(1) Practitioner Peng Yunguo, 68 years old, lived in the Fujiawei Fujia Team of the Dongting Village in Tongting District, Xiangyin County, Hunan Province. Mr. Peng died as a result of the persecution.

October 31, 2006 was Mr. Peng's 68th birthday, and his sons and daughters visited him to celebrate. When they were just getting ready for a meal together, policemen from the Xiangyin County broke into his home. They arrested Peng Yunguo with the excuse that someone had reported him for putting up truth clarification posters. In the meantime, the policemen deceived his children, telling them that they would only take him away for questioning. Peng Yunguo was detained in the Xiangyin Detention Center for several days. As a result, his family members were extorted out of several thousand Yuan before he was released.

When Peng Yunguo returned home, he found out that his Dafa books were destroyed. His already poor financial situation became worse due to the payment of the illegal fine. He now had even more debts.

Unable to bear the tremendous mental strain of the persecution he suffered, Mr. Peng passed away at 8 p.m. on December 24, 2006.

(2) Practitioner Zhao Jinting, 43 years old, passed away as a result of the persecution in Xinbing Town of Liaoning Province. She was a villager in Xiajiahe Village of Xinbin Town, Fushun City in Liaoning Province. Local policemen illegally arrested her in May of 2000. They extorted 6,000 Yuan from her and then released her.

On December 7, 2004, Director Zhang Yun ordered local policemen Liang Wenzhu, Cui Zhanrao, Zhang Zhicai, Fu Jinhun and Wang Xianghao to break into Ms. Zhao’s home. They illegally searched Zhao Jinting’s home and then arrested her and took her to the police station. Zhao Jinting escaped through her righteous thoughts, but she had to leave home to avoid further persecution. After enduring repeated arrests and various forms of persecution, she started suffering from a brain tumor. Ms. Zhao died on October 12, 2006.