(Clearwisdom.net) The opening ceremony of the "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance International Art Exhibition," sponsored by Mayor Roland Kern, took place on September 7, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. Mayor Kern stressed in his opening speech that this incredible exhibition was discussed and approved by the city's officials based on the theme "Art is Tolerant."

Mayor Kern gave the opening speech.

The exhibition consists of a collection of paintings by internationally recognized artists. All of the artists have one thing in common: they are practitioners of Falun Gong. The moderator, Karsten Noell, board member of Ars Honesta Art and Human Rights Association, stressed that Ars Honesta (Latin for "truthful art") brought the international art exhibition to Roedermark especially for viewing by the public and with the hope that people will reflect on the inner content of what is being presented. Ars Honesta presented the mayor with a print of one of the paintings. Mr. Noell then explained the deep inner content of the painting.

The moderator of the exhibition explained the inner content of the painting "Homeless."

The moderator then introduced the singer Chia-Ning Hsu Reissman, who sang two touching songs in Chinese. After the presentation, Ms. Hsu Reissman translated the song for the guests of the private viewing. She explained that the song tells of the entanglements in the human world and that they are balanced by acts of retribution as ordained by a higher power. The song tells that the enjoyment of fame and wealth only lasts a short time and that humans would be lucky if they could practice cultivation and follow the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Ms. Hsu Reissman sang for the guests.

The president of Ars Honesta, Volker Dietz, then talked to the guests about the inner content of some of the paintings. He singled out especially the painting titled "A Tragedy in China." "A woman cries as she stands next to the body of her murdered husband, who was tortured to death while being brainwashed. In his hands he holds a document he was supposed to have signed to show that he had renounced his faith," said Dietz.

Then Dietz told the audience that even if that victim had signed the document, he would not have escaped persecution. In addition, his family members would have suffered as well, because in Communist China the rule "guilt by association" is practiced, which applies to the entire family of a practitioner.

Volker Dietz talked about the painting "A Tragedy in China"

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