(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Song Aichang, 47, is a senior engineer in the 13th Research Institute of the China Electronics Science Group. He used to work as Chief of Equipment and Logistics Management Department. He had been weak and unhealthy since his childhood, and had contracted Tuberculoses, as well as chronic stomach disease. When he started to practice Falun Gong in 1996, not only did all his illnesses disappear, but his moral character also improved. In 1998 when southern China was hit by a flood, Mr. Song donated over 1,600 yuan for the catastrophe stricken area. Mr. Song used to be in charge of logistics purchases when he was the chief of the department. He was never greedy, did not pursue personal gain from his job, nor did he ask for any perks or kickbacks. Several times, when people sent gifts to his house, Mr. Song refused to accept them.

On June 22, 2007 around noon, Mr. Song Aichang was arrested by police officers of the Police Bureau in Shijiazhuang City, the Qiaoxi sub-division, and the Keyuan local police station. He was interrogated at the Keyuan local police station. They threatened, intimidated and physically abused him during the interrogations (details are to be investigated). On July 24, he was transferred and wrongfully detained in the 2nd Detention Center in the city Shijiazhuang. Currently, his case has been sent to the Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi Litigation Department.

Presently, Mr. Song's wife suffers from grief and anxiety due to her husband's maltreatment. His father, who is over 70 years old, had suffered a stroke before and is bedridden. For the sake of his health, his family members have not told him the news of Mr. Song's arrest. Mr. Song Sr. has only this one son. He is always trying to phone his son to ask him to come back home.

Song Aichong's daughter is studying in another city. When she came home during school break, she had longed to see her father, who adored her the most. Now, since she cannot see her father, she is constantly in tears.

Related and responsible persons and institutions:

Keyuan Police Station in Shijiazhuang City, Police Bureau, Qiaoxi sub-division:
Counselor: Song Jianhui, 86-311-86924733
Head of the police station: Miao Penghao, 86-311-86924596
Deputy Head: Zhang Dongyan, 86-311-86924734
Deputy Head: Fan Qingge, 86-311-86924734

Policemen on this case: Wang Xiaodong, 86-311-86924136
Li Yu, 86-311-86924141
Kang Jianlin, 86-311-86924606

Shijiazhuang Police Bureau, Qiaoxi Sub-Division:
Head: Zhang Jingshi, 86-311-85188801
Political Counselor: Yang Zihua, 86-311-85188802
Deputy Party Secretary: Gao Kejun, 86-311-85188803
Deputy Head: Zhang Gang, 86-311-85188804
Deputy Head: Zhao Xinjian, 86-311-85188805 (Directly in charge of the persecution)

The 13th Research Institute of Chinas Electronic Science Group (Shijiazhuang):
Head: Yang Kewu, 86-311-87091978
Party Secretary: Chen Caijia, 86-311-87091986

Shijiazhuang City 2nd Detention Center: 86-311-87782024
Head: Wang Shiting, 86-311-8775521386, 86-13931171888(Cell), 86-13781581859(Cell)
Director: Zhang Hongqi 86-311-87755202(Office)
Deputy Head: Wang Zhibin, 86-311-87755202(Office)