(Clearwisdom.net) Another practitioner and I rode a motorcycle into the countryside to clarify the truth. Since it was very cold weather at that time, the practitioner took me to the home of his relative. After I entered the house, I was given a drink of cold water and quickly drank it up. The practitioner said he could not drink cold water because his stomach could not tolerate it. I said that Falun Dafa practitioners should not care if the food is hot or cold. I told him about what had happened to me several months after I started cultivating.

It was one night in 1995. I was half asleep dreaming when a man came and put his hand into my chest. In a moment he had taken out my heart, liver, and lungs. At the time I didn’t understand that Master was cleansing my body and had taken away all my sick organs and put in a set of new ones. Since then all my diseases have gone. In the past my stomach would hurt even if I drank rice soup. Afterwards I was able to eat and drink anything.

My words greatly touched the practitioner. He said he has been cultivating for almost 10 years. Before he started to practice Falun Dafa, he had gastroenteritis and gastric ulcers and the attachment to them was still hidden in his mind. He would not dare to eat raw, cold, or hard food, and never dared to drink cold water. On the surface he had been doing the three things and telling other practitioners to genuinely put down the attachment of "sickness" from their innermost hearts. He, however, had not dared to give his own attachment and tightly held onto the notion of "sickness." As a result, his "sickness" status had never been changed.

That day the practitioner made up his mind to dig out that deeply hidden attachment of "feeling sick" and found that the root cause of its existence was that he did not really believe in Master and the Fa. In other words, he was not genuinely practicing Falun Dafa. After he changed his notion, he was no longer afraid of raw, cold, or hard foods, and his stomachache went away. The practitioner said happily, "I have finally gotten rid of the shell that bothered me for 10 years." If you want to genuinely practice Falun Dafa you should really believe in Master and the Fa. When you really cultivate and believe, Master will really help you.

This practitioner’s change made me think of Master’s article "Cautionary Advice." It has been ten years since Master wrote this article for us. Master warned us:

"Your ways of thinking, your understanding, and your appreciation towards me and Dafa are the product of ordinary human thinking. But what I’m teaching you is in fact moving beyond ordinary humans to a rational, true understanding of Dafa!" (Essentials for Further Advancement)

How much have I achieved on this?