Investigation Lead: China has become a large "organ transplant country," then where do the organs come from?

According to a June 10, 2006 Xinhua News Agency article reprinted in the Sanxiang Metropolitan News, China "has performed more than 85,000 organ transplants, cumulatively. All organ transplants that are done overseas can be done in China." Chen Shi from the Transplant Society of the Chinese Medical Association said, "In the past few years, we have performed over 10,000 transplant surgeries annually and set a new record in 2005 by completing more than 12,000 transplants."


According to the report, "It is said that most of the 85,000 transplant surgeries were kidney transplants, as more than 74,000 kidney transplants have been performed." "More than 10,000 liver transplants have been performed." "More than 400 heart transplants have been performed."

What are the sources of these organs when voluntary organ donation is extremely rare in China? Whether the answer is harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, or organs extracted from executed prisoners as the Communist government claims, it means the Transplant Society of the Chinese Medical Association and numerous participating hospitals and medical staff have committed severe ethical violations and crimes.

Investigation lead: A wave of transplant surgeries at the Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City in late 2006

The Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City was performing transplants continuously in October, November and December 2006. The surgeries included liver transplants, kidney transplants, and pancreas transplants. The patients came from Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Syria and other countries, and there were also many domestic patients.

Patients wait less than twenty days before they get a kidney transplant. The hospital lies to the patients and tells them the organs come from executed prisoners. According to the doctors, the kidney supply is now tight and hard to come by. A Pakistani patient who received a liver transplant died in early December 2006. The hospital completed kidney transplants and pancreas transplants on December 17 and December 18, and two kidney transplants on the evening of December 22.

The Organ Transplant Research Institute and its patient wards at Tongji Hospital are located in Building 21 and Building 22 at Division 2 of the Inpatient Surgery Department. The surgeries are performed on the third floor, at Division 1 of the Inpatient Surgery Department. Following is a partial list of doctors who took part in transplant surgeries: head surgeon Zeng Fansheng, deputy surgeon Ming Changsheng, and doctors Chen Zhishui, Jiang Jingping and Meng Fanying. The director in charge of the kidney supply for the Tongji Hospital is Ji Changquan.

Investigation lead: Wang Jinbo at No. 371 Hospital of PLA Division 540 performed three liver transplants; the livers came from three different regions

Wang Jinbo has a Ph.D. degree and is the head surgeon at the Surgery Department of the No. 371 Hospital at PLA Division 540. He performed three liver transplants between December 26, 2005 and the present in the operating room of the No. 371 Hospital on Wenhua Road in Xinxiang City, Henan Province. The three transplanted livers came from Yantai City, Chongqing City and Shanxi Province, and all three were provided by the military hospital.

Wang Jinbo: 86-13683731859 (Cell)

Investigation lead: medical staff at the Zhabei District Central Hospital, a branch of Changzheng Hospital in Shanghai who participated in liver and kidney transplants

The following are some medical staff at Zhabei District Central Hospital, a branch of the Changzheng Hospital in Shanghai who are involved in liver transplants:
Fu Zhiren, transplant surgery chief of staff at the Changzheng Hospital
Ding Guoshan from Changzheng Hospital who performed several hundred transplants; Cao Xiaowei, deputy chief

Staff at the Liver Transplant Rehabilitation Center on the second floor: doctor Li Junsong, Zhu Xinyin, Xiong Min, Wang Chenyi, Zhang Jing, Yu Jie, Liu Duocheng, Lin Ya, Hu Rong, Zhang Yufang

Staff at the Organ Transplant Rehabilitation Center on the third floor: doctor Wang Zhenqi, Zhan Jingyan, Min Min, Zhang Caiyun, Wang Xuefang, Chen Ping, Li Qun, Gu Yapei

Staff at the Organ Transplant Rehabilitation Center on the fourth floor: Tang Qi, Yu Hua, Liu Minghui, Shan Qijing, Liang Congdie, Chen Fengling, Zhang Yan, Wang Xiaochun, Ye Sheng, Hao Xiaoping, Zhang Kourong, Liu Jing, Cao Yan, Liu Xiuqin

Staff at the Kidney Internal Medicine Department: Mei Changlin, Zhang Liming, Liu Ailing, Wu Bibo, He Changmin, Min Zhilian, Zhu Youhua

Zhabei District Central Hospital

Address: No. 619 Zhonghuaxin Road, Shanghai

Main switchboard: 86-21-56628584

Website: transorgan.com

The facility and staff for liver and kidney transplants at Zhabei District Central Hospital is expanded from the Liver Transplant Center of Changzheng Hospital. One witness saw a car inside the hospital compound carrying a military license plate. The number on the license plate was "Military South R30541."

Investigation lead: three kidney transplants in one day at the Xinhua Hospital Affiliated with Dalian University

According to a December 30, 2006 report in the Dalian Evening News, three kidney transplants were performed on December 29 at the Xinhua Hospital Affiliated with Dalian University. All three kidneys were delivered to the hospital by a "120" ambulance [emergency response, similar to 911 in the USA]. Three patients received kidney transplants within that day.

It was learned that nearly 30 major organ transplant and multiple-organ transplant surgeries were completed at this hospital.

Contact information for the Xinhua Hospital Affiliated with Dalian University

Heart and lung transplant consultation hotline: 86-411-82111404

Liver and kidney transplant consultation hotline: 86-13941151875, 86-411-84314175 (main switchboard, ask for General Surgery Department)
Liver transplant consultation hotline: 86-411-82119410

Hospital address: No. 156 Wansui Street, Shahekou District, Dalian City

Phone: 86-411-82182198

Email: hospital_dlu@vip.163.com


Wang Jiangning: director of the Xinhua Hospital Affiliated with Dalian University

Investigation lead: Bus advertises transplant business at Dalian Friendship Hospital

A bus with the license plate number "Liao B12346" has an ad painted on its side reading "Please go to the Friendship Hospital for kidney and liver transplants. Address: No. 8 Sanba Square, Dalian City. Surgery Department at Liver and Gallbladder Surgical Research Institute: 86-411-82718822-3308, 3309. Kidney Transplant Center: 86-411-82706688.

Judging from the appearance of the bus, this ad was placed a few years ago. One patient called the medical experts at this hospital to inquire about kidney sources. Through their response, it is certain that the hospital has access to a reliable and fixed network to obtain human organs, and crimes are being committed.