(Clearwisdom.net) I just received the news that a practitioner who was arrested one month ago was released and returned home yesterday. When I heard that, I wanted to express my appreciation to practitioners in China and abroad for their efforts.

Last month, a fellow practitioner was arrested by armed police. The practitioner maintained his righteous thoughts and firmly refused to cooperate with the evil. He did not wear the inmate clothing, do forced labor or write any statements, nor did he betray his fellow practitioners. Local practitioners tried to rescue him in many ways, including sending forth righteous thoughts close to the prison, posting the details of his persecution on-line, and clarifying the truth. The practitioner's relatives also tried to use their personal contacts to secure his release, along with trying other methods. The relatives spoke to everyone they could, but still, the police would not release him. The practitioner was under huge pressure to write statements and to reveal the source of the informational materials he had in his possession, but he did not.

A few days ago, another local practitioner exposed the cell phone numbers of the major players who were involved in the case to the Minghui website. Today I received the news that the practitioner was released. Thank you fellow practitioners! A special thank you to all the practitioners who called these numbers from overseas. It may have been the overseas practitioners' truth-clarification that had the greatest impact.

I also hope to encourage those who are trying to rescue fellow practitioners in other regions to try their best to collect related telephone numbers, including the colleagues, relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the persecutors and expose them on the Minghui website. Let's all join in the efforts to expose the evil and rescue our fellow practitioners.