(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Qi Tingsong, a practitioner from Laiwu City, Shandong Province, was tortured to death at Laiwu Detention Center within only 20 days of his arrest. Mr. Qi Tingsong was in a coma, and he had severe internal bleeding and internal injuries.

Mr. Qi was a 67-year-old retired teacher from Ezhuang Coal Mine in Xinwen Mineral Bureau, Shandong Province. On October 15, when Mr. Qi was clarifying the truth in Gouli Village, Gaozhuang Town, Laiwu City, he was illegally arrested by police from the Gaozhuang Police Substation and detained at the Laiwu Detention Center.

Yang Leping, security section chief at the Ezhuang Coal Mine, conspired with another security section chief named Liu Qing from the Laicheng District Public Security Bureau in Laiwu City, trying to sentence Mr. Qi to a forced labor camp. Mr. Qi refused to cooperate with them and held a hunger strike to protest. His family went in person several times to ask for his release, but Liu Qing always refused their requests. He not only refused to release Mr. Qi, he also had people threaten him.

During this time, Chen Fayong, director of the Laiwu Detention Center, instigated a group of police officers to savagely force-feed Mr. Qi Tingsong. They kicked his lower back and seriously injured him. His upper digestive system was seriously injured from the force-feeding, resulting in severe bleeding. Mr. Qi was near death. (Shang Qingling, a practitioner from Chayu Village, Tietonggou, Lixin Town, Gangcheng District, Laiwu City, was also force-fed and tortured to death.)

In order to shirk their responsibility, Liu Qing, Chen Fayong, and government official Yang Leping decided to send Mr. Qi to Laiwu City Hospital. The hospital exam revealed that Mr. Qi's internal organs were failing and that he had serious internal injuries. He was taken to the hospital on the evening of November 5, and at 3:10 a.m. on November 6, the Laiwu City Hospital issued a notice stating that he was in critical condition.

At this crucial moment, Liu Qing, Chen Fayong, Yang Leping, and Xie from Laiwu Procuratorate Office refused to assume responsibility for the medical expenses. The hospital then stopped the injections and Mr. Qi's medication. Officials deceived Mr. Qi's family into signing a document stating that the office had already released him and had nothing to do with whether he was alive or dead.

Mr. Qi, always an optimistic and understanding person, had been physically strong and had no illnesses before he was arrested.

When Mr. Qi's life hung in the balance, the hospital stopped giving him injections and medication. Attempting to save his life, his family requested that his medical expenses be reimbursed. It was a fair request, but Yang Leping said, "You have not shown us outstanding service. If you had displayed outstanding service, we would have reimbursed your expenses." Mr. Qi had worked for the Ezhuang Coal Mine almost his entire life, and now, when he had been tortured to near death, his small request was refused.

In 2006, because housing at the Ezhuang Coal Mine was demolished and relocated and the relocating compensation was not reasonable, the person in charge of the coal mine had an argument with Mr. Qi. Section Chief Yang Leping tried to force Mr. Qi to move out but Mr. Qi refused. Using the excuse of reporting Mr. Qi to the police for practicing Falun Gong, they forced him to move. They also instigated Liu Qing, a policeman from the Laicheng District Public Security Bureau; Zhou Shuguo, the director of the Mazhuang Police Substation; and Liu Mo from the security section to break into Mr. Qi's home at 9:00 a.m. on December 20, 2006. They stole his Dafa books, truth-clarifying materials, a camera, and a laptop used by his child. They arrested Mr. Qi and took him to the Mazhuang Police Substation, where they unlawfully interrogated him. They found nothing so they released him. Yang Leping was so revengeful that he had people monitor Mr. Qi for a long time. Yang Leping again worked with Liu Qing, trying to put Qi Tingsong to death.

Laiwu District Public Security Bureau of Laiwu City:
Liu Qing: 86-634-6283037 (Office), 86-634-6283256 (Home), 86-634-8036008

Laiwu City Detention Center:
Chen Fayong: 86-634-6287103 (Office), 86-634-6218799 (Home), 86-13963401969 (Cell)

Chen Jie, chief of the Ezhuang Coal Mine: 86-13963468888 (Cell)
Yang Leping, Security Section chief of the Ezhuang Coal Mine: 86-13963468875 (Cell)

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