(Clearwisdom.net) On September 20, 2007, police officers Guo Fengjun, Wang Li and several others from the Wutai Township Police Station broke into practitioner Mr. Jiang Lide's home in Wutai Township, Dehui City, Jilin Province, and arrested him. They detained Mr. Jiang in the Dehui City Detention Center.

Mr. Jiang was held in Room 206. His roommates, criminal inmates Liu (given name unknown) and Yu (given name unknown), watched him around the clock. He started a hunger strike to protest his detention and persecution and to petition for his release. Ordered by the detention center director, guards, and doctors, Liu and Yu brutally force-fed Mr. Jiang. A large quantity of salt was added to the forced-feeding solution and Mr. Jiang's mouth and cheeks were injured while being forced-fed. One of his upper front teeth was knocked out.

On October 8, 2007, Mr. Jiang was transferred to Room 210. Death row inmates restrained in 40 pounds shackles, murders, and rapists were also detained there. Zhang Zhenfeng, the guard overseeing this room, was very cruel. Because Mr. Jiang continued his hunger strike, Zhang instigated the inmates to force-feed him. During one incident, Mr. Jiang was almost tortured to death. The inmates would often beat or verbally abuse him.

On October 10, 2007, Chen Shusan, the director of the detention center, and Zhang Zhenfeng told Mr. Jiang that he would not be allowed to sleep for three days and nights if he continued to refuse to eat. He was told that if he continued his hunger strike, there would be even more brutal torture. The same day, four inmates were instructed to carry Mr. Jiang and put him in the middle of a bed frame, where he had to sit on the wooden boards.

Mr. Jiang was very weak and he suffered from leg injuries incurred during a previous beating. It was very difficult for him to sit on the boards. Four inmates surrounded him as one pulled his ears and one kicked him in the stomach to force him to eat. Suddenly, Feng Bao, a criminal from Jiutai City, kicked him in the lower back very hard. Mr. Jiang almost passed out. He was in so much pain that he cried out in pain. Then they stuffed a shoe in his mouth and tied a rope around his head to hold the shoe in place. Later director Chen Shusan, Dong Deli, guard Zhang Zhenfeng, and doctor Li Yazhou went to Mr. Jiang's room. Mr. Jiang requested an x-ray of his injury, but he was ignored.

Because of his lower back injury, Mr. Jiang needed two people to help him go to the restroom. Others had to assist him in his daily life. At times he experienced so much pain that he cried out. Even though he was exhibiting this degree of pain, the officials of the detention center refused to have him examined and the perpetrator, Feng Bao, was not punished.

By the morning of October 25, 2007, Mr. Jiang was skin and bones and barely recognizable. Wang from the Law Enforcement Section and Chen Endai from the State Security Office of the Dehui City Police Department drove Mr. Jiang to the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province. During the pre-admittance physical, Jiutai Hospital diagnosed Mr. Jiang with a fractured lower back and concluded that he was no longer able to take care of himself and therefore was certainly unable to do hard labor. The labor camp refused to admit him. The police had to no other choice but to tell his family to come and take him home.

Mr. Jiang is currently in a very weak condition and is bedridden from fractures to his legs. There is pus oozing from one of his legs, and his condition is precarious.

Organizations and people involved in the persecution of Mr. Jiang:

Zhang Guochen, director of Dehui City Police Department: 86-431-87222192 (Office), 86-431-87211111 (Home), 86-15904400460 (Cell), 86-13364600000 (Cell), 86-13364600001 (Cell)
Wang Shuxin, deputy director of Dehui City Police Department: 86-431-87238208 (Office), 86-431-87276698 (Home), 86-15904400466 (Cell), 86-13944024888 (Cell)
Jiang Yunlong, director of the Wutai Township Police Station: 86-15904414490 (Cell), 86-431-87580010 (Office), 86-13364464222 (Cell)
Chen Entai, police officer of Dehui City State Security Section: 86-431-87222053 (Office), 86-13364463106 (Cell)
Chen Shusan, director of Dehui City Detention Center: 86-431-87273438 (Office), 86-431-87212897 (Home), 86-15904414530 (Cell), 86-13844924900 (Cell)