(Clearwisdom.net) Wuzhong Prison in Ningxia Autonomous region is a den of evil where Falun Dafa practitioners are persecuted. For eight years now, practitioners have been "illegally detained" and inhumanely tortured there. Currently, practitioners Wang Desheng (sentenced to eight years), Ma Zhiwu (sentenced to six years), and Wang Jianguo (sentenced to eight years) are detained there.

Guo Jian, the meanest and cruelest guard, is in charge of "transforming" practitioners. The prison guards steal freely from practitioners and extort money from those who need to urgently visit them. Family members are given a difficult time by the guards whenever they visit practitioners. These guards not only persecute practitioners at will, they also encourage other criminal inmates to torture them. Every practitioner is closely monitored by several inmates who use anything they can find to torture practitioners.

1. The Suffering of Practitioner Zhang Sixi

At the end of May 2003, Mr. Zhang Sixi of Longde County was arrested by police officers Li Cun and Zhang Anzhong and others from the Yinchuan City's Public Security Bureau First Team.

At the Guyuan City Detention Center, Longde County Public Security Political Protection Team (First Team) leader Du Weihai tortured Mr. Zhang by hitting his head many times. As a result, Mr. Zhang suffered from dizziness and body numbness. Later, he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and transferred to Wuzhong Prison in October 2003.

At Wuzhong Prison, Mr. Zhang was not given any medical treatment for his condition or allowed to do the Falun Gong exercises. He was still, however, forced to do hard labor. The criminal inmates, instigated by the guards, closely monitored him, stole his basic necessities, and extorted money from his family members. Within a little more than three months, Mr. Zhang was constantly dizzy and his blood pressure increased drastically. Since the doctor at the prison hospital wasn't able to cure him, he was sent home. By then, Mr. Zhang was already partially paralyzed and had dangerously high blood pressure. After suffering excruciating pain for another six months, Mr. Zhang Sixi died at home.

2. The Persecution of Practitioner Ma Zhiwu and His Family

Mr. Ma Zhiwu, an employee of Yinchuan Railroad Sub-bureau, was arrested and detained in the Yinchuan Detention Center because he practices Falun Gong. The guards there tortured him by putting heavy shackles on his feet and over his shoulders. He was sentenced to three years of forced labor. To protest the persecution, he went on a hunger strike.

In October 2001, Mr. Ma was illegally sentenced again, this time to six years. He was transferred to Wuzhong Prison. There, he was even more cruelly tortured. The prison guards and criminal inmates beat him with leather tubes, rubber bats, pickaxes, and electric batons. He was also deprived of sleep for two weeks straight and his hands were handcuffed behind his back for two months. Other tortures that he suffered included: the Tiger Bench, being handcuffed and hung in the air, the use of heavy bricks to hang around his heck, sandbags tied to his legs, having his ankles double-shackled, and forced-feedings.

The guards enticed inmates to torture Mr. Ma more by rewarding them with a reduction in their prison terms. According to those who were released from prison, the inmates ganged up to beat Mr. Ma violently four times in less than a year. To protest the vicious beatings, Mr. Ma went on hunger strikes more than 10 times, totaling more than two months. To cover up their crimes, the prison guards didn't allow any family members to visit Mr. Ma for almost two years. They also threatened those who were released from the prison by saying, "Don't reveal of the prison's secrets!" Inmates from Yinchuan City weren't allowed to have contact with Mr. Ma.

When Mr. Ma was first arrested, his daughter wasn't born yet. Now she is eight years old, and he has only seen both his wife and daughter a few times. Wuzhong Prison and the Ningxia Prison Management Bureau frequently have denied his family members' requests to visit him during his eight years of illegal imprisonment.

In 2004, Mr. Ma's wife, Sun Yajuan, asked to see him. However, the prison guards ignored her and kicked a ball around instead. She went to talk to the prison's Deputy Political Committee member, Liu Wei. To her surprise, he angrily said, "How dare you come see me!"

Mr. Ma's term was supposed to end this year. However, in March 2007, Wuzhong Prison authorities called his family and told them that his term would be extended an additional two months because he was not "transformed" yet.

On the morning of August 7, 2007, Mr. Ma's wife, Sun Yajuan; their daughter; and relatives went to see the prison's Education Director, Yin Zineng, about the illegal extension of Mr. Ma's term and to ask to see him. Ms. Sun Yajuan and her relatives tried to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution to Yin Zineng. He got upset and called the Wuzhong City police to arrest Ms. Sun and her relatives. During the arrest, Mr. Ma's frightened eight-year-old daughter was pushed and fell to the ground, injuring her forehead and knees; the police twisted his wife's arms; and her rental car was taken away. That night, the police also ransacked her home. The five relatives who accompanied her were fined 20 yuan each and detained at Gaoya Village Police Station in Wuzhong City for one night.

Mr. Ma's family have endured constant harassment from the police, random ransacking of their home, and illegal arrests. They have not been allowed to visit him in prison during the eight years of his imprisonment.

3. The Persecution of Practitioner Wang Jianguo and His Family

Mr. Wang Jianguo was illegally arrested and imprisoned in Wuzhong Prison. His family has been denied the right to visit him many times. In August of this year, his 15-year-old daughter took a bus by herself to go see him in prison because she missed him. In order to get to where Mr. Wang is detained, one has to walk a long distance from the bus stop since it is not near the road. The bus driver was sympathetic to Mr. Wang's daughter after he understood the truth of Falun Dafa and drove around the prison (with the consent of the other passengers) to drop her off at Mr. Wang's prison cell. After overcoming some difficulty, Mr. Wang's daughter was finally able see him. Five criminal inmates monitored Mr. Wang and his daughter as they talked to each other. When Mr. Wang's daughter told him, "You've got to stand firm and be strong, Dad," she was threatened and told to not visit him again. In mid-September, when she went to the prison to visit him again, the prison authorities didn't allow her to see him.

4. Evil Prison Guard Guo Jian

Instead of trying to reform prisoners to become responsible, good citizens, Wuzhong Prison does just the opposite--it tries to force those who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to give up their belief. Prison guard Guo Jian is in charge of "transforming" practitioners. The prison leaders allow him to use any type of torture to try to force practitioners to give up their practice of Falun Gong. If a practitioner says, "I do not practice Falun Gong," then the "transformation" is considered successful. When he is told the facts about Dafa, Guo Jian evilly replies, "I know everything. You're here to attain Dafa and I'm here to do the destroying." When he failed to "transform" Mr. Ma Zhiwu after using every possible means that he could think of, he resentfully said, "I've never seen a guy like you." He has been recently transferred to the first prison district to try to "transform" practitioner Wang Jianguo.

5. Prison Guards Extort Money and Steal Basic Necessities

According to inmates who have been released from Wuzhong Prison, family members have to pay 200 yuan minimum for a non-practitioner and 500 yuan minimum for a practitioner each time they want to visit their loved ones in prison. Most inmates know about this and usually tell the guards that they're poor. If the guards know that an inmate is well off, that inmate will go broke. The guards also steal the basic daily essentials that inmates' families bring them. None of the prison guards are ashamed of extorting money or stealing things from inmates.

Related phone numbers:

Department of Justice, Autonomous Region
Ma Yongxia, Justice Department Director: 86-951-5043795 (Office), 86-13909511108 (Cell), 86-951-6093358 (Home)
Xu Yongxian, Disciplinary Committee Secretary: 86-951-5064104 (Office), 86-13309512526 (Cell), 86-951-6012912 (Home)
Cao Wenjun, Political Department Manager: 86-951-5047504 (Office), 86-13323506338 (Cell), 86-951-4074793-249 (Home)
Wang Chengdong, Prison Management Bureau Director: 86-13323506289 (Cell), 86-951-2043818 (Home)
Wen Xinghua, Prison Bureau Political Committee Member: 86-951-6193368 (Office), 86-13709500953 (Cell), 86-951-5065601 (Home)
Ma Xiuting, Bureau of Prisons--Office Manager: 86-13909599880 (Cell), 86-951-5067898 (Home)