(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners in mainland China are now becoming more and more clearheaded. Their righteous thoughts are getting stronger and stronger. Presented below are some examples of how Falun Dafa practitioners have broken through the evil persecution. We hope this article can help strengthen our fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts.

The economic condition of practitioner A's family is not good. Her whole family lives in a rental house. One day at the beginning of this year, practitioner A suddenly fell head first from a bunk bed, and suffered some cerebral hemorrhaging. After treatment at the hospital, she woke up but was paralyzed. The doctor said she needed to have an operation to remove the blood clot. Otherwise she would only live for a few months.

When practitioner A woke up and realized that she was in the hospital, she immediately expressed that she wanted to go home. Her family also wanted her to go home since they knew that they could not pay the hospital fee of over 30,000 yuan. In addition, the doctor thought there was a big risk with the operation and told her family to satisfy her wishes. Thus practitioner A went home.

Over a dozen fellow practitioners went to visit her. Some of them stayed there to take care of her and helped her maintain righteous thoughts. They read the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts, and also encouraged her to do the exercises. Practitioner A said she could not move one side of her body and it would be very difficult to do the exercises. One practitioner sat behind practitioner A to support her body to sit up, while others placed practitioner A's feet and hands in the right position to do the sitting meditation. They all gathered around and sent forth righteous thoughts.

Practitioner A meditated for about 40 minutes the first time. Fellow practitioners encouraged her, "You see, you could sit for 40 minutes the first time. You should be able to do the exercises." Thus, with the help of the group's righteous thoughts, practitioner A slowly began to do all five exercises. One day not long after that, one fellow practitioner saw from her third eye that Teacher's Law Body grasped some clotted blood from the top of practitioner A's head. After that, practitioner A stepped out of the tribulation and recovered.

People who witnessed this miracle of Dafa's power were greatly moved. Many of them announced their withdrawal from the CCP's three related organizations. Some people also wanted to read Dafa's books. Later on, practitioner A went with some other practitioners to the military hospital where she stayed earlier and let those doctors see Dafa's miracle.

Another example of powerful righteous thoughts breaking through the evil happened in this region one evening in May. Over a dozen Falun Dafa practitioners had gone to the suburbs to distribute truth-telling materials. Since the villagers in that place did not know the truth about the persecution, someone reported the practitioners to the police station. The police arrested five practitioners.

After they finished distributing materials, the other practitioners realized that the five were missing. They separated and searched different places. Finally they saw lights on at the police station and heard shouts coming from within. They realized that those voices must from their fellow practitioners. They immediately notified the rest of the practitioners, and asked that all practitioners in the entire city send forth righteous thoughts. They stayed there for the whole night and sent righteous thoughts.

The practitioners who were arrested also kept sending righteous thoughts hourly, and refused to cooperate with their captors. When the police asked to record the interrogation, the practitioners refused and clarified the truth to them. They told the police that heaven will eliminate the CCP and urged the police not to do evil things. If they recorded the interrogation, it would be their own criminal record. In the meantime, they also told the police about heaven's principle of due retribution for both good and evil. At last the police gave up with keeping a record. Seeing the practitioners send righteous thoughts, they said, "Your practice is so powerful. When the time arrives, you all do the same thing. Your teacher is terrific."

With the constant elimination of the evil factors in other dimensions, the police changed their attitude. They became more polite after being so rude. They told the practitioners that they did not want to arrest them, but since someone reported them, they had to. (Of course, that was an excuse. In many places, the police did not come out to arrest practitioners after receiving a report. Instead, they told the reporter to mind his own business.) Later, the police transferred them to the local 610 Office, who released them. The persecution from the evil factors was nothing compared to Falun Dafa practitioners' great righteous thoughts.

Practitioner B was persecuted several times in the past. Later, with the help of some fellow practitioners, he constantly studied the Fa and strengthened his righteous thoughts. Once, the police asked people where he lived and wanted to persecute him again. When practitioner B heard about that, he went to his relatives' home and stayed there for a few days. Later, he decided that he may be inconveniencing his relatives, and realized that he could not do the three things well there. Practitioner B decided to confront the evil persecution and clarify the truth to the police.

He diligently spent time studying the Fa and adjusted his condition well and then went home. When he arrived home, he saw a person who was newly arranged to monitor his house. That person asked him who lived there. Practitioner B was not afraid and took the chance to clarify the truth to him. Since then, the authorities never appeared near his house again.

Practitioner B also used opportunities whenever he went out to clarify the truth. One time while he was persuading people to withdraw from the CCP, a person behind him said, "Are you a Falun Gong practitioner? I am a police officer. Will you come with me?" He went on to say some disrespectful words toward Dafa. Practitioner B then recited the announcement from the Epoch Times, and talked about the truth of the persecution and the worldwide trend of withdrawing from the CCP. He told the police that those who have bad thoughts about Dafa will be eliminated in the future. People should quickly withdraw from the CCP and stop doing bad things. The policeman asked, "According to what you said, Falun Gong people are right. We are wrong. Will you tell me what should I do then?" Practitioner B said, "You should say Falun Dafa is good." That policeman repeated what he said and did not mention taking him to the police station any more.

Another time when practitioner B was persuading people to withdraw from the CCP, two college students who were deeply poisoned by CCP propaganda interrupted him. They took out their cell phones and wanted to take a picture of him and record his voice. They wanted to use it as evidence when they reported him. Practitioner B seriously told them, "You should not persist in a wrong course. When time comes to eliminate the CCP, you will not be able to capture or record anything." As a result, those two students were not successful and became mad and got off the bus.

The above are some miracles that occurred because of our practitioners' righteous thoughts. We hope this article can help to strengthen our fellow practitioners' confidence and help them have more powerful righteous thoughts, so they can walk more steadily on their paths of cultivation, validating Dafa, and truth clarification, and thus save more people.