The Hebei Province Women's Jail is a despicable place that persecutes Dafa practitioners. Prison Chief Zhang Yi, Deputy Chief Yu Fuchi, Han, Education Section Chief Ge Shuiguang, police officer Du Liching, and others eagerly seek promotion and engage fully in the CCP's persecution. They are infamous for persecuting practitioners via brainwashing.

In 2006, the jail forced the steadfast practitioners to undergo violent "transformation." From morning to late at night, they were not allowed to sleep and were forced to stand. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Rongjie to this day can no longer see clearly. Practitioner Ms. Liu Xiao Rong went on a hunger strike for eight months to protest the persecution. Twice every day she was force-fed with a tube inserted through her nose, and she was also subjected to brainwashing. Ms. Peng Yun, another practitioner, refused to cooperate and was confined in a small chamber ten times.

On August 12, 2007, practitioner Ms. Liu Shuying was taken to a brainwashing course by Police District Magistrate Bi Chunmei, Political Instructor Sun Zhijun, police officer Liu Qiaoyan, and Xu Haiying of the eighth supervised district. The police directed the worst killer in the district, Xu Yu Qing, and homosexual offender Li Yuqin to seize Ms. Liu. Bi Chunmei told the two criminals that if Liu Shuying refused to be "transformed", they would not be allowed to return to the area. They could do whatever they liked to her, as long as they made her agree to the "transformation." Li Yuqin slandered Dafa, and beat and cursed Liu Shuying. Other practitioners clarified the truth to Bi Chunmei, Liu Qiaoyan, Sun Zhijun, and the other police officers and exposed the evil's lies. They pleaded with them to immediately stop persecuting Liu Shuying.

Ms. Dou Yongchih obtained the Fa in jail. She started a hunger strike on August 13, 2007, to protest the persecution. Prison guards Bi Ch'unmei, Sun Chihchun, Liu Ch'iaoyan, and Xu Haiying intensified the persecution against her. They directed prison doctors Zhang Chienju and Xiao Huanchin and criminal inmates to force feed her through the nose twice every day. The prison hospital chief directed them to insert the tube toward her diaphragm with a thick tube. Ms. Dou was on hunger strike for nearly 40 days, and the prison guards still forced her to do hard labor every day.
On the evening of August 11, 62-year-old practitioner Ku Jiner was meditating when criminal inmate You Hsipo and another criminal suddenly dragged her from the bed to the floor, injuring her right arm. Ms. Ku went on a hunger-strike to protest the persecution. Prison guards Bi Ch'unmei, Sun Chihchun, Liu Chiaoyan, Xu Haiying, and one other guard incited criminal inmate Zhang Chienju to abuse her brutally. They force fed her through the nose twice every day. Ms. Ku Jiner complained to Police District Magistrate Bi Chunmei, and Bi Chunmei responded by placing her into a small, confined chamber. Other practitioners in the area protested the persecution and clarified the truth to the police. Ku Jiner continued the hunger strike until the criminal who hit her apologized to her.

In the eighth supervised district, police officer Sun Chihchun directed the criminal inmates on duty to heighten the persecution against practitioner Ms. Bai Chunchieh. Whoever did not participate was punished. Ms. Bai was not scared and continued to meditate every day. To this day, Ms. Dou Yongchih is still on a hunger strike, and Ms. Liu Shuying is being illegally detained in a brainwashing facility.