(Clearwisdom.net) After the local police persecuted us in April of this year, practitioners in this area realized that we, as a group, have the attachment of fear. Due to this fear, we were unable to completely negate the old force's arrangements, and we took a detour. Because of this fear, we were interfered with and persecuted for a long period of time, and the majority of practitioners were held back by human thoughts, attachments, and notions. Because of fear, many practitioners lacked righteous thoughts, and were unable to face interference and persecution with dignity.

Teacher had already advised us not to acknowledge and completely negate the old force's arrangements. However, we were blocked by our own human thoughts and the attachment of fear when we were persecuted. Back in 2001, when the police were unlawfully conducting mass arrests of practitioners, I did not know about "completely negating" or "not acknowledging the persecution." I only thought that those of us who were not persecuted should do well and show the wicked ones that Dafa practitioners would not be derailed from their mission. With that thought, other practitioners and I posted more banners and distributed more flyers, despite tremendous pressure. The police then became afraid. They could not figure out why more posters and flyers were distributed than previously when so many practitioners had been arrested, and they thought that the family members of practitioners were enraged and had posted the banners. The police eventually ceased their actions, and Dafa practitioners were able to clear the field with their righteous belief in the Fa.

Six years have passed, and practitioners in our area are still being interfered with and persecuted. The wicked ones are still monitoring, supervising and harassing us. They have even written slogans on the walls to slander Dafa and aired programs to defame Falun Gong. Isn't everything that has happened the result of practitioners' human attachments? I think the main reason is that we have not followed Teacher's instructions, and have only talked about negating the old force's arrangements and sending righteous thoughts in a superficial way. We have not truly denied the old force's arrangements through our actions.

When I searched out the reason for our inability to deny the old force's arrangements in all we do, I discovered different degrees of fear amongst practitioners. I analyzed the root cause of my attachment of fear and realized that I was afraid of being persecuted again, of dying, losing fame, profit, and sentimentality, and wanted to live the rest of my life in peace. The factor behind fear is selfishness. Within selfishness, there are attachments to life and death, fame, profit, sentimentality, the desire to live a comfortable life, to depend on others, the attitude of waiting for things to happen and wanting good results without making any effort. Having fear is human. Fear is an acquired notion and does not represent the true self. But we have behaved as if our true selves were afraid. In reality, this is because the main consciousness is not clear-headed, cannot distinguish the true self from the human self and is unclear as to whom is truly afraid. Therefore, it is easy for one to be affected by fame, profit, sentimentality, human thoughts and notions, and a given circumstance in human society. In fact, one can easily be deceived by false images and illusions, and regard the "false image" as the "real thing." Therefore, practitioners' hearts are moved "whenever the wind blows," and are unable to follow Teachers words,

"...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Think about it then, everything that happened originated from and was created by our hearts.

Having fear also indicates a lack of faith in Teacher and the Fa. When we truly believe in Teacher and the Fa, we will have godly righteous thoughts and will not be afraid of the evil in people. Only the evil ones are afraid of Dafa practitioners. The reason why the evil dares to persecute us is because our hearts are not righteous, we cannot treat ourselves as practitioners, and have lowered ourselves to the level of ordinary people. The evil forces are not afraid of human beings, but they are afraid of gods. As long as Fa-rectification is not over, the evil will continue to interfere with and persecute us. This is the reason why they exist. Whether one can be interfered with or persecuted depends upon one's righteous thoughts. If we negate the old forces arrangements with our actions, their persecution will be thoroughly disintegrated.

In order to save more sentient beings and to rescue practitioners who are persecuted, we are currently clarifying the truth extensively to government agencies, government officials, and the village and township officials that are under Chinese Communist Party (CCP) control. During this period of time, the CCP has occasionally intensified the persecution, as they did during the National Day in October and the 17th People's Congress. But these are to test practitioners. If we are not fearful, the wicked ones can not persecute us. Practitioners should not be affected by fear, human thoughts and notions. If we instead have righteous thoughts, then wicked lives and elements will completely disintegrate, the tribulations will be resolved, and the tests will be passed.

A Minghui/Clearwisdom editor shared his thoughts, "Everything that Dafa practitioners do today is to save sentient beings. When we do things based on that thought, consider people's ability to understand and accept, and try our best to save more sentient beings, then we can not possibly make mistakes." In the process of saving sentient beings, we should send righteous thoughts to thoroughly eliminate the evil beings and factors that are persecuting practitioners in Chicheng County and Hebei Province, and disintegrate the wicked elements that are preventing sentient beings from being saved and controlling others to sin against Dafa. We must end the persecution immediately.

The above is my understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

October 14, 2007