(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner living in the countryside. Ever since I began cultivation, the benefits I have derived from Dafa are indescribable. I can only repay Teacher's compassionate salvation by thinking and acting righteously.

I practiced Dafa for several months in 1999, but I couldn't let go of everyday people's things. I still wanted to "go forward" in life, so I didn't cultivate. In that big dye vat of society, people slide down a thousand miles each day. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I felt that human society was finished. In October 2000, I officially decided to cultivate. After practicing, my body and mind benefited immensely. My illnesses were gone. My view of human life changed gradually.

When I went to my younger brother's place (he was also a practitioner), he said to me, "Practitioners are now all going to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa." At that time, I didn't pay much attention to it. On December 29, 2000, I realized that validating Dafa was the right thing to do as a practitioner. If we practice in the human dimension, then it should be the practitioners in the human dimension who validate Dafa. Gods and Buddhas can't show up here to validate Dafa! I had to go to Tiananmen Square to help Teacher do Fa-rectification in the year 2000. On New Year's Eve, several practitioners and I went to the Tiananmen Square and unfolded a banner. We shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," "Return justice to my Teacher." Because I didn't didn't read Zhuan Falunand study the Fa much, Teacher gave me multiple hints, but I didn't realize it. I was ashamed to face Teacher. In the end, I was sent to a labor camp for one year.

The first thing I thought when I stepped out of the labor camp was that I must clarify the truth well, cover the whole area of the town with truth clarification fliers, and prevent people from being deceived. When I got home, I went alone at night with a big bag of truth-clarification materials to distribute in villages. Sometimes I walked until daybreak. I got blisters on my feet, but that didn't prevent me from moving forward. When I was tired, I sat on the grass in the countryside and sent forth righteous thoughts: "Eliminate all the evil elements that suppress people from knowing the truth." I held one belief: "Even if only one person understands the truth, my work isn't in vain."

In the past few tumultuous years, I have believed in Teacher and Dafa and clarified the truth openly and nobly. I have been very confident. After I explain the truth to everyday people, they will sometimes ask me, "What is your degree in? You know so much." I said, "Third grade." They don't believe me. I know deeply in my heart that Teacher and Dafa have endowed me with wisdom.

On October 1 in the year that I was in the labor camp, the town police watched me as a priority. At 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., several cars arrived. More than ten people came to my place and asked, "Where is your wife (also a practitioner)?" Teacher's words appeared in my mind:

"No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

If we firmly believe in Teacher, we won't be scared off by the evil's superficially imposing manner. I said, "She is out visiting someone." The political and judicial head said, "No way. She must come back immediately. I have orders from above that we must see her at home." I asked him, "Are we not citizens according to the law? Don't we have the right to visit people?" They all said, "You have the right." I replied, "Then I have nothing to say to you." They all fell silent. In the end, the political and judicial secretary waved his hand and said, "Our superiors told us to do this. If she doesn't come back, you and I will go to pick her up." My mother, who supported Dafa very much, became angry and said, "You speak nonsense. If my son kills someone or committed arson, I will kneel down to ask you to take him away. But my son does things in accordance to 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance' and wants to be a good person. What's wrong with that? Let me see who dares to touch him, I won't let this go easily." They decided that they lacked probable cause and left.

Whenever I met a policeman or a government official, I never felt that I was doing anything wrong, neither did I feel afraid. Because we are on the side of truth, compassion, and forbearance, we are directing the events, and we need to lead them to the truth.

I've always clarified the truth in an open and noble manner. The motorcycle and four-wheel vehicle repair shops are both on the opposite side of the street from the government building and the police station. Every time I go there for repairs, I take VCDs and brochures and talk to people about the "three withdrawals" (quitting the Party) in person. I've never felt that because we were on the opposite side of the street from the police station that it wasn't safe. I am doing the most righteous thing. Sometimes everyday people were afraid to listen to me, and I calmly told them, "What are you afraid of? The speaker isn't afraid, why should the listener be afraid? Knowing the truth is your right. It is all for your benefit. I saved money from my food and daily expenses and made those VCDs, I hope that you will be saved. It is no one else's business who I want to give these to."

They thought what I said was right, so they were all eager to get the materials. Some people withdrew from the CCP right away. I realized that we should be righteous first, without any fear. When the field is righteous, the result is good. Every time I speak of the truth, I feel Teacher's presence nearby. I am not afraid of anything. Some people have asked, "How do you have the guts to talk about this, the government is...." What is there to be afraid of? We are not doing something bad. Aren't we speaking the truth? When clarifying the truth, our minds should be righteous first. We cultivate in accordance with "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." We are trying to be the best people. Who dares to touch me? Even if it wants to touch me, the universal principle would not allow it! Not to mention that we have Teacher. But first we must treat clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings as the most righteous and sacred act. Don't feel that we are doing something for which we should be ashamed. In fact, that is asking to be persecuted, because you have already seen yourself as a bad person. What Teacher asks us to do must be the best thing. As a practitioner, we should listen to what Teacher says 100 percent. Teacher asked us to do the three things well; we should do them well without boundaries.

It was a winter night in 2004. I gathered several elderly practitioners and we took a ride to villages dozens of li (1 li = 0.27 mile) away, where we distributed materials. The driver parked the car on one side of the road. Each of us took one street. Shortly thereafter, a police car came. It circled around the village several times. I thought that maybe the old forces were trying to see if the practitioners' hearts were moved and whether we were afraid. I sent forth righteous thoughts immediately and told another practitioner, "Don't be afraid, we have Teacher and Dafa. When the car comes, let's hide from the vehicle's lights." The practitioner said that he understood. We distributed materials in several villages, and the police car followed us to those villages. Our driver asked us to do it quickly. I told him that it would be fine and that he should let his worries go. He was doing good things and saving people, and no one could interfere. On our way back home, we shared our thoughts about when we saw the police car. Someone said that he was a little afraid, another said that he put aside the truth-clarifying material and sat in the snow to send forth righteous thoughts. We are a whole. Whatever we encounter, if our thoughts are in the Fa, the evil will be eliminated by itself. Actually, no matter what we do, our first thought must be righteous. We must believe in Teacher and the Fa. There is no obstacle that we can't overcome.

Recently, I bought a small cab to drive. I have met many more people. The cab company is only separated by a fence from the government building and police station. In the past, I seldom talked about the truth to the government officials and the cab drivers. Now I have the opportunity to naturally meet them and clarify the truth. I told fellow practitioners living in town to send forth righteous thoughts to strengthen me. I talk about the truth and persuade people to quit the Party up front. Behind the scenes, we as a whole sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil elements in town and save more people. When I drove my car to the cab company, all the cab drivers surrounded me and asked questions. I knew deeply that they had come to be saved. Then, according to their levels of understanding, I exposed the Communist Party's evil nature. Sometimes I didn't even know how I answered their questions. My responses were logical and with proof, which answered their questions. I knew that it was Teacher's and Dafa's power.

When I drive my cab, I set a rule for myself: "Save people first, then make money." Being able to let go of money is a crucial test for cab drivers. The money is right in front of you. Will your heart be moved? Because I let go of "money," the result of truth-clarification was good. I was thinking about saving people, because we live for saving people, not earning money. When passersby asked how much I charge, I smiled and said, "What money? Let's get in the cab." Then they would smile. I would also tell my passengers that now everyone is looking forward to "money," but we are different. We Falun Gong practitioners try to be good people and do things according to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" at all times. That's why I drive. This is the behavior of a good person. We practitioners are different from those who live for only money. Teacher teaches practitioners to be good people in society, someone who is for others, and we try our best to be good people all the time. Talking to them in this way has had good results. It helped them to understand the truth and withdraw from the Party. When they got out of the cab, they carefully took the VCD and materials. Seeing those who understood the truth made me far happier than earning any amount of money.

When I went to the police station to clarify the truth, I wasn't afraid, because they should also be saved. At first, I talked to one person. I spoke loudly and people nearby all stood up. I sat on a sofa and talked for over an hour. Some officers asked about one thing when I was talking about another. Some of them had evil spirit's thoughts. I didn't take it seriously. Some asked, "When do you plan to go to Beijing? I will go pick you up, and tour the place at the same time." I patiently cleared up their confusion, "You think that I wanted to go? Would the government pay for it? We were forced to go. Going to Beijing is not my goal. My goals are to get back our lawful practice environment, right the twisted lies, and have our justice. Jiang Zemin used the most vicious methods to engage all citizens in persecuting Dafa practitioners. He made up lies, and your minds have been poisoned as well. What we do is to let people know the truth and the facts." They knew they lacked a just cause and said, "We are only political tools." I said, "To put it unpleasantly, you have all become the beating sticks, and things never ended well for those who were the beating sticks in every past movement started by the CCP." They said that they knew and that was why they didn't interfere when we clarified the truth and handed out flyers. Then my phone rang and someone notified me that I had a passenger. These police officers wouldn't let me go. They wanted me to talk a while longer. Seeing their anticipation, I talked more. My cellphone rang again. I said, "I can't, business calls. You all can sit here until night and will get paid. I have to make a living." The political head of the station held his hands together and made a Heshi gesture. He said to me with sincerity, "When you have some free time, please come here whenever you can and talk about Dafa's truth." I knew that the aware sides of their human nature were eager to know the truth.

After I went back to the cab company, I found out that the driver who had called me already knew the truth. He was afraid I would be detained by the police.

After I clarified the truth to everyday people, some of them asked for truth-clarifying materials and wanted to help me distribute them and save people. They also helped others with the "three withdrawals." In fact, when we act righteously, everything around us will all support justice. We are happy for those who have chosen the right path for themselves.

Practitioners around me all say that I have clarified the truth well. Actually, as long as we hold righteous thoughts at all times, study the Fa often, do not discriminate in our hearts who should and should not be saved, every sentient being is someone that we should save. If we can truly understand issues from the standpoint of the Fa, we will be able to clarify the truth well.