(Clearwisdom.net) On November 2, 2006, two Falun Gong informational material sites in Guang'an and Huaying cities, Sichuan Province, were destroyed by the government. The lost equipment included: two desktop computers, two laptop computers, one wireless network card, one CD burner, two sets of computer audio systems, one new laser color printer (valued at over 10,000 yuan), at least two black and white laser printers, two ink-jet printers, one external CD burner, two heavy-duty and two small paper trimmers, two heavy-duty and two small staplers, one continuous ink-supply system, as well as supply materials such as carbon powder, selenium drum, ink, compact discs, paper, and so on. The total loss was between 100 and 200 thousand yuan, including the loss of funds.

Among the four practitioners arrested, Mr. Xiang Lin, a former worker of the cement plant in Qujiang Town, Huaying City, was secretly sent to Chuanzhong Prison Hospital in the Gaoping District, Nanchong City, because he went on a hunger strike. Because of the moral support from people both home and abroad, and because there were some sympathetic hospital staff that had once learned the truth about Falun Gong, Mr. Xiang Lin was treated relatively well. A relative went to visit recently and found that he had recovered to a certain degree. The CCP officials in Guang'an City plan to take Mr. Xiang back to Guang'an City to continue to detain him after his health is restored.

Practitioner Ms. Pan Jianqun returned home on December 2.

Ever since their arrest, practitioners Ms. Ding Yuerong and Mr. Zeng Geping have been secretly held some place in Huaying City. They had no fear and clarified the truth to their tormentors with righteous thoughts. Many police personnel who participated in the persecution have since gained a positive understanding about Falun Dafa.

Related units:

Guang'an municipal government: 86-826-2333923
Guang'an municipal party committee office: 86-826-2333530 fax: 86-826-2340615

Guang'an City 610 Office: 86-826-2334610
Guang'an City 610 Office director: Xiong Changyong
Section Chief Su Bihua (female)
Guang'an national security brigade: 86-826-2332464
Guang'an city national security brigade party chief Li Xiangdong, deputy team chief Li Qiuyun

Huaying City political and judiciary committee: 86-826-4821073
Huaying City 610 Office Director Lai Yupu: 86-826-4830570 (Office) 86-826-4821013 (Home) 86-13308284013 (Cell)

Huaying City criminal police squadron: 86-826-4821129

On December 30, 2006