(Clearwisdom.net) On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party began to persecute Falun Gong. Since that day, Falun Gong practitioners have encountered the reality of being illegally arrested, put into forced labor camps, sentenced to jail, and tortured. Besides physical suffering, the Chinese Communist Party is widely using another form of persecution: Economic persecution. This has brought disaster to practitioners and their families.

Mengyin County, Shandong Province, is nationally infamous for the amount of poverty within its borders. The 610 Office, local police station, and other government bureaus have seized massive amounts of wealth in the name of persecuting Falun Gong. This is how they usually operate: Arrest the practitioners and ransack their homes. Grab everything of value, including personal property and belongings, even the chickens, rabbits, dogs, and bags of grain. Put the practitioners into a brainwashing center, the local police station, or detention center. They force family members to hand over huge amounts of money by taking advantage of their fear that their loved ones will suffer. If the penalty is not paid, they may keep the practitioner in detention, torture him, or send him to a forced labor camp or prison. Some practitioners have even died in police custody. The authorities don't give receipts for the paid penalty, not even an IOU. All the money goes into their own pockets. The following lists Jiuzhai Government entities and how much they have illegally extorted from practitioners.

Table of Money Extorted from Falun Gong Practitioners by Jiuzhai Township Government in Mengyin County of Shandong Province

Falun Gong Practitioner's Name Age, Gender Address Amount Extorted by the Township Government Amount Extorted by a school Amount Extorted by the Brainwashing Center
Liu Wenzhong,

Ma Yufen, couple

Male, 80

Female, 78

Wangjiazhuang Village Cash 1,800 yuan
Wang Huanjin Male, 62 Wangjiazhuang Village Cash 3,400 yuan
Liu Meixiu Female, 60 Wangjiazhuang Village Cash 3,400 yuan
Nan Guiyun Female, 45 Wangjiazhuang Village Cash 3,000 yuan
Ma Fumin Male, 60 Majialiang Village Cash 8,376 yuan; all electrical appliances at home; wooden furniture; weaving machine; gas oven; bikes; product materials; peanut seeds; cotton; rabbit hair; seven maple boards that filled three trucks--worth around 30,000 yuan Central Elementary school 1,500 yuan Provincial Zibo brainwashing session 1,500 yuan
Wang Huanfen Female, 62 Majialiang Village Cash 9,400 yuan Pay for others 1,500 yuan
Zhao Yumei Female, 62 Majialiang Village Cash 3,000 yuan
Ma Hongqin Female Majialiang Village Cash 1,000 yuan and some property worth around 200 yuan
Zhang Gecun Male Majialiang Village Cash 500 yuan
Ju Xinglian Male, 65 Yinjiawa Village Cash 16,819 yuan Central Elementary School 4,000 yuan County 610 Office 5,400 yuan
Ma Shulian Female Yinjiawa Village Cash 10,170 yuan, include 25 rabbits, three sheep and cash 120 yuan County 610 Office 10,000 yuan
Ju Dianxiang Female Yinjiawa Village Cash 3,200 yuan
Ju Xiuling Female Yinjiawa Village Cash 3,200 yuan
Song Zengrong Female, 50 Yinjiawa Village Cash 6,200 yuan, and a video player
Zhang Yubao Male Lianwangya Village Cash 5,000 yuan
Peng Xinghua Female Daxiezhuang Village Cash 2,000 yuan
Zhang Dewen couple Daxiezhuang Village Cash 10,724 yuan; all furniture, electrical appliances, tools, wood prepared for building the house, all food, long hair rabbit, ducks, rabbit hair, cotton, peanut seeds--worth around 4,000 yuan.
Zhang Dezhen Female Jiuzhai Middle School Teacher Cash 3,000 yuan. Deducted from the salary since May 2000.
Zhang Xiuying Female Shuiquanyu Village Cash 11,660 yuan. A deposit that is due of amount 5500 yuan and cash 2,960 yuan Paid for others 1,000 yuan
Xie Dongze Male Shuiquanyu Village Cash 3,200 yuan
Wang Jingling Female, 62 Shuiquanyu Village Cash 8,810 yuan. Unlocked and rummaged through the drawers when no one at home. Took away cash 480 yuan, rabbit hair 11 lbs., cotton 23 lbs., peanuts130 lb, peanut oil 23 lbs., and a three-wheeled bike. All confiscated property worth around 2,000 yuan. County 610 Office, 1,200 yuan

Song Aijun Female, 43 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,400 yuan County 610 Office, 3,000 yuan
Zhang Wenai Female, 63 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,000 yuan
Pan Xiulan Female, 62 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,000 yuan
Yang Xiurong Female, 42 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,400 yuan
Ma Zhengjun Male, 66 Sipengwu Village Cash 1,900 yuan
Liu Meirong Female, 66 Sipengwu Village Cash 1,900 yuan
Ju Fangling Female, 46 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,400 yuan
Liu Cuiying Female, 65 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,200 yuan
Sui Shoujin Female, 87 Sipengwu Village Cash 2,000 yuan
Xu Qinrong Female, 68 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,200 yuan
Zhang Cuilian Female, 76 Sipengwu Village Cash 2,000 yuan
Zhao Yuying Female, 57 Sipengwu Village Cash 9,400 yuan; furniture worth about 4,500 yuan County 610 Office 2,150 yuan
Wang Yao Male, 56 Sipengwu Village Cash 3,261 yuan
Song Bingshan Male, 57 Xiangyang Valley Cash 9,,400 yuan; shovel and other tools, wood, furniture, and electrical appliances
Wang Chunfang Female, 39 Beilou Village Cash 6,400 yuan County 610 Office 4,000 yuan
Zhao Shengmei Female, 47 Beilou Village Cash 3,400 yuan
Song Aiqin Female, 50 Beilou Village Cash 3,200 yuan
Song xx Female, 50 Beilou Village Cash 3,400 yuan Paid for others 2,700 yuan
Zhao xx Female Beilou Village Cash 6,400 yuan, and 6,234 yuan deducted from salary. Her school fined her 4,000 yuan. County 610 Office 8,000 yuan
Gao xx Beilou Village Cash 1,000 yuan
Wang Jingkun couple Both in their 70s Beilou Village Cash 6,000 yuan
Yin Wenqin Male Beilou Village Cash 6,000 yuan. His home was appropriated.
Sun Chuanchun Female Beilou Village Cash 3,400 yuan
Wang Junde Male Xiangyang Valley Cash 4,800 yuan
Zhang Maoju Male, 66 Shanghe Village Cash 4,000 yuan
Ju Dianlan Female, 60 Changping Village Cash 1,000 yuan
Xu Zhihua Female, 45 Changping Village Cash 3,000 yuan
Xu Zhiying Female, 37 Shut ang Village Cash 4,900 yuan and her home was appropriated.
Li Guangchen Male, 39 Shut ang Village Cash 9,400 yuan.
Ren Fulan Female, 57 Bei Mo Village Cash 1,500 yuan
Xu Minfan Male, 59 Bei Mo Village Cash 1,000 yuan
Xu Jie Male, 33 Bei Mo Village Cash equivalence 4,000 yuan
Li Xiukun couple Shutang Village Cash 2,000 yuan
Wang Minxiang Female Puyu Village Cash 3,000 yuan
Xu Zhiling Female Yujiazhuang Village Cash 5,000 yuan
Zhao Hongsheng Male, around 70s Dongpengwu Village Cash 10,400 yuan. His home was appropriated County 610 Office deducted annuity around 3,000 yuan
Zhao Zunchi couple Dongpengwu Village Cash 3,000 yuan and cash equivalence around 3,000 yuan
Zhao Zungang Male Dongpengwu Village Cash 5,700 yuan and his home was appropriated
Zhao Shengbao couple Dongpengwu Village Cash 13,400 yuan.
Wang yuanhua Female Dashangyu Village Cash 9,400 yuan
Yang Yudong Male Yangjialinzi Village Cash more than 15,000 yuan. Water pump was taken away. The 21-acre orchard at East Valley was split. The chestnut orchard 46 acre, other fruit orchard of more than 20 acre, and more than 5200 fruit trees and wood were distributed.
Yang Shuming Male Yangjialinzi Village His home was ransacked and everything was taken away.
Gong Peijing Male Dianhou Village Cash 1,000 yuan. Everything available or useful was taken away.
Yang Junhui Female Jiuzhai Middle School Teacher Salary deducted since May 2,000; total is 60,000 yuan.
Total Total cash around 319,245 yuan

Cash equivalence 116,280 yuan

43,450 yuan

Partial list of the individuals who participated in the persecution:
Those most active in beating pracititioners: Li Mingguo, Yuan Mingguo, Zhang Xiuli, Zhang Jiahe, Liu Shaowu, An Lianjun, Zhang Lihong, Zhang Li'an, Zhao Hongguo, Wang Shiping, secretary Mr. Li, Shi Zenglei, Wang Minghong, clerk Zhang Bo.

More than 90 personnel work in the court of the Jiuzhai Township Chinese Communist Party, including Gong Tongliang, who was the secretary of Jiuzhai Township Chinese Communist Party, and Liu Changkun, who was the former deputy secretary of the Communist Party. Those who didn't participate in the beatings can be numbered.