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(Minghui.org) The first volume of the Chinese Language Series Cultivation was officially published just this past Christmas. The second volume will be published early in 2007. Cultivation (Volume One) is a collection of 77 experience sharing articles on Dafa cultivation written by individual practitioners between 1995 and 1996. The 1995 collection includes cultivation stories such as "Enduring Three Months of Humiliation for Living up to the Three Words," "Giving Others Water Use Priority," and "When a Third Person Intruded into My Marriage." Articles from the 1996 collection include "Reading Through Zhuan Falun Again and Again, My Morality Naturally Improved;" "Taking Hardship as Joy, Resentment Disappeared;" "The Miracles An Elder Experienced Over Four Months;" and "Cultivation Requires Us to Look Inward and Cultivate the Mind."

Every single article truthfully and sincerely documents cultivation experiences prior to the onset of the persecution. These stories portray a group of people who could not be more ordinary, yet at the same time their stories could not be more miraculous. Each account is a vivid and vibrant narration, plainly told. In addition, these articles serve as a unique historical record of how individual cultivators improved themselves and how the overall morals of a society were raised during a time when Dafa was disseminated far and wide.

Another Minghui Book Series, Tempering, Special Edition, Volume One, first made public in October 2006 in California, was the inaugural publication for the two-volume series, Cultivation and Tempering. The articles collected for this two-volume series were written in a natural and uncomplicated style, allowing readers to see how Falun Dafa practitioners, individuals originally lost in the secular world, moved toward pure moral cultivation. From aimlessly searching for truth to attaining wisdom, the articles show how practitioners learned to stop looking outward for answers and instead began looking within themselves for answers to life's contradictions and puzzles. This collection of articles, told in plain language, honestly records how practitioners' true natures elevated during their cultivation process and demonstrates Dafa cultivators' validation of the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance during solid cultivation.

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To assist those in today's active world who are too busy to read, these books come with audio-CDs inside their back covers.

What is the difference between Cultivation and Tempering? The articles written before July 20, 1999, are included in the volume entitled Cultivation, and those written after July 20, 1999, are in Tempering. Why did we choose July 20, 1999, as a demarcation? After reading this two-volume series you are sure to arrive at a clear answer on your own. The answer you reach might have something to do with your future and wellbeing in the years to come.

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