(Clearwisdom.net) Following the successful debut in Vancouver, Canada on January 3 2007, the NTDTV New Year Spectacular came to San Francisco for its second stop during its world tour. Three shows were held in San Francisco Theater from January 5 through the 7th. They were a big success where nearly 9000 attendees watched performances full of dance and songs displaying the divine contents of traditional Chinese culture. The programs also included stories of the virtues of loyalty and filial piety of ancient Chinese characters.

"Celestial Maidens" dance. Professor Patrick Hunt, Classic Literature department of Stanford University, remarked that this is music from heaven. The standard of the Spectacular is of "the highest caliber" and is at the same level of top ballet performance in San Francisco.

The Spectacular was created and performed by artists from both east and west, many of whom also practice Falun Gong, to display the pure classic traditions of two cultures. The performance impressed the audience and won high comments from critics. Some professionals said the Spectacular has a profound meaning, high level, programs knitted closely, delightful music, and that the performers are of top level. Many said they had never seen such a magnificent large scale performance before.


Dance "Vow"



After the performance completed, many continued to enjoy the "Lion Dance" and "Dragon Dance" outside the theater while waiting for their buses.

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Manager of the Theater was impressed by the Soprano

Eric Colby, the manager of the theater said the Spectacular was successful. "It is a best choice to watch the Chinese New Year Spectacular to celebrate the new year," He said, "The costumes are elegant, the audience is proper. It is great for our theater to perform shows of a diverse culture."

San Francisco Theater has 75 years of history and is the home of San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet. This is the first time to put on a Chinese Cultural show in the theater. Colby introduced that the theater had hosted many performances of world famous artists. On January 5th, he and his staff were setting up the stage while a rehearsal was going on. He heard a Soprano's singing. "Her song was very impressive," he said.

Eighty-year-old Granny wants to "be saved"

Granny Han lives in south of the Bay. At first, she bought a ticket for Saturday's show. But on the date, her husband felt unconformable in the heart so her daughter didn't want her to go to the show and even tore up the ticket. Later, upon her insistence, her daughter bought her another ticket for the Sunday show. "I want to be saved" she answered when she was asked about the reason to be so persistent to watch the show.

70-year-old Grandpa: Falun Gong practitioners are truly for the better of Chinese people

It took quite some effort for this 70-year-old grandpa to watch the Spectacular. He rode his bike to a nearby subway station, took the subway to San Francisco, then drove his bike again to the theater. After the performance, he said that all the programs were beautiful and righteous. He was in tears all the time during the performance.

When he learned that many artists and volunteers of the Spectacular were Falun Gong practitioners, he said after a sigh, "They are truly unselfish. No one is working for fame or money. They are truly for the better of Chinese people."

He added that he had some relatives working in medicine in China so he knew Chinese Communist Party is harvesting Falun Gong practitioners organs for profits. "Communist Party is very cruel, very evil," he said.

Little audience: I like the beautiful woman who flies to the Heaven after "being killed by evil people"

The Spectacular organizers encouraged families to bring their young children as a promotion of "Family Value" and provided special discounts for children under age of 18. For the Sunday night show, many parents came with their young children. Many children said they liked the "Dragon Dance" and Dance "Return"

"Return" is a story about a female Falun Gong practitioner didn't give up her belief and was killed by evil policemen. But gods are watching everything. Her life was lifted to the heaven. The murderers received their due punishment.

Many children said they liked the beautiful woman who was beaten and killed by the evil men. She flew to heaven and dressed in colorful clothes. They liked to see many pretty performers.

A westerner lady said that she understood the brutality of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong after watching the performance. She respects Falun Gong practitioners' courage and persistence.

Professional: Spectacular performances are of very high level

Ms. Lu used to be a dancer and she gave the performance a high mark based on her experience. She said the show awakened her memory of Chinese traditional culture. The performance is more than she expected. Both the costumes and music are good and the performers are very devoted. It was very moving to see the artists illustrate the spiritual part through dance and art, and in such a pretty composition. The performance is easy to understand for both Chinese and westerners, even young kids.

Art Professor: New Year Spectacular is "spectacular"

Professor Patrick Hunt teaches classic literature in Stanford University. He believed the performance was just like its name: Spectacular. He said the beautiful music moved him to tears and the dancers are of first grade in the world.

Prof. Hunt likes classic art and has done a lot of research. At the same time, he is also a music composer, writer and had composed shows for classic ballet. "From a professionals view, tonight's show combined music, dance, lighting and logistics. They are perfect. It can hardly be seen even at high professional classical performances," he said, "It can't be explained in words."

Hunt said he liked "Erhu" music most. "It touched my deep soul, " he said, "its like music from heaven." And the performance is of "highest caliber". "I can tell you, my eyes were full of tears when I watched the performance." "They deeply moved my heart."

Beautiful performances give pride to Chinese in the audience

Mrs. Tang came to the show by taking the bus. She said the lyrics of songs seemed common but were so pleasant to the ears. Mrs. Fan came on the same bus and said this was the best show she watched in the past decade after she came to North America.

Ms. Hannie is a computer engineer from Shanghai. She watched the NTD TV Chinese New Year show in Cupertino last year and liked it very much so she came again this year. "The show is very beautiful. It wins 'face' for Chinese people," she said.

Recognition from the Mainstream

Over 200 celebrities of California attended the evening party on January 6 including State Representative Ms. Ma Shiyun, Mayors and City Council members, community leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs. Senator Ms. Barbara Boxer, Congressman Mr. Tom Lantos, Governor of California and tens of other officials wrote congratulatory letters to NTD for its effort in culture exchanging and diversity.

The global performance will continue in Los Angeles, Toronto, and a total of 28 cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Stage Director: Wish to bring bright and prosperity to audience

Stage Director of the Spectacular Ms. Chen Ying said that the programs had been practiced for one year and credited the good result to all staffs' devotion. She said some dancers practiced so hard that after they went home they were too tired to sit up. The background designers worked day and night to make stagedrops that support the purpose of the performance.

Chen said, "We wish to use song and dance to awaken people's kindness and bring bright and prosperity to the people of the world."