Many practitioners are still not able to establish family truth-clarification material sites due to a poor cultivation environment at home. All the truth-clarifying materials those practitioners use are provided by practitioners who have a good cultivation environment at home. Among those practitioners, some also have jobs.

Many practitioners have yet to break through tribulations at home. At the same time, the truth-clarifying materials are in high demand, and those practitioners who have a family material site bear a heavy load. The production of truth-clarifying materials has been short of demand for quite some time now, which leads those practitioners who prepare truth-clarifying materials to use all their time on preparing materials. They do not have enough time to study the Fa with a clear mind, and cannot look after their personal lives well. They are thus not able to do well in validating the Fa. After a certain period of time, some family members who are not cultivators started to complain.

When asked to establish a material site at home, some practitioners became unhappy. They think that their family environment is not good, and thus it is not suitable to have a material site at home. They tell the practitioners who prepare materials, "Your family environment is good, so you should do more." There are so many attachments in these words. Practitioners who use excuses like this are still in the state of waiting, depending and demanding. It has never come across their minds that they can also deny the old forces' arrangements in this respect. No practitioner should be prevented from establishing a site for any reason.

I would like to say to practitioners who use excuses like this, do you know that those practitioners who have a good cultivation environment at home also achieved what they have through overcoming the obstacles step by step? They made it because of their firm belief in Dafa. For safeguarding the Fa and saving sentient beings, they dare to give up their own lives and let go of fame, self-interest and sentimentality. They dare to let go of all the material comfort right in front of them. They finally created their cultivation environment at home, and some even helped their family members start their own cultivation path. There are many moving stories like this. This is the mighty virtue they have cultivated; it is the testimony of a human becoming a God. There is a huge gap between these practitioners and those who still dare not to overcome tribulations at home. The latter should seriously ask themselves, "Where do I fall short?"

We are one body. We improve as a whole, and elevate as a whole. Thousands of energy channels join together to reach a status of one without any energy channels or acupuncture points, this is the requirement of the Fa-rectification. Today I would like to share my understanding with these practitioners. Please kindly point out anything that is not correct.

Recognize What is Behind the Attachment of Fear

Some practitioners dare not tell their family members that they are learning Falun Dafa, let alone create a proper cultivation environment at home. Now, let's together dig out the elements that are behind this attachment. Behind this attachment, is there a fear that our family might go against us if they find out, and then we will lose our calm and comfortable life? Can we not let go of the attachments of fame, self-interest and sentimentality? The starting point of all of these attachments is selfishness. Because of this selfishness, one does not cultivate in an open and aboveboard manner, nor does one place Dafa in a correct position. Yet this is the Fa that saves us and gives us everything that we need. In order to protect oneself, one failed to create a good cultivation environment at home. This is the fundamental attachment - selfishness stopping us from elevating. This is exactly the element of the old cosmos that we must get rid of through cultivation.

When our dimensional field is full of attachments and notions based on fear, how could our family members not also fear and be against us? The problem is not in our family members, it is in us. We must be clear on this. Rectifying ourselves is the requirement of the Fa-rectification. It is the hope that sentient beings in this cosmos have in us, and it is also our compassion towards sentient beings, and our way of saving them.

Rectifying Oneself Before Rectifying One's Family Members

There is another notion that is hindering us from breaking through the obstacles at home. It is the fear that "family members will go against us if they find out." Thus many practitioners are doing truth-clarification work and saving sentient beings secretly behind their family's backs.

Before July 20, 1999, which practitioner was not cultivating Dafa in an open and aboveboard manner? Why do some practitioners dare not to be the same now? It is because the wicked Chinese Communist Party is persecuting Dafa! Doesn't this notion show that we are accepting the evil persecution? Aren't we intentionally infusing energy into the evil, and giving them more elements with which to control our family members, interfere with us, and commit more crimes against Dafa?

We must know that our family members' lives were also created by this great Fa; they are also the great lives who had the godly courage to come to this human world to obtain this Fa, thus their true natures want to unconditionally assimilate to the Fa and support the Fa. Some practitioners dare not let their families know. As a result their family members lose the opportunity to be saved. Even if the old forces were using our family to interfere with us, that interference is coming directly because of our attachments. We must look inwards and get rid of whatever elements of fear the old forces force upon us. When our hearts are righteous and our energy is pure, we will have the ability to rectify our family, and thus create a good cultivation environment.

If every practitioner can get on the Internet and establish their own material production site, the old forces will be thoroughly rejected. There will be "no dead energy channel or acupuncture point," and at the same time, there will be "energy channels or acupuncture points everywhere." The evil will then not know where to start, and there will be no large material site destroyed and no practitioner persecuted because of this.

We are all Dafa disciples. We do not want to lose the great opportunity of cultivating this Dafa. Master treasures us and is waiting for us to become mature. We must use the Fa as our guide to rectify ourselves, step out of our humanness through each tribulation and hardship, and get rid of our human thinking. With Master's benevolent protection, we must be able to break through tribulations at home and become truly divine.