I didn't think much of the things that Master bears for us, though I clearly know that Master dissolves karma for me. Through the cultivation of Dafa, my health has quickly improved and my mind has elevated a lot. I have had extraordinary and wondrous experiences. Master mentioned in his early years of spreading the Fa that when he was curing a critically ill person, it was like he drank a bowl of poison. Especially after July 20, 1999, I learned that Master's hair once turned white and he suffered unbearable pain. I believe that the story of Master's suffering was true. I know that Master's Buddha power is immense, but I didn't think a lot about Master's bearing things for us. Today when I was studying Zhuan Falun with our Fa-study group, I suddenly came to some understandings of what Master bears for the sake of us and all beings. I was deeply moved by Master's immense compassion and couldn't hold back my tears.

When I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996, I came to understand that Falun Dafa is the only way for a being to be truly saved. So I wanted very much to let my relatives, friends and everybody else know about Falun Dafa. At that time my third eldest sister had suffered from a low-grade fever for a long period of time. She went to see the doctor, but the doctor could not cure her. Somebody told her to set up a tablet for a fox and a yellow weasel at home and to worship it.

After I read Zhuan Falun, I knew the dreadful consequences of setting up the tablet. I went to my sister's home at once and explained to her what Master said. At the time I felt that if I tore off the thing she worshiped, she couldn't bear it. She would feel like I tore her apart because the fox and the yellow weasel tightly possessed her. So I explained to her the Fa principles time and again, and also told her of the splendor and wonderfulness of Falun Dafa. Though she didn't make any decisions on the spot, the next day she understood and threw away the tablet. She has recovered from the low-grade fever since then. After practicing Falun Dafa, she has recovered from another chronic disease, as well.

The next day the spot between my thumb and index finger strangely turned black, but it was not injured. I knew it was the evil spirit of the fox and the yellow weasel that bit me. I wasn't scared. I continued my Fa study and exercises. Three days later the black spot turned yellow, and another three days later the yellow color was gone. Just like Master explained in the "The Issue of Treating Illness" in Lecture Seven in Zhuan Falun,

"I distributed my gong to the disciples who were there with me. Each one got one share that was an energy cluster composed of over a hundred supernormal abilities. I sealed their hands with gong, but even so, some people's hands were bitten to the point of blistering or bleeding; this even happened quite often."

We went to practice exercises and send forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy every day. After a period of time several practitioners didn't feel well, and some even developed severe illness symptoms. In some practitioners' homes, their elderly parents contracted severe illnesses. Some had mental tribulations. There was pressure from the Chinese Embassy and interference from the security guards and the police. All these were reflected in this dimension as a result of our sending righteous thoughts and directly eliminating the evil's den of the CCP in Thailand.

As disciples, we only do a few things using various means to clarify the truth, validate Dafa, eliminate the evil, and save sentient beings. And yet we come across so many difficulties, though some of those things are for our cultivation. Master re-arranges the life path for so many practitioners. Will those low level spirits and deviated high-level beings who manipulate practitioners on different levels give up easily? In addition, because of our carelessness, we sometimes fell down and even slipped into the deep abyss, but Master doesn't give up on us. He rescues us and cleanses us again and again.

"Handling human affairs of every sort, Burdened with all of Heaven's troubles" (from "Cold and Alone Up High" in Hongyin I).

It is unfathomable how much our Master has to do for us in order to balance all those relationships!

When answering questions raised by disciples in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angles", Master said:

"Since healing an ordinary person involves his whole life and entails balancing the karmic relationships he has in various dimensions--only then can he be healed--all those debts of his have to be resolved benevolently, and beings who want to collect their debts have to receive some good things. Only then can the ailment be taken care of."

Especially at the present time, more and more Falun Dafa practitioners have improved in cultivation, and more and more ordinary people are expressing their respect to Dafa through various means. So far over 26 million people have withdrawn from the CCP. Master's Fa is rectifying Heaven and Earth. As particles of Dafa, we can only know a tiny bit of what Master has done for us.

We can only have a glimpse of what suffering Master has gone through for us, and we really don't know just how much Master has done for us and all beings. What I wrote down is just the tiny part that I can feel. Often times we even forget this tiny part several days later. How much Master has sacrificed for us is beyond our imagination and words.

Due to my limited understanding, please point out anything inappropriate.