The Power of Compassion

In 2005, a Falun Gong practitioner nicknamed Xiao Ma was kidnapped by the police in Fushun, Liaoning Province. One day she was taken to an illegal trial against her. In the room there sat about seven ferocious-looking policemen watching her. At the time, she was very clearheaded and thought of Teacher's words:

"Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world "

("The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos" in Hong Yin II)

She emitted powerful righteous thoughts to restrict all the policemen in the room. A policeman said, "I am unable to hit you." Another one said, "I am unable to curse you." Xiao Ma's compassion for the policemen stopped them from committing further crimes and caused them to terminate the illegal trial hastily.

After everyone had left, another policeman came in. He raised a thermo cup and offered her hot water with simulated kindness. Xiao Ma sensed his malice and immediately thought, "Teacher is protecting me. You shall not harm me." Meanwhile, he poured the hot water over Xiao Ma's head. The hot water spilled on Xiao Ma's chest. When the policeman saw she was not burned, he started attacking her with a large stun baton. Xiao Ma did not move at all. She stared at him with righteous thoughts. The policeman was furious and said her clothes must be made of an insulating material. He left looking defeated.

"No One Will Harm Me Because Teacher Is Protecting Me"

One evening a Falun Gong practitioner nicknamed Xiao Li went out with a seal carved with Falun Gong truth-clarification messages to produce truth-clarification materials. When she arrived at an obscure area, a man jumped out from the shadows. He put his arm around her neck and put a knife against her chest. At the time Xiao Li thought the man was a depraved policeman lurking in the dark. She thought, "No one will harm me because Teacher is protecting me."

Then the man asked, "Do you have money? Give it to me!" Xiao Li said she didn't have money. With the knife in front of her chest, the man used his other hand to grab and search her purse. But he did not find anything. Xiao Li had 20 yuan in her purse, but the man could not see any money. He said, "You may leave. Don't turn around or I will stab you with the knife!" Xiao Li thought, "Is the evil trying to stop me from saving sentient beings? How can a Falun Gong practitioner be intimidated by the evil?" Xiao Li was fearless. She did not return home. Instead, she went to produce the truth-clarification materials as she had planned.