(Clearwisdom.net) On April 5, 2007, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Guo Caiqin was sent twice to the police psychiatric hospital by Moganshan Forced Labor Camp officials. They attempted to shock her with high-voltage electric batons. Guo Caiqin refused to give in, and the hospital staff was not successful. The next day, it was time for Guo Caiqin to go home, but the guards kept her tied to the bed. Guo Caiqin's weight fell from 55 kg to less than 40 kg during her period of detention.

Practitioner Guo Caiqin is 60 years old. She is from Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province and is retired from a portrait studio. Because of her determined belief in Dafa, on June 26, 2006, she was sent to a detention center by Lanxi City 610 Office agents and the National Security Team of the Police Department. On July 6, 2006, she was sent to Moganshan Forced Labor Camp.

In Moganshan Forced Labor Camp, Falun Gong practitioners are segregated. They are locked in an big isolated room where they eat, drink, and relieve themselves. In summer, they are only allowed to take a shower and do their laundry once every week. Every time, they are only allowed 10 minutes. If they go over by even one minute, they get cursed at or get time deducted from the next time. In the winter, they are allowed to take a shower and do laundry once every two weeks. Only 20 minutes is allowed each time, including time for taking off and putting on clothes. The shower is cold water only.

Several drug addict inmates are assigned to monitor each practitioner. In the beginning, there were two monitors assigned. Later, it increased to four or even five monitors. The monitors threaten and deceive practitioners. If practitioners do not cooperate, their terms are extended. At the beginning, there were "conversations" where practitioners were pressured into giving up Falun Gong. If that did not work, practitioners were forced to watch video tapes or listen to tapes with the volume turned to the maximum. They were also forced to sit on a bench all day. Every day, practitioners were forced to get up very early in the morning and go to bed very late at night.

When practitioners slept at night, they were also being monitored. If their legs bent a little bit, the monitors often said that the practitioners were practicing the exercises. The practitioners' blankets were then taken away immediately. In the cold winter days, practitioners' blankets got taken away very often for no reason. It was very hard to go to sleep without blankets in the cold mountain weather.

If practitioners did not cooperate, they were forced to take an unknown drug. If they refused to take the drug, it was secretly put in their food. This kind of food was bitter. For a while, practitioner Guo Caiqin and another practitioner were locked in a room with a cabinet in between them. They could not see each other in the room, but they could hear each other when they talked. Once, Ms. Guo Caiqin saw a drug addict putting unknown drugs in practitioners' food. She exposed it to everyone. Practitioners then went on a hunger strike and the perpetrators cursed Ms. Guo because of this.

When Guo Caiqin found out that the inmates were putting drugs in her food, she went on a hunger strike to protest. Five drug addicts carried her to the clinic to force-feed her. Her nose was bleeding and her teeth were loosened. They force-fed her with frozen bread. One of the drug addicts mixed water and salt with the bread. They brutally tortured her physically.

There is a Specially Managed Team that is responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The team leader Zhou Xiaoqing and the political head Chen Zhiying are among the worst perpetrators. They often instigate drug addicts to punch and kick practitioners. Even the drug addicts admitted that they had become worse human beings there.

Guards Zhou Xiaoqing and Chen Zhiying locked practitioner Guo Caiqin in a solitary confinement cell for 25 days. They tied Guo Caiqin to a bed board for five consecutive days. Sometimes, it was for 24 hours non-stop.