(Clearwisdom.net) Su Jing and Wang Naimin, heads of the Women’s No. 2 Camp under the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province are responsible for the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners there for the past seven years.

Su Jing, head of the Women's No. 2 Camp

Wang Naimin, deputy head of the Women's No. 2 Camp

The No. 2 Women’s Forced Labor Camp was established at the end of October 1999, and is under the administration of the Ministry of Justice. The camp is used to torture and brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. The Ministry of Justice allocated one million yuan to Masanjia to expand the "environment" there. Communist Party leaders Luo Gan, Liu Jing and others went to the labor camp to personally give instructions on carrying out the persecution.

Various types of torture methods are used to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief: body-folding (1), holding up one's arms for extended periods of time; hanging upside-down; gagging or taping the mouth; tying up; hanging up; handcuffing; sitting in a basin of cold water; savage beatings; electric shock; force-feeding; Death Bed; and freezing, among others. An incidence of egregious sexual abuse took place there in October 2000: eighteen women Falun Gong practitioners were stripped naked and thrown into a room of male prisoners. The inhuman tortures at Masanjia have resulted in the death of at least 11 Falun Gong practitioners and in disability and mental breakdowns in many others.

Labor camp heads Su Jing and Wang Naimin are personally responsible for the brutal torture of Falun Gong practitioners at this camp. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has promoted torture methods used at this labor camp within the prison and forced labor system throughout the country.

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2. Cases of Falun Gong practitioners who died or who suffered a mental breakdown from torture at Masanjia

(1) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Jinghua and many others suffered a mental breakdown under the persecution

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Jinghua, 34 years old, lived in Lizhangzi Village, Shaoduba Township, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. She was sent to Masanjia on October 30, 1999 and suffered a nervous breakdown in 2001 as a result of torture.

The guards at Masanjia resorted to numerous torture methods in an attempt to force Li Jinghua give up her belief. Guard Zhang Yan at the No. 1 Women’s Labor Camp locked her in a small cell and tortured her with a method called "Flying an Airplane" (2) for nine days and nine nights. Then at the No. 1 Women’s Labor Camp, Li Jinghua was forbidden to sleep, shocked with electric batons and later sent to stay in a mental hospital until she suffered a mental collapse. Yang Yu, head of Division 3, team leader Zhang Yan and Wang Yanping, head of Division 1 are responsible for torturing Li Jinghua.

Falun Gong practitioners Qi Zhenrong and 27-year-old Jiang Yan from Benxi City, Liaoning Province, as well as Yang Jingzhi, employed as a doctor at the No. 7 Middle School’s clinic in Beipiao City, have suffered a nervous breakdown at Masanjia Labor Camp after torture and brainwashing. Yang Jingzhi was held at Masanjia three times and died from torture.

(2) Ms. Zhang Haiyan passed away after suffering a mental breakdown

Ms. Zhang Haiyan from Heishan County, Liaoning Province suffered a mental breakdown from torture at Masanjia. She passed away later after great suffering.

Ms. Zhang Haiyan lived in Wangjiazirantun, Xiyou Village, Hujia Town, Heishan County, Liaoning Province. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1996. Soon afterwards, her bowed right leg became normal. She benefited tremendously from Dafa practice, both physically and mentally. After the persecution began, she went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in September 2001, and was arrested and held at Heishan Detention Center. Two months later she was sent to Masanjia, where she was held for the next two years.

Zhang Haiyan was hung up by her handcuffed hands for long periods of time. Her entire body was tied up, and she was beaten. When her family saw her in February 2003, they noticed that her head was wrapped in gauze, her hands were badly swollen and she could not talk. The labor camp told her family to pick her up on March 21, 2003. Zhang Haiyan had by then suffered a nervous breakdown and could not take care of herself. Her family also found three deep scars, each about 0.2 inch wide and 5 inch long on her head and neck.

The torture had irreversibly traumatized Ms. Zhang. She dared not speak to anyone during the ten months she was home, not even her husband and children. She passed away on January 18, 2004, after living in terrible agony and fear.

(3) Wang Wenjun passed away as a result of torture

Ms. Wang Wenjun was a 38-year-old worker at the Nuerhe Weaving Factory in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. She was held at Group Three, Division One of the labor camp.

The authorities forced her to do slave labor. Her health deteriorated due to long-term persecution. Wang Wenjun started to suffer from a stomachache and abnormal vaginal bleeding since May 2002. The guards ignored her condition and continued to assign her the same workload.

The officials resorted to violence to brainwash determined Dafa practitioners. They tied Wang Wenjun into a ball for five hours, with her legs against her chest. Wang Wenjun was in terrible condition and suffered from such severe stomachache that she could not sleep at night. She was eventually diagnosed at the Masanjia hospital with terminal uterine cancer and was finally released. Wang Wenjun passed away at home on July 22, 2003.

Wang Wenjun's sister Wang Wenjuan also practices Falun Gong. Wang Wenjuan was still being tortured at Masanjia when Wang Wenjun passed away.

(4) Zou Guirong passed away after torture

Ms. Zou Guirong, 36 years old, worked at the Xinbin County Section for the Fushun City Public Highway System in Liaoning Province. She was tortured for two years at Masanjia and many other labor camps in Liaoning Province.

Zou Guirong was held at Group 2 at Masanjia in 2000, where she was savagely tortured. The guards forced her to bend over with her arms raised up behind her body in a torture method called "Flying an Airplane;" they also made her assume the position of "Riding a Motorcycle," and half-squat for five days and nights. Guards Zhang Xiurong and Wang Naimin shocked Ms. Zou with four electric batons at once; they stabbed her with steel needles; they beat her until her entire body was black and blue and her thighs so swollen she could not get into bed.

Zou Guirong exposed the persecution at Masanjia. Head of Division One surnamed Wang ordered the guards to inject Zou Guirong with nerve-damaging drugs. These drugs resulted in immobility and loss of facial expression within five minutes of the injection.

Zou Guirong was transferred to Group 4 and savagely beaten by group head Zhang Xiuyun. The camp authorities extended her term. Then she was tortured at the Shenxin Labor Camp and the underground hospital at the Dabei Prison, where she was force-fed until she vomited blood. They released her at death's door. A short while later the police arrested Ms. Zou again and sent her to the Wujiabao Labor Camp. She passed away at the end of April 2002 at the Fushun City Hospital.

(5) Ms. Bai Shuzhen tortured to death

Ms. Bai Shuzhen, 60 years old, lived in Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province. She was held at Wafangdian City Custody Center many times. After the second arrest she was taken to Masanjia, where she was forced to kneel on a narrow, 10" long wooden plank or on a brick. She was shocked with high-voltage electric batons and made to stay out in the scorching heat for an extended period of time. She was compelled to work until midnight each day. Bai Shuzhen died from torture at Masanjia Labor Camp in April 2003.

(6) Ms. Zhang Guizhi died from torture

Ms. Zhang Guizhi, 47 years old, lived in Liujiawopu Village, Xinmin Town, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Officers from the Xiaolingzi Airport Police Station in Taihe District arrested her from home and took her to the No. 1 Detention Center in Jinzhou City. Two months later she was sentenced to two years of forced labor and transferred to Group 1, Division 2 at Masanjia No.2 Woman’s Camp. She was subjected to slave labor and brainwashing.

Ms. Zhang's family received a notice jointly issued by the labor camp, the local police station and the village Party committee saying, "Zhang Guizhi is receiving emergency treatment because she is critically ill." When her family rushed to Masanjia, her body was in the Masanjia Hospital morgue.

When Zhang Guizhi's family asked for the cause of her death, the top labor camp officials never showed up. The team forbade them to take pictures of the body. Her family noticed many physical injuries, purple spots on her body and bloodstains in her nose and mouth. Parts of her body were black and blue.

(7) Ms. Wang Yan died from torture

Ms. Wang Yan, 37 years old, lived on Shidao Street, Xigang District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. She was arrested in April 2001 and sent to Masanjia. Wang Yan was forced to do slave labor from 5:30 a.m. until midnight. In July 2001, Wang Yan was brutally force-fed while being handcuffed with her arms behind her back all day long. She was then held at Group 4, Division 1. Her family carried her home on their backs in September 2003. She passed away on October 1.

(8) Ms. Li Baojie died from brutal force-feeding

Ms. Li Baojie, 32 years old, lived in Panshan County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. She was arrested and detained many times for persisting in Falun Dafa practice. She was at Masanjia after being sentenced to three years of forced labor in August 2004. Ms. Li was forbidden to sleep, forced to stand in the hallway, when allowed to sleep had to do so on the floor, and was savagely force-fed four times a day. The torture lasted several months.

On April 7, 2005, Li Mingyu, head of Division 1, labor camp doctor Cao Yujie, as well as individuals named Ding Taiyong, Chen Bing and several others pinched Li Baojie’s nose, used a pair of pliers to pry Li Baojie’s mouth open and force-fed her with corn porridge. Li Baojie suffocated. The officials panicked and tried to revive her. They later took her to the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with China Medical University in Shenyang City. Li Baojie passed away the following day, on April 8, 2005.

(9) Ms. Gao Rongrong was murdered to destroy evidence of abuse

Ms. Gao Rongrong, 37 years old, worked at the Luxun Institute of Fine Arts in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. She was arrested numerous times for practicing Falun Gong. Longshan Labor Camp guards in Shenyang City shocked her repeatedly with electric batons for seven hours on May 7, 2004, which resulted in severe facial disfigurement. She broke free on October 5, 2004 with help from other Falun Gong practitioners. Gao Rongrong’s disfigured face photo was published overseas. Her successful escape infuriated the CCP leaders, who started a manhunt for Gao Rongrong in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

National Security agents in Shenyang City arrested Gao Rongrong on March 6, 2005 and secretly held her at Masanjia. Guards Wang Wei, Su Jing, Zhao Laixi and others strictly blocked information on Gao Rongrong while they also prevented her parents from discovering her whereabouts. They also sent guards from the Security Division at Masanjia to monitor Ms. Gao around the clock. Gao Rongrong had then been placed in isolation. Subsequently, Masanjia officials secretly transferred Ms. Gao to the General Hospital of the Liaoning Prison Administration Bureau and to the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with China Medical University in Shenyang City. Gao Rongrong died in the Emergency Room at the No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with China Medical University on June 16, 2005.

(10) Ms. Qin Qingfang tortured to death

Ms. Qin Qingfang, 63 years old, lived in the Yigong Community on Jiangjun Street in the Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. After she began practicing Falun Gong in 1998, she was cured of skin conditions that had afflicted her for decades, and her body and mind were purified. Qin Qingfang was arrested many times after the Party began persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999. In July 2004, just a few months after she was released from the Fushun City Labor Camp, officials from the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee in the Shuncheng District and CCP officials from the Jiangjun Neighborhood Committee arrested her again and sentenced her to three years of forced labor. She was held at Masanjia.

The guards at Group 1, Division 1 of the No. 2 Women’s Camp force-fed Ms. Qin Qingfang on April 7, 2005 and nearly choked her. She died from torture on July 9, 2005. The labor camp officials later handed her family a box containing her ashes.

(11) Ms. Su Juzhen Suffered a Mental Collapse and Died from Torture and Drug Poisoning

Ms. Su Juzhen, 49 years old, lived in Gucheng, Qiansuo Town, Suizhong County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province. She had suffered from severe heart disease, stomach problems, gallbladder roundworms and pancreatitis, among other conditions. She began practicing Dafa in 1996, and soon all of her illnesses disappeared. Su Juzhen conducted herself according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance at all times. She owned a beauty parlor and provided free services to poor customers. She also provided financial assistance to underprivileged students and often visited residents of nursing homes, bringing them food and gifts and gave them free haircuts. She donated money to repair the Xihe Bridge. Her family was awarded the title, "Ten Outstanding Families" by the Huludao City government.

Su Juzhen spoke the truth about Falun Gong on October 31, 1999 and was sent to the No. 1 Women’s Camp at Masanjia. Division head Wang Yanping stripped her naked and shocked her with electric batons until large blisters appeared on her body and face and she became black and blue. Su Juzhen and nine other Falun Gong practitioners were sent to the Masanjia No. 2 Women's Camp around May 2000 for "experimental brainwashing." Guard Zhang Xiurong handcuffed Su Juzhen upside down to a metal bed. Guard Qiu Ping and political head Wang Shuzheng (who was later promoted to deputy head of Division 1) shocked Su Juzhen with electric batons until she could no longer walk and her hands were covered with wounds.

Su Juzhen was later transferred to these forced labor camps: Zhangshi, Longshan and Shenxin, where she was injected with nerve-damaging drugs until she suffered a mental breakdown. At her eventual release, Ms. Su was covered in wounds, her eyes were blank and she had no memory. She could not speak, walk or eat, and needed help going to the restroom. She passed away at 8:30 a.m. on April 8, 2006.

(12) Ms. Wang Yunjie passed away after electric baton shocks infected one of her breasts

Ms. Wang Yunjie, 40 years old, lived in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. She was taken to Masanjia on June 4, 2002. Division head Wang Xiaofeng, guards Shi Yu and Ren Hongzan and others brutally tortured her. They locked her in a water dungeon, a triangle-shaped warehouse and a basement for four months. She was tied to fixed objects; was forced to squat, bend over in a humiliating position and stand in military posture; was savagely beaten; made to stand in the scorching heat; hung up by her handcuffs; compelled to do heavy slave labor and had her breast shocked with electric batons, resulting in an infection.

A "reform team" consisting of male police officers from the Liaoning Province Department of Public Security went to Masanjia on December 3, 2002. The group was headed by Sun, deputy head of the Department of Public Security, and by Guo Tieying, former head of the Benxi Drug Rehabilitation Center. One day they forced Wang Yunjie to stand in a corner; the next day they handcuffed her hands to a chair behind her back. In the evening they put a motorcycle helmet on her head and would pour cold water on her whenever she dozed off and would noisily bang on the helmet with chopsticks.

One of Wang Yunjie’s breasts had become infected from electric shock. Two guards held electric batons and threatened to shock her breasts again. They forced her to stand all night. Guard Guo Tieying called two guards and several others. They tore a bed-sheet into long strips and tied Wang Yunjie’s legs into the double-crossed-legs position. They then tied her into a ball and hung her up by her handcuffs, her arms behind her back. After a long time Ms. Wang could not walk or sit in an upright position.

The guards thought she was on the verge of death and urged Wang Yunjie's family to take her home in November 2003. The infection in her breast continued to progress after she went home, and she passed away in July 2006.

Additional information regarding evildoers Su Jing and Wang Naimin

Su Jing, female, 54 years old, heads the Masanjia No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp. For the past seven years she has planned and directed different persecution schemes to torment Falun Gong practitioners and is a head perpetrator responsible for the persecution. She was awarded a Second Class Award for actively persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The Ministry of Justice also awarded her 50,000 yuan. She further was recognized as one of the "National Heroes and Model Workers" in September 2003 for her ruthless torture tactics. Su Jing’s address is 8#262 No. 16 Xijiang Street, Yuhong District, Shenyang City.

Wang Naimin, female, is in her 40s and is the deputy head of the Masanjia No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp and the political secretary. She is cold and vicious. She was one of the first people in 1999 to use electric batons on Falun Gong practitioners. She stripped women Falun Gong practitioners naked and shocked their breasts and genital area. Many practitioners were disabled and beaten or shocked with electric batons at her hands. She is also one of the first people to spread brainwashing tactics throughout the country. Her address is 8#1-3-2 No. 16 Xijiang Street, Yuhong District, Shenyang City.

It has been confirmed that the No. 2 Masanjia Women’s Labor Camp has been dissolved. Falun Gong practitioners once held there are now in the Masanjia Women’s Labor Camp (the former Masanjia No. 1 Women’s Camp). Persecutor Su Jing was transferred to the Headquarters of the Masanjia Labor Camp in October 2006. She will stay there until she will retire in August 2007. Wang Naimin is still active in the persecution.


(1) "Body-folding": refers to standing with two legs straight and close, and bending the head down as far as it will go toward the feet, in front of the knees. The fingers point to the ground and the head is upside down. The victim is forced to keep this position for 17 to 18 hours a day except when eating, sleeping and using the toilet.

(2) "Flying an Airplane": the victim is forced to bend down with arms raised straight up from the back and legs together and upright.