(Clearwisdom.net) In the early afternoon of September 26, 2007, Li Xiangguo (male) and Chen Xiqiang (male), who are both guards at the Jiamusi City Prison, section 1, subdivision 2, tied the arms of Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Shan Zhiping into an excruciatingly painful position because he refused to report for forced labor. Mr. Shan was suspended by the arms until his feet no longer touched the floor.

Two other Falun Dafa practitioners, Mr. Gong Zhijun and Mr. Wang Lansheng, tried to persuade the guards not to do so. However, Li Xiangguo would not listen, and instead asked one of the deputy supervisors of a group of guards, Quan Wei (male), to punch and kick Mr. Gong and Mr. Wang until they were writhing on the ground in pain.

When the guards went off duty, they stayed and continued to torture the practitioners. Mr. Shan was tied in a painful position to the the door frame, and his body was hung up by the wrists. Mr. Gong and Mr. Wang were ordered to come to the office. The supervisor of section 1 Zhang Bo (male) and a group of guards yelled and cursed at them. The guards even clamored that it was quite normal to beat two people to death in prison. The guards cuffed Mr. Gong and Mr. Wang to the banisters on the second floor. Mr. Wang was kept there until 9:00 p.m., but Mr. Gong was forced to spend the whole night there. During the night, Mr. Shan was released from the door frame and taken to solitary confinement, where he was shackled to the floor.

Personnel involved in the atrocities at section 2:

Supervisor: Liu Jinping (male);
Deputy Supervisor: Liu Wei (male);
Deputy Instructor: Zhao Jinpeng (male);
A prisoner: Jiang Xiangjian (male);

The Jiamusi City Prison in Heilongjiang Province:
Liu Changyu (male), the deputy head of the prison in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong: 86-13946452222 (cell).