(Clearwisdom.net) The following are incidents of criminal activity committed by several individuals from the following Communist Party offices: the Wuwei City 610 Office and National Security Department in the Liangzhou District of Gansu Province; the police, the Procuratorate and Judicial System, and government officials from the townships of Hongxiang, Shuangchen, Siba, Fengle, the local Political and Law Committees; the Judicial Stations; and the police stations. These crimes and ruthless deeds against Falun Gong practitioners, under the Communist regime-ordered persecution, are in complete violation of the Chinese constitution and have taken place since July 20, 1999.

Lies, Deceit, and Threats

Under orders from the city administration and from the 610 Office, beginning on July 20, 1999, the police began to harass the Falun Gong practitioners in their district by reporting on, registering, threatening, and monitoring them. All of the practitioners had to hand in their Falun Gong books, pictures of Master, and any Falun Gong exercise tapes, and they had to submit guarantee statements [to abandon the Falun Gong practice and not travel to Beijing for appeals]. If they refused, they would be searched and fined and have their belongings confiscated. Practitioners were also required to report to officials every morning and evening. Within several days they would be told to show up for written reports. Practitioners had to show up as soon as they were ordered to appear.

In January 2001, with direct participation from the municipal and district offices and 610 Office officials from the police station, the Politics and Law Committee and the Judicial Station deceived several practitioners. They declared that certain experts would like to have a brief conversation with the practitioners, assuring them that they were free to go once the discussion was over. No matter how busy the practitioners were, they had to appear. Once they got there, they were immediately detained. Some were even sent to forced labor camps.

In July 2002, the practitioner couple Lu Ruiying and Zhang Ruiwu were working at home, but were ordered to appear at the local government office. Issuing the order were Political and Law Committee head Fan Shangwen and Judicial Station head Lin Zhisong. The couple responded, "It might rain soon. Let us finish our work first. Then we will go." They said, "No, you ought to be home quickly; this won't take long." It turned out that the couple was held for a month in a detention center.

Also in July 2002, the busiest season for the farmers, more than 30 practitioners were held in the Lockup Center and Detention Center. Many practitioners were couples, locked up at the same time, and they were often detained for over 30 days. Local officials assured them, "You can stay here without worrying. The government will help take care of your farm work." That was untrue-- friends and relatives had to do it instead.

Two years earlier, in July 2000, practitioner Guan Zhenyuan's wife from Gaotougou Village, Shuangchen Township was already detained. Political and Law Committee head Zhao Haixian wanted to send Mr. Guan to the detention center as well. Mr. Guan asked, "If you lock me up, how will I be able to take care of my farm work?" Zhao Haixian said, "You can pay us 1,000 yuan, and then we will not detain you." Mr. Guan had to pay 500 yuan in extortion, without getting a receipt. But a day later they sent him to a detention center for 35 days anyway.

Around the 2001 Chinese New Year, more than 70 practitioners were held in the Lockup and Detention Center. Officials and police made more false promises, saying, "The government will buy fertilizer and seed for you and take care of your crops. You don't have to worry about it." This was another lie.

Publicly Denouncing Falun Gong Practitioners with Slogans Hung around Their Necks

On February 1, 2000, officials at the municipal and district government offices and from the police department held a meeting with thousands of people in Shuangchen Township. They demanded that the people in the surrounding areas of over ten townships and villages attend. Entire townships and villages in the area were required to attend. They coerced practitioners to stand on a high platform in front of everyone, handcuffed together. The authorities publicly denounced the practitioners who had slogans written on signs hung round their necks. The police had compelled the practitioners to wear them. Police Department head Wang Jianping, Shuangchen Township Party Secretary Yan Chenglu, and the 610 Office head read criticizing papers, one after another. Later on they took practitioners Guan Zhenyuan, Wei Xinhua, Li Quan, Wang Cunshan, Wang Yulian, Ren Yunian, Zhang Yun, and Feng Jinlian to a detention center. Some other practitioners were sent to the Lockup Center. They were: Zhang Cuilan, He Xiuying, Li Linxiang, Lu Ruiying, Dong Jinlan (who died as a result of persecution), Su Zikui, and Zhang Ruiwu.

In January 2001, the authorities held a similar meeting in Hongxiang Township. There were even more practitioners standing on the podium. This incident involved armed police officers and over ten police vehicles. They then sentenced seven practitioners to one year of forced labor.

The two meetings poisoned the minds of many people and made it more difficult for practitioners to expose the persecution and offer sentient beings salvation.

Fabricating Crimes to Frame, Arrest, and Detain Falun Gong Practitioners

At the end of January 2000, Hongxiang Township officials detained several dozen practitioners for over ten hours in the local government office. They tried to coerce practitioners into writing guarantee statements to promise "not to practice Falun Gong anymore" or "not to appeal anymore." Those people who signed the guarantee statements were fined at least 1,000 yuan through their families, behind the practitioners' backs. Practitioners who refused to sign were incarcerated in a Lockup and a Detention Center.

In January 2001, practitioners were detained at Hongxiang Middle School in the Shuangchen Township office for over 140 hours. This was during the cold winter, with the temperature at 20 degrees below zero. No one issued blankets to the practitioners. The classroom windows were broken, and there was only straw on the floor. Several dozen practitioners squeezed together at night. They were so cold that they could not fall asleep. They were given only two meals a day.

A year earlier, in January 2000, the local authorities arrested and detained more than 30 practitioners.

In one month in 2000, local officials detained practitioners working on their farms, charging them with "disrupting public security." The practitioners were Zhang Yong, Zhang Ruiwu, Li Yuanshou, Su Zikui, Chen Yanxian, Ren Yunian, and Guan Zhenyuan.

In July 2000, local authorities detained more than 40 practitioners, levying the same charge against them: "Disrupting public security."

In October 2000 the same thing happened to 20 practitioners who had appealed for Dafa.

A similar incident, with the same charge, occurred in November 2000, ending in local officials ransacking the homes of practitioners Zhang Yong, Zhang Ruiwu, and Li Yuanshou and detaining them.

In December 2000, again using the same accusation, officials searched practitioners Li Quan and Guan Zhenyuan and detained them. They extorted 790 yuan from Li Quan. They never mentioned returning the money. Those who searched the practitioners were Zhang Yongbao and Huang Xiaoyu.

In January 2001, using the same illegal accusation, local officials detained and brainwashed more than 70 practitioners. They sent close to 30 practitioners who remained determined in their belief to a forced labor camp. The longest detention period was 13 months.

Looting, Ransacking, and Extortion

Between January 2000 and May 2002, more than 20 practitioners' homes were ransacked. The authorities confiscated Dafa books, exercise tapes, tape recorders, and VCDs. Most of the practitioners' homes were ransacked at some point. In November 2000, Wang from the 610 Office, Yang from the city police department, Chen Fenggang, Shi Suzhen, Wang Ping, Wang Chennian, Zhang Yongbao, and Huang Xiaoyu from Liangzhou Police Department ransacked the homes of practitioners Zhang Yong, Zhang Ruiwu, and Li Yuanshou. They confiscated tape recorders, video players, and exercise tapes. Chen Fenggang even burned Zhang Yong and his wife's exercise practice mats.

They steal things from practitioners at will. For example, in November 2000 in Hongxiang Township, more than 20 people--including Township head Cai Dengyong, Political and Law Committee head Fan Shangwen, Township People's Congress head Zhu Hunian, and Judicial Station head Zhang Runnian--committed yet more illegal acts. They took a township office truck and stole these items from practitioner Wang Huizhong's home in Guoyan Village: a sewing machine, a television, a tape recorder, a washing machine, a video tape player, 14 bags of grain, and 20 bags of corn.

On May 8, 2000 at 12:30 p.m., Public Security Section team leader Chen Fenggang led four police officers to ransack practitioners Li Yuanshou and Su Zikui's homes. They confiscated a VCD, two tape recorders, and 500 yuan cash hidden in a flashlight.

Officials from the Judicial Station in Hongxiang Township extorted 1,000 yuan from practitioner Ms. Li Linxiang in February 2000, without giving her a receipt. A year later, in May 2001, Judicial Station head Fan Shangwen extorted another 1,000 yuan from her without giving her a receipt.

Practitioner Ren Yunian had 1,000 yuan extorted from him while he was in detention in 2000. Pending his appeal, police extorted another 600 yuan from him. The responsible parties are Hongxiang Township deputy head Cai Dengyun, Political and Law Committee head Fan Shangwen, Judicial Station head Lin Zhisong, and Head of the Township People's Congress Shu Hunian.

Practitioner Su Ziyuan's son had 1,200 yuan extorted from him in 2000 while Su Ziyuan was detained. The responsible parties are Lin Zhisong and Jia Ruishan, Township Judicial Station head.

Practitioner Bian Xueyong was fined 1,000 yuan in July 2000. The responsible party is Huang Xiaoyu from the district's Public Security Team.

Practitioner Su Zikui was fined 700 yuan. Committing the crime was Hongxiang Township Judicial Station head Lin Zhisong. Fan Shangwen extorted 5,000 yuan from Su in May 2000.

Practitioner Sun Juying was fined 300 yuan. Hongxiang police precinct officer Zhao Xianxiong and Hongxiang village secretary Xu Zhongbao were responsible.

Practitioner Zhang Yong was fined 1,000 yuan. Committing this crime were persons from the Wuwen City Police Department. Hongxiang Township office personnel also extorted 1,000 yuan from the practitioner.

Practitioner Li Quan was fined 2,200 yuan by Shuangchen Township officials and police station agents.

Some of the practitioners who were sent to forced labor camps or sentenced are:

Between January and August 2001, 29 practitioners were sent to a forced labor camp.

On January 19, 2001, these seven practitioners were sentenced to one year of forced labor: Du Guifang, Ye Jinliang, Liao Yufen, Cai Xuecheng, Li Yuanshou, Feng Jinlian, and Guan Zhenyuan.

On April 3, 2001, the following 16 practitioners were sentenced to one year of forced labor: Du Guifang, Guan Zhenyua, Wei Xinhua (who died as a result of persecution), Gu Yuzhen, Li Quan, He Xiuying, Hou Juhua, Su Zikui, Ren Yunian, Dong Jinlan (who died as a result of persecution), Zhang Cuilan, Su Yuping, Dong Guoxiang, Wu Lanfang, Zhang Jinxiang, and Zhang Yong. While undergoing a physical exam, those practitioners saw an illegal forced labor notification; the signatures were not their own. Among those practitioners, Du Guifang and Guan Zhenyuan were supposedly sent to forced labor camp last time, but the labor camp refused to accept them because of their poor health. Zhang Yong was sent home due to lung disease. This time he was sent there again. The camp refused his admittance once again. Chen Fenggang and others were trying to push practitioners into the forced labor camp as hard as they could.

In August 2001 came "the third wave." They sent six practitioners including Lu Ruiying, Guo Yulian, Zhao Ruilan, and Guo Yinxiang to one year of forced labor.

Practitioners Zhang Ruiwu, Ren Yuhua, Guan Yongjing, Zhi Wanchao, Guo Yulian, Su Zikui, and Chen Yanxian were sentenced to four years in prison.

Practitioners Hou Juhua and Zhang Guilan were sentenced to four and a half years in prison; Feng Jinlian, five years; Zhang Daquan, Zhao Changrui, and Qi Jiaxiang seven years; Guan Zhenyuan and Zhang Yong eight years; practitioner Zhang Xinghu, three years; and practitioner Guan Yongqing, three and a half years.

Savage Beatings and Other Forms of Torture

On December 18, 2000, Public Security Section team leader Chen Fenggang in the Liangzhou District heard that practitioner Guan Zhenyuan was arrested. The same night around midnight, the drunken Chen Fenggang arrived at the police department and savagely beat Guan Zhenyuan until he vomited blood.

On June 29, 2000, Zhang Yong's wife went to Beijing to appeal. The Hongxiang Township officials mobilized the entire township work force, including police station personnel. They arrested Zhang Yong and took the practitioner to the township office. They handcuffed him to a flagpole. Everyone who worked in the township government took turns beating him. Political and Law Committee head Fan Shangwen did not stop until Mr. Zhang was covered with bruises, had lost control of his bladder, and was dizzy.

Around the 2000 Chinese New Year, when the practitioners detained prior to the New Year were released after the New Year, Township Judicial Station officials and those from the police station took them back to Hongxiang Township. Judicial Station head Lin Zisong and police officer Zhao Xianxun beat the practitioners ruthlessly, tried to coerce them to write guarantee statements and extorted money from them, three yuan per person per day, 12 yuan per four practitioners. They extorted 160 yuan in all "for travel expenses." Practitioners said that it was too expensive. The officers then started beating them again, until the practitioners were covered with bruises and blood. They also forced practitioners to kneel. Lin Zhisong kicked practitioner Zhang Ruiwu's leg so hard that it sustained a severe laceration, exposing the bone. Zhang Ruiwu' mouth was full of blood as well. Zhao Xianxun slapped practitioner Su Zikui in the face, which resulted in an ear infection and pus ran out of his ears.

Other Forms of Extortion and Slave Labor

Between January 2000 and January 2001, more than 200 practitioners were arrested and more than 100 practitioners were held in a detention center. They extorted 15 yuan per person per day in the summer; 18 yuan in the winter--over 20,000 yuan total.

Sometime in 2000, Public Security Section team leader Chen Fenggang in the Liangzhou District hinted to an independent businessman, practitioner Cai Xuecheng in the Xiliang Market, that he wanted money. But he was unsuccessful. In February 2001 the authorities sent Cao Xuecheng to forced labor camp for one year.

In April 2000, agents from the Hongxiang administration and from the Judicial Station once again illegally detained some practitioners and forced them to clean up the streets and toilets. Judicial Station head Lin Zhisong even dispatched some practitioners to build a house for his wife's brother.

In the two years between 2000 and 2002 most practitioners were repeatedly detained and sent to a forced labor camp. They suffered physically, mentally, and financially. This also had an impact on the practitioners' families' daily lives. Some practitioners were detained and sentenced as a couple, leaving their children alone. The older ones among the children were teenagers. The youngest were too young to take care of themselves and had to live with hunger and cold without their parents around. Some were fortunate enough to live with relatives.