(Clearwisdom.net) No matter what illusions the evil presents or what measures it takes, in front of true Dafa practitioners and in the righteous field of practitioners, the evil will dissolve in a state that is unnoticeable by ordinary people.

In late September, we had ordered 30 satellite TV receivers to receive New Tang Dynasty Television programs. In the afternoon of September 27, the store manager notified us that the goods had arrived, but in order to pick up the receivers we needed to bring our personal ID cards, since police officers were there at the time. Dafa practitioners understood what he meant, so we immediately took the batteries out of our cell phones, to prevent being tracked, and then notified other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. Thus, we cooperated as one body to dissolve all evil that is masterminding the police in hindering and obstructing our efforts to assist our Teacher in saving sentient beings. We sent forth strong righteous thoughts together, Whoever dares to touch these 30 receivers (our divine devices for saving sentient beings), that being will commit a crime against Dafa and all worldly beings, and will be sent to hell to be dissolved while repaying the debt. The following morning, the store manager called again and asked us to pick up the receivers, but did not mention a word about our personal ID cards.

This time, several practitioners stayed home to send forth righteous thoughts while two of us went to pick up the receivers. Everything went smoothly.

One of the practitioners who stayed behind to send forth righteous thoughts saw in another dimension a huge snake coiled with its head reaching down. At this time fellow practitioners sent three strong thoughts of destroy it, but it did not work. Then the practitioner asked Teacher and the guardian gods for help in dissolving this evil. Once this thought appeared, the evil snake fell down and disappeared immediately.

The two practitioners who went to pick up the receivers also had strong righteous thoughts. They had no fear, nor any human notions, only pure compassion while fulfilling their historic vows and saving sentient beings. They were protected by Teacher and completed the task without a glitch.

This incident made me ponder, and I finally came to understand that now that Fa-rectification has come to the final stage, it is also time that the evil meets its doom. However strong the evil appears to be, these are just illusions. Everything in this human world revolves around Dafa. When doing Dafa work, there should be no human notions. If we had human notions at this critical moment, especially since it was the CCP's so called National Mourning Day, and the CCP was holding their general meeting, if we had the notion of fear and did not dare to pick up the receivers, then would we not have conformed to the arrangements of the old forces and be following their ways? Then we would have left loopholes for the old forces to exploit. If that had happened, we not only would have suffered financial losses, but also would have hindered our efforts to save people. The consequences would have been severe.

Therefore, I think that all situations now occurring in the human world are staged acts. We Dafa practitioners are silently doing the Fa-rectification work that worldly people cannot comprehend. Saving sentient beings is the most magnificent and holy deed of all. Although there are various difficulties, as long as we base our understandings on the Fa and stay on the way directed by Teacher, then the divine power of Dafa will be manifested right in front of us.

October 4, 2007