(Clearwisdom.net) During the past several years of assisting Master to rectify the Fa, in order to save sentient beings, we’ve used many machines such as computers, printers, copiers and recorders. These machines play a huge role in Fa-rectification and in saving sentient beings. However, there are times that these machines break down and delay things, and we lose opportunities to save sentient beings. When encountering these malfunctions, some fellow practitioners looked inward at themselves first to search for their own issues and see if there was any problem with their xinxing. Then they tried to fix the machines. This way, sometimes the machines would fix themselves because we cultivated ourselves. However, some other practitioners only looked at the machines instead of looking inward at themselves. Even when they finally fixed the machines, the machines might still have some minor problems. Some machines broke down completely and caused losses.

Looking back, I would like to share my experiences working with machines over the past several years.

I bought a computer and a color ink-jet printer in May of 2003. Due to my attachment to computers and the attachment to following others, although I wanted to validate the Fa, my heart was not pure enough. Driven by my curiosity, I started installing lots of software on the computer. Many of them were useless. I often messed up the programs. But I didn’t know how to reinstall the system. So I had to go to the store again and again to reinstall the programs and frequently asked for help from my brother and fellow practitioners. This lasted for close to a year.

Later, because I infused ink too many times into the printer, it broke down. The warranty had already expired. Plus, the ink was too expensive. So I had to give it up.

After that, because there weren’t enough colorful truth-clarification materials and cards in our area, fellow practitioners asked me to take over the project. So practitioners gave me funding and hoped I could manage the project properly. I bought another type of color ink-jet printer. At that time, because I was just starting to do a project on my own, I had the strong mentality of doing things. Even when I studied the Fa, I was still thinking about the project and my to-do list. The most significant problem was that I was self-centered: "Look, I can do this." This, itself was to validate myself. At least I mixed in the attachment of validating myself with my work for Dafa. How could I do well with that attachment! Suddenly, I dropped ink on the main board when I was cleaning the machine, and the whole thing broke.

Over 1,200 yuan was lost and the machine hadn't functioned for long. I was very upset with myself. I took my own savings to make up the loss and gave the money back to the practitioners. Fellow practitioners were very disappointed, but they still encouraged me by giving back the money and asking me to continue to lead the project. I was very moved and made up my mind to do the work well.

I bought another color ink-jet printer. In the following six months, every time I encountered any problems, I always thought that with the encouragement of Master and fellow practitioners, I would be able to break through the difficulties and do well. Later, maybe it was time for me to increase the capacity of my xinxing. Some fellow practitioners kept telling me that the evil had been looking for me, etc. My heart fluctuated according to what fellow practitioners told me, and I hid the computer and the printer several times. I wasn’t able to reach the proper state of: "Just by staying unaffected, you will be able to handle all situations." (Lecture on the Fa at the U.S. Midwest Conference)

Once, when I brought back the computer from a fellow practitioner’s place, I found out that the operating system didn’t work any more. I couldn’t even start the computer. Later, my brother came back from the city and helped me recover it. But the printer was not that easy. It was because when I put it away, the ink bottle was accidentally a little higher than the printer head, which caused the printer head to burn out. It was such a painful lesson!

Master said: "Fear can cause one to make mistakes, and fear can cause one to lose a predestined opportunity. Fear is a death trap on a human being's journey toward divinity." ("Pass the Deadly Test") Cultivation is not easy. Especially when we encounter difficulties and we don’t know how to truly look inward and dig out our attachments and achieve complete sublimation.

In the second half of 2005, due to the needs of Fa-rectification, I took over the printing of fellow practitioners’ experience sharing articles. Fellow practitioners sent me two laser printers. Maybe because I was relatively more clearheaded than before, and I’d accumulated experiences in this area, there weren’t many issues with these two printers. Even when I had some minor problems, there were always fellow practitioners who came to help me fix them.

Recently, some minor problem with the one printer made me think deeply. In the two weeks prior, I had been printing Minghui Weekly using this printer. When I printed the reverse side, all of a sudden, there were some noises from the ink cartridge. I took it out and didn’t find any problems. So I put it back. But the machine voiced a message: please check the ink cartridge (this printer has the function of voice prompt). I ended up checking all three ink cartridges, but it still didn’t solve the problem. My relatives (they are also practitioners) said that it must not have been a problem with the machine. It must have been something we said that practitioners shouldn’t have said.

It turned out that the other day, a conflict occurred between my mother and my girlfriend. Although they were both practitioners, when conflicts disturb the heart, one may still be unable to recognize one’s own shortcomings. While I was printing, I told my relatives about what happened. My relatives' human notions showed up, and consequently the ink cartridge issue surfaced.

Later, I truly realized that no matter what we come across, when we look inward diligently, the machines will sometimes fix themselves. Of course, there are also evil factors involved. If, when we use these machines, we truly treat them well from the Fa perspective, how could the evil interfere? Even if the evil managed to do something, with our strong righteous thoughts, wouldn’t the evil be destroyed immediately?!

The above are the lessons I learned in the past several years when working with machines. I am writing them down to remind fellow practitioners that when we encounter any problems, we should cultivate ourselves first and then try to fix the machines! Only when we upgrade our xinxing will we be able to accomplish our missions successfully!

Lastly, I would like to make a suggestion to fellow practitioners: practitioners working on the materials production sites carry very high responsibilities. I hope everybody sends forth righteous thoughts for the materials production sites whenever they have time or energy so that their work will go smoothly and solidly.

The above is my personal understanding, please point out anything that is improper.