(Clearwisdom.net) On December 27th, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners from different parts of Greece made a tour by car to the villages of Pelion Mountain. The aim was to expose the crimes of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China. Earlier, in July 2006, an activity to raise awareness about the persecution of Falun Gong was successfully held in the city of Volos in Greece.

The Pelion region is one of the most beautiful areas in Greece and draws a never-ending stream of visitors from around Greece and the whole of Europe, both in summer and in winter. Around the Christmas holidays, a lot of people find their way to the many pretty Pelion mountain villages for recreation. People like to ski on the snow-covered mountain peaks and experience the stunning views over the sapphire blue sea and to enjoy the local events and the hospitality of the local village people.

The journey started early in the morning in the city of Volos. A few visible dark clouds covering the sky soon disappeared and revealed a crystal clear winter day. During the journey, we stopped at many villages to hand out flyers about the crimes of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China.

We were moved and encouraged by people's reactions and response after talking to us and reading the information. Many wanted to help in some way and we left flyers with people in the streets, at a health center, restaurants, cafés, and other places. At the health center in Zagora, among all the places we visited, one young doctor already knew what was going on in China with regard to organ harvesting and clearly condemned the Communist regime. We asked them if we could leave flyers for the local people and visitors and they immediately agreed.

They also let us mount fliers on the news board of the health center. Outside the village of Zagora, a lady was selling fruit and nuts beside the road. When she found out about the horrifying crimes of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners she was deeply shocked and upset. She said: "They are not human, they can't be human beings, these who are doing those things! They are demons, surely they must be demons!?" She immediately agreed to help us to spread the information to other people and placed a bunch of flyers on her fruit stand to hand out to passers-by. We really felt very happy for her sake and discovered once again how righteous it is what we are doing from our hearts and how clear and upright some people's hearts still are and how important it is for people to know about the organ harvesting and the persecution of Falun Gong! The lady thanked us sincerely for making this journey so that she could find out the truth and said repeatedly: "Don't only go to the cities, let everybody know, every single Greek person needs to know about this organ harvesting."

Two interesting incidents happened during our way back. It was already dark when we arrived in Zagora from Pori (the village on the edge of the mountain) on our way back to the city of Volos. In Zagora we discovered that our fuel tank was nearly empty. We turned back to the gas station we had driven by, only to find that the station was closed. The practitioner who drove the car thought that maybe we could take some gas ourselves and leave the money under the door for the owner. He opened the cap of the fuel tank and put the cap on top of the car, but could not get any gas because the handles were locked. We decided to drive to Volos anyway and hoped we could make it with the fuel that was left. The question was, which way was best to take? The longer road was safer but we surely didn't have fuel enough for this and the short road uphill was icy and we still didn't know if the fuel would be sufficient.

Reaching a crossroads we stopped and, a man in a car stopped and told us exactly what we needed to know: "Don't go into the village, it's frozen solid all over. You can for sure take the short road up the mountain. It is OK, I just came from there." As for a gas station there is one open a few kilometers from here." We thanked him for the information and handed him a flyer. He got out of his car to take it saying: "Thank you, I will read this!" We looked at each other and smiled at our good fortune. The road ahead wasn't smooth, it was frozen, and there were many turns and bumps. After four or five kilometers, we arrived at the gas station. When the driver went to open the gas tank, he discovered the cap was already off. He then realized that he had forgotten to put the cap back on from the last time. To his surprise the cap was still there, exactly at the place he had put it, on the roof of the car. In spite of all the turns and bumps, the cap hadn't moved a bit. The practitioners looked at each other and smiled again at another miracle.

Back in Volos we realized even more the value of this journey and the importance of letting more Greek people now the truth. The words of the lady from Zagora were still echoing in our minds: "Let everybody know, every single Greek person needs to know about this organ harvesting."

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