(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wei Shijun is from the Shijingshan District in Beijing. He is currently detained in Qianjin Prison, and according to an reliable source, his liver and a kidneys are both severely abnormal, and his health is very poor. The prison administration has refused to release him for medical treatment despite the fact that his family has applied to bail him out.

Mr. Wei Shijun

Mr. Wei, 41, is a former photographer employed by the High Energy Physics Institute of the Chinese Science Academy. He started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1992. In July 2002, police from the Shijingshan District Department arrested him. Six practitioners, including Mr. Huang Jian, Mr. Ma Jin, Mr. Li Kai, and Mr. Wei were detained for one year. The detention center refused to allow their families to give them winter clothes. Mr. Wei had to spent the freezing winter in summer clothes. The practitioners were tortured mentally and physically, including being shocked by electric batons.

A year later, on June 13, 2003, the Second (Shjingshan District) Middle Court of Beijing held a secret trial for these six practitioners. They all shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" together in the courtroom. Their righteous energy made the prosecutor stutter, and the judge had to call a recess. Later, the court sentenced the six practitioners without conducting any more of the trial. Mr. Wei was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Mr. Wei was detained in the Ninth Ward of Qianjin Prison with the five other practitioners who were sentenced at the same time. Since Mr. Wei had contagious hepatitis B, he was transferred to Jingzhong Prison in February 2004, where it was discovered that he had a kidney infection as well.

Neither the prison doctor nor the guards have provided him with any treatment, claiming that "Jinzhong Prison does not have the means to treat a kidney infection." At his physical checkup in April 2004, Mr. Wei's liver and kidney were both abnormal. Jingzhong Prison transferred him back to Qianjin Prison despite his alarming condition, and he was not isolated from the other prisoners.

At his checkup in March 2006, Mr. Wei's urine contained 3 "+" proteins and 3 "+" red cells. These are very abnormal numbers from which any medical expert would conclude that Mr. Wei is in extremely precarious health. However, the Qianjin Prison administration refuses to release him for medical treatment, saying that he "does not appear ill." In normal circumstances, doctors would suggest that a patient like this stay in bed and rest, but the Qianjin Prison administration still forces him to do hard labor, and tortures and brainwashes him. They finally allowed him skip the hard labor at his family's persistent urgings.

Eighteen months have passed, and his blood pressure is high (low 100 mm). His hair on the crown of his head has fallen out, and his molars have all fallen out. The Qianjin Prison administration openly declared that they cannot provide treatment, but they have refused to let Mr. Wei's family bring in medicine or let him be treated outside the prison on medical bail.

Mr. Wei is the only son of his parents, who are both in their seventies and very weak. His wife is disabled, and life with two children at home is very difficult.

Former members of the Beijing Falun Dafa Research Association, Mr. Wang Zhiwen, Mr. Ji Liewu, and Mr. Li Chang, are all detained in the Ninth Ward at Qianjin Prison.

Guards in the prison: section leader Liu Guanghui (male), Zhang Xuening (male), and Cao Lihua (received a May Day award for actively persecuting Falun Gong)
Qianjin Prison Director Li Zhengxian (male): 86-10-83589401
Deputy Director Pan Wanqian (male): 86-10-83589406, in charge of persecution matters

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