send clothes. Some of the practitioners have been severely beaten, tortured, and deprived of sleep.

As it is winter, the practitioners' families asked their friends in the police department to take practitioners wool jackets, but the request was rejected by the director of the Custodial Station. Inside the ward, practitioners could only buy light jackets that do not provide much insulation from the cold. The guards have beat, tied up, and abused the practitioners and subjected them to hunger and the cold at will. The practitioners are also tortured using other methods. The guards have breached Regulation No. 89 of the Criminal Law and have committed the crime of maltreating and physically punishing inmates. The guards created 169 regulations for the prisoners and those who did not follow the regulations were subject to maltreatment.

The staff executing the law from the Public Security Bureau in Lingyuan City disregarded their own behavior. They violated the law and prosecuted a case against the nine practitioners. The procurator in Lingyan City has already referred a public charge against them. Their case has been presented to the court in Lingyuan City, intending to illegally sentence the practitioners.

2. Practitioner Fengguo Fu from Lingyuan City Arrested

On October 6, 2007, Fengguo Fu was riding a bike around the Mohudian Police Station. Police officer Wang Chunlei and several other people started to follow him in a police car. When Fengguo Fu arrived at Lingyuan Hotel, the police car suddenly stopped right in front of him. Four or five police officers grabbed and shoved him into the car and took him to Lingyuan Police Station. He was then sent to the Second Custodial Station in Lingyuan City by the Political Review Section of the Public Security Bureau.

On the morning of November 7, police officer Zhaorun Dong from the Mohudian Police Station and police officers from the Lingbei Police Station went to Fengguo Fu's home. They ransacked his house and confiscated Falun Dafa books, truth-clarification materials, VCDs and handsets. Fengguo Fu's wife has a mental disorder and was recovering from surgery in her mother's house. His 75-year-old mother and 7-year-old daughter were the only two at home. They were terrified when they saw the police ransack their home. The police threatened them and forced them to slander the founder of Falun Gong.

Director Liu Bi Chen, Assistant Directors Jing Quan Long and Dong Guo Che, and police officers Wang Chun Feng and Zhao Run Dong are from the Mohudian Police Station.

3. Practitioner Li Guiqin from Huafangdian, Lingyuan City Arrested and Subjected to Brainwashing Sessions

On October 30, 2007, Li Guiqin, a practitioner from Xiaoyushuling, Wafangdian, Lingyuan City and Zang You, a practitioner from Sanjiazi, Lingyuan was forcibly sent to the brainwashing unit in Fushun City. On August 1, 2007, Li Guiqin was attending a Falun Dafa experience sharing conference with forty other practitioners when the police came and arrested them all. They were all locked in the Second Custodial Station of Lingyuan City for more than ten days. Their family members used all their connections and gave the officials 10,000 yuan to release the practitioners. However, upon returning home a few days later, they were arrested again by the same lawless officers and taken to the notorious Fushun Brainwashing Center.

Mohudian Police Station: 86-421-6883246, 86-421-6883241

Ling Bei Police Station: 86-421-6883256

Liu Haijun, director of the First Custodial Station in Lingyuan City: 86-421-6883215, (Cell) 86-13500417589

Li Dongchun, director of the Second Custodial Station in Lingyuan City: 86-421-6901835, (Cell) 86-13942176005

Police Station in Wafangdian, Lingyuan City: 86-421-6420055

November 11, 2007