(Clearwisdom.net) [Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the minghui.ca website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).]

On August 23, 2007, people from the Hainan Province State Security Department broke into the home of Mr. Long Wendi located at the Xinqiao Street Office at Tiandui Village, Tanniu County, Wenchang City, Hainan Province. They arrested Mr. Long and his wife, Ms. Liu Caiyun, both practitioners, leaving their young children unattended at home. Ms. Liu was reportedly released, but Mr. Long is still in a detention center. Mr. Long was previously detained, and his wife was sent to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuozhou City from 2000 to 2003.

In February 2007, Hainan Province State Security officers barged into the home of Ms. Fan Pingqing several times, intending to arrest her but failing to do so. Ms. Fan decided to leave home to avoid further persecution.

On September 4, 2007, Hainan State Security officers went to the farm where practitioner Mr. Fan Pingfei (the younger brother of Fan Pingqing) worked, arrested him, searched his house, and confiscated his belongings. They transferred him to a detention center in Xiuyin, Haikou City. He was then transferred to a brainwashing center. The local officials forced his family members to pay them over 3,000 yuan for a "brainwashing fee." Mr. Fan Pingfei was sentenced to three years of forced labor.